Maybe because it’s legendary in it’s own (perverse) right? I guess I  have a strong constitution. Yep. I’m from Canada eh. What now? The OkiDog, Burger, and Chili Dog's are great. They give you a lot of food for a cheap price. There are other dogs that cost more with the various items they've offered. The lady in line behind me asked me excitedly, "Oh! There are characters who just hang out, but they are friends of the guys who work there. The food is equally accidental... or so it seems. Your email address will not be published. Delivery & Pickup Options - 234 reviews of Oki Dog "I can't give more than three stars only because the "restaurant" doesn't merit it.

I think Aldo Leopold wrote it best, "There are some who can live without wild things and some who cannot. I say everything. The fries were terrible.

High-tail it back to where you came from. Haven't been here in about 20 years. :/ the food is cheap and dirty Very disappointing First and Lasssst time Ps. But don't come on here and review politics, review the food, idiots.

Like I handed him a $20 bill and he just sort of looked at it.

OMG are you stupid fucking hipsters actually suggesting that two hot dogs in a burrito shell wrapped with pastrami and filled with chili isn't health food? Cheese? !It was incredible. We’d often give those kids some money to help them out. Copyright © 2004–2020 Yelp Inc. Yelp, , and related marks are registered trademarks of Yelp. Yes. Pastrami burritos are a specialty. As for those of you idiots crying about the Trump sign get over out you fascists do go of you don't like his politics, if they even are. They were approached by a police officer and told to "leave, faggots." I knew there was a reason I had never been to this place...My Goodness, where do I begin.I am gonna skip the decor and clientele, as I am sure they have mentioned already in this thread.The food was truly horrible. That's another separate issue. North East U.S. Other U.S. Former Location –. I can't help but think of NOFX everytime I eat here! The fries taste like they were soaked in pork grease (gross).

BREAKING LOSANJEALOUS EXCLUSIVE: “Secret Weekend Show” Update See More In Food, Photo Op | Print This Post […]. Just a few blocks down Fairfax, a hotdog will run you twelve bucks, while the ones at Oki's only cost three bucks and change! have you ever actually HAD an oki-dog? Im sitting there wondering if this isn't an employee, but just a homeless guy who made his way behind the counter. The chili dog is $4.50. There are characters who just hang out, but they are friends of the guys who work there. Are you getting the burrito with all the pastrami?" Sure you can get a regular dog, or a chili dog, or a dog with cheese... but why stop there when you can get two huge sausages squeezed into a giant flour tortilla filled with fiery chili, cheese, and corned beef. I don't like Trump but that should be no reason to boycott a restaurant. Because of Jimmy and Oki Dog alot of us went to sleep at night with a full belly. I tried this place in 1981 and go back every time I am in LA. (Pat Smear went on to play drums on Nirvana's tours.) The manager wasn't apologetic, he blamed it on the store he bought them at and made her take a water instead of giving her her money back.

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