Mallyon's announcement came on the day that her brother Andrew, to whom she paid tribute as an 'incredible support', won the final race of the day at Flemington aboard $81 chance Double Jeopardy. Soon we must bring those truths to light, but for now we continue under the weight of so much falsehood in hope that the church will themselves initiate the needed steps of public confession. It has been far too long since we connected, now more than 20 months. Be transparent about forcing out 10 other significant staff leaders and shunning our family. We have been laid very low, and your response in faith at this time means more to us than ever before…, YES, I want to partner with you again – in the rebuilding of Walk in the Word and these exciting new ventures! Please pray for the needed transparency, and for HBC to publicly: I apologize if that is more than you wanted to know, but it gives you a feel for where we have been living and what we have endured, as my intellectual property and fully-vested pension were withheld in an effort to force our acceptance of WITW’s destruction. Your partnership pledge or one-time gift today will “spur us on to love and good deeds” Hebrews 10:24. "After my recent break from race riding, which allowed me to experience life away from the demands of being a jockey, I've decided that it's time to retire as a jockey and embrace the next stage of my life," Mallyon said in a statement released on Twitter on …

If you believe in our future Bible-teaching ministry through the opportunities and outlets we have described, and desire to stand with us, check out the partner levels through the link below.

But we are not deterred, finding comfort in this promise: “The gifts and callings of God are irrevocable” (Romans 11:29). Pastor James will provide answers in upcoming featured video posts. Then in our first church on September 28-29, 1985 (two months before Luke was born), about 40 local ministers gathered at my pastor’s invitation and sat for a day to hear the story of my conversion, call to ministry, and doctrinal statement. Preachers often debate the biblical nature of a “call to ministry.” Is it for all believers, or only a select few? Don’t stop working. November 05, 2019 10:09 AM Harvest Elders Say James MacDonald Is ‘Biblically Disqualified’ From Ministry May 10, 2019 10:40 AM Harvest Halts James MacDonald’s Walk in the Word I made this calling public before my home church on November 12, 1979. Regardless of when you were a Partner or how we initially became connected, we believe that God never wastes a trial and that our most impactful, God-glorifying ministry is still in the future. Be transparent regarding refusing to meet with me in 2019 and the unseen actions so few know about. During this time, we have longed to contact you, expressing why you have not heard from us and how our Lord has been preparing us for the next phase of our calling. With that vindication soon public, and having just received your contact information in August, we were excited to reconnect immediately (prior to those disclosures), to give those who don’t need it a chance to jump back in first. In 1986, the Lord called me to Chicago for seminary, and in 1988, He confirmed that Chicago was to be a lifetime calling. Email:

The next day, pastors came from across the region gathering to lay hands on me in prayer.

Many have sought us out regardless, saying they never believed the online slander, but we have felt strongly led to wait. VIC and SA racing materials, including fields, form and results, is subject to copyright which is owned respectively by RV and TRSA and other parties working with them. We are undeterred in our love for Christ and His Word. "From a little girl with incredible dreams, to now retiring as a Group 1 winner, it has been an unbelievable journey that I wouldn't change for the world.

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