It sold over one million copies, and was awarded a gold disc. Darren was born in Philadelphia, on June 8, 1936, of Italian descent. Signed to a Columbia Pictures contract in 1956, Darren was developed into a popular leading man-and, briefly, a recording artist. [10] That teamed him with Pamela Tiffin, who was also in For Those Who Think Young (1964), a teen film Darren made for United Artists. "[11], He directed some episodes and launched a career as a director, notably of action-based series, including Hunter, The A-Team, Silk Stalkings, Renegade, and Nowhere Man, as well as dramas such as Beverly Hills, 90210 and Melrose Place.[12]. So we went into one of the sound stages and I sang 'Gidget'. He was known for his roles as Moondoggie in Gidget, Tony Newman in The Time Tunnel, and as Vic Fontaine in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.. Darren was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.. References He had a role in the TV movie, The Lives of Jenny Dolan (1975) and the film The Boss' Son (1978). In 1955, Darren married Gloria Terlitsky, his sweetheart since 1953. It always levels out and you want to make sure you have good investments and financial security and bread on the table.

He also played the mirror universe version of Vic in the seventh season episode "The Emperor's New Cloak" and is best known for his regular roles in the television series The Time Tunnel and T.J. Hooker with William Shatner. "[9] He sang the title track for Under the Yum Yum Tree (1963). James Darren

Check the Details... James Darren (born on June 8th, 1936) was a Film-Actor who was best known for being talented.

Tall, good-looking James Darren was a student of acting coach Stella Adler and made his name in the 1950s in a series of teenage-themed films. James William Ercolani (born June 8, 1936), known by his stage name James Darren, is an American television and movie actor, television director, and singer. Celebrities and Famous People Who Passed Away Today in History. Allen then cast Darren in the lead of a series, as impulsive scientist and adventurer Tony Newman on the science fiction series, The Time Tunnel (1966–1967). Gemini Named James #31.

A better actor than most of his contemporary teenage heartthrobs, he nevertheless found it difficult to escape the teen-idol image he got in pictures like Gidget (1959) and Gidget Goes Hawaiian (1961). After Time Tunnel folded in 1967, Darren's career was one of a few peaks and several valleys.

The film was a hit with teen audiences and so was the song. [4][5] Darren's appearance was well received and he got a lot of fan mail - second at the studio only to Kim Novak.[5]. I went down to 1650 Broadway, the Brill Building. Name of the Day Random Name. When the series ended, Allen shot a brief pilot for a new series starring Darren, The Man from the 25th Century, but it was not picked up. First Name James.

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