Thanks for your answers. If you have a new Nvidia card you can use Shadowplay to record the last 1 to 10 minutes of gameplay. They're short (which helps keep retention higher) and sweet :). I want ask you a question: What do you think about gameplay without commentary?

whoisthisgit is a great YouTuber who has subtitles rather than commentary. I want to know that because I record gameplay without any commentary. besides I read in TGN handbook that we can upload gameplay without commentary with exception with copyright like music etc in the gameplay and it really depends on game lol . What makes you want to watch a video without voices?

YouTube Video Monetization & Partnership Forum, . What is your desire to make a commentary free video? Im curious, why don't you want to include voice and facecam? You must log in or register to reply here. What would you guys like to see in a video game video that didn't include voice and/or facecam? The dialogue or atmosphere are so much of their appeal. Hi there, guys. I want to know that because I record gameplay without any commentary. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts,,,,,, Almost nothing. reaction videos where if you can record the person talking can usually makes it funnier. Walkthroughs, selected scenes from various games (cutscenes, cinematics etc), gameplay highlights or montages.

Yes, youtube may think it's reused or that someone reuploaded it but it is overall a MISUNDERSTANDING. Minecraft,WoW,Kerbal Space Program etc but most of those games even require commentary. How can this be done? New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Specifically something like this guy watch?v=obpFaKj2Z6k, some of them aren't even partnered with anyone like TGN or Fullscreen.

I enjoy both watching (and posting) short, funny clips. ... Let's Plays kind of live off the fact of commentary, without it they are just gameplay videos.

I want ask you a question: What do you think about gameplay without commentary? Thanks for the help! Specifically something like this guy watch?v=obpFaKj2Z6k, . So you think it's not a good idea to upload videos without commentary? I have done that before, just uploading highlights, and I've gotten a few 10s of views.

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. But I have seen some guys who have got 100k subscribers and they uploads gaming videos without commentary... depends on the game, I mean its possible but its probably harder than doing it with a commentary. you really got to spam the gameplay and be super current to be successful without commentary. Those are the main things I can come up with that I have at some point watched and enjoyed. Sure, there's a market for those but the commentary is what will easily distinguish you from the thousands upon thousands uploaded daily.

I like him lots. Thanks for your answers. I know gameplay without commentary can't get monetized because of reused content. The attention span of us humans makes things hard... :). But there isn’t a button to get reviewed so I wait and I wait and finally go on the help forum just to be told that gameplay without commentary will stop you from even getting a chance to be monetized. Sign in to like videos, comment, and subscribe. Edit: Thanks everyone for the wonderful responses! Example 2 if you're super talented at editing, I'd suggest doing some short OCE's in CoD or CS GO. Press J to jump to the feed. I have watched entire playthroughs of games like Mirrors Edge, Journey, Ico, Portal 2, Uncharted, done with no commentary. 0. Maybe... Maybe not. That being said, such an LP would have to be perfectly executed.

Also Telltale games. Hi there, guys.

They can be a good experience when viewed cinematically. It is vast, beautiful and lonely, and the voice-free style only adds to the atmosphere. It isn't. The problem with that is that youtube is full of people with goldfish attention spans. (basically playing video games on youtube with or without commentary) this is including the copyright and fair use policies. Another thing I was throwing around doing is a best-of clip let's play.

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