Since that time our swords have been seen at all the big state occasions, including the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Trooping the Colour and State Opening of Parliament. Very well made and the blade patina is incredible. It also carries the sovereign's crown, thus adding more glory and panache to the Sword. The Rifle regiments adopted the 1822 pattern of Infantry sword.

Both Sam Browne and nickel-plated scabbards are available along with this miniature sword. A brass regimental badge is attached to it and fixed with brass studs and embellishments. However, its must be noted that this pattern is not regulated but worn by customary tradition. Find a unique range of premium quality British Military swords, knives and daggers at Windlass Steelcrafts. General Officers' Sword : 8465-99-136-7276, 34 Beverley Gardens, Stanmore, Middlesex(UK and Europe) HA7 2AW. It is a two handed sword with an eagle winged cross guard. Royal Artillery Officers' Sword : 8465-99-973-6876, Nickel-Plated Scabbard : 8465-99-973-6852. Made by Windlass Steelcrafts. The nickel plated steel guard features an elegant honeysuckle design. These swords were mostly carried as dress or levée swords by officers of most light cavalry and hussar, and some heavy cavalry regiments in the British Army at various points during the 19th century. Manufactured from carbon steel, the  blade of this sword is double-edged at the end of its length and daintily engraved with the regimental crest. The hilt is a half-basket which has been intricately made of nickel-plated steel and also comprises of three fluted bars. Properly heat treated high carbon steels. It was not until the Dress Regulations of 1857 that the blades of Guards' swords were ordained to be embellished with their regimental badge and battle honors. The current Brigade of Guards pattern of sword was approved in 1854. The Welsh Guards' Sword is also commonly referred to as the Brigade of Guards Sword. The sword begins in an urn-shaped design. 34 Beverley Gardens, Stanmore, Middlesex(UK and Europe) HA7 2AW. Windlass Steelcrafts It was a steel version of the 1845 Infantry pattern sword. Blade: 37-1/2" long, 13/16" wide, 3/16" thick. The steel scabbard is nickel-plated with two loose rings on cruciform bands and a square shoe. However the Dress Regulations of 1857 ordered that the blade of the sword should be “embossed” with battle honours and regimental badges, the tradition which is preserved till date. Very attractive. Southern Swords UK range of Windlass Swords, These swords are high quality hand forged weapons from Windlass, A well established company who make many official movie replica swords. The firm’s footprint in the U.S. solidifies with the full ownership of the Atlanta Cutlery Corp. and Museum Replicas Ltd. companies. The scabbard is thoroughly designed with a plated chape. Discuss your project requirements and see how we can help turn your ideas into reality. The grip is meticulously crafted in black fish-skin and clenched with silver-plated copper wire.

At each stage of production, every Windlass sword undergoes quality checks by our team of inspectors to ensure that it meets all the requirements of the UK Ministry of Defence specifications. This magnificent piece of work was last amended in 1897 and is widely renowned for its design and build. A distinct characteristic which has remained to this day. The Bugler's Sword was made in fact manufactured from polished steel but was later declared obsolete in 1903. It has a pure cut­-and -thrust blade; heavy and single-edged integrated with ­an ornately chased and pierced bowl of nickel plated steel. Windlass Sword offers quality swords, sabres, and armours among other things to sword lovers & military personnel in the United Kingdom. Better yet was the aristocratic, dashing look it gave the wearer while rakishly hanging from the belt. Windlass Steelcrafts have been in business for over 70 years, from supplying weapons to the British Armed Forces to supplying swords, armour and historical clothing to the movie industry. Windlass Steelcrafts © 1943 - 2020 All Rights Reserved. Made by Windlass Steelcrafts®. prices. Approx. It belongs to the 5th century. Extended, custom engraved ricasso for strength. This is a Mameluke sword with a crossed hilt made of ivory, featuring gold plated ornamental mounts. A replica of the traditional sword belonging to the Celtic era, this pattern goes back a long way. The Highland Broadsword is characterized by two-edged cut and thrust sword with a complete nickel-plated steel basket guard. Following their rich history and tradition, the Scots Guards Pipers wear an incredibly unique dirk. The General Officer's Sword has a finely etched and distinctively curved single-edged blade which is double-edged for the last 12 inches of its length. Archaeologists have long since acknowledged that this sword is based on the Roman Spatha' design rather than the huge and heavy broadsword of legend. It is carried on state occasions by the officers. Windlass are well known for their high quality medieval swords and armour, though they do also manufacture a large range of period clothing and movie replicas that all match the same high quality standards as their blades, truly an great supplier for Re-Enactors.
They were established in 1943 … It was not until the Dress Regulations of 1857 that the blades of Guards' swords were ordained to be embellished with their regimental badge and battle honours, a distinct characteristic which has remained to this day. Aviation presentation and other ceremonial occasions can be sanctified by this Royal Air Force Sword which is highly influenced by the much older, large cross hilted swords. The cavalry sword boasts of daring lancers highly adept in the art of warfare. All Rights Reserved. Due to the supremely stable design of the Rifle's Sword which consists of a straight carbon steel blade embellished with the regimental crest, it set a standard among swords which was later adopted by the All Guards Regiments. The bowls is intricately engraved and pricked, with the initials HC intertwined. It is a lesser known fact is that this particular sword was in fact a steel version of the 1845 Infantry pattern sword excluding the hinged flap but with the individual Guard's regimental badge in the cartouche. Brown Leather Scabbard : 8465-99-127-9994, Nickel-Plated Scabbard : 8465-99-973-6855.

The Infantry Officer’s Sword can be worn with the assistance of a Sam Browne leather scabbard with plated steel mouthpiece for service wear or in a beautifully nickel-plated steel scabbard for formal full dress occasions. Scots Guards' Pipers' Dirk : 8465-99973-6901. It must be noted that the grip of this Sword is made of wood covered with fish-skin and intertwined with silver-plated copper wire, which is an extreme rarity, making this Sword truly 'a-one-of-a-kind'.

Please read our Cookie Policy. HC Blues and Royals' Sword : 8465-99-122-2126, Nickel-Plated Scabbard : 8465-99-973-6856. A unique and exclusive feature of the Cavalry Troopers' Sword is the red vulcanite grip comprising of fine milling and an engraved thumb indentation for advanced handling in the thrust. The steel scabbard is nickel-plated and carries brass polished, scallop-shaped mounts and a shoe. Windlass is globally recognized for its range of high-valued usable collectibles. Be first to know about the new products and get exclusive offers. The sword is carried today in a nickel plated steel scabbard with a shoe, mouthpiece and two suspension bands and rings. Copyright © 2020 Windlass Sword Shop, UK. +91 (135) 268 6470 / 268 6624, Painstaking research goes into the reproduction of each item at Windlass, World's leading manufacturer of premier Military Swords and Accoutrements. It is said that the design and pattern of this Dirk originated from somewhere between the Piper's Dirk worn by the Pipers of The Royal Regiment of Scotland and the more sophisticated dirks adorned by their Officers. All Rights Reserved. Our collection of military swords for sale includes the British military swords UK, cavalry sword, claymore swords. With an attractive colour combination this sword charms and enthrals everyone who will be enthralled with the stylish yet simple beauty of it. The detailing and authenticity of this sword is enhanced by its carbon steel blade which is magnificently etched including the regimental crest. It comes in black colour. It set a landmark thanks to its excellent majesty design and pattern. Windlass is awarded its first British government contract to build the critical and unique combat knife, the “Kukri,” for the famed British Gurkha Regiments. The two major exceptional characteristics of it's hilt are its lining and fringe. It comprises of a double corded knot which is braided. The guard of the sword features delicate engravings. The seeds of Windlass Steelcrafts are sown by a young motivated Indian named Mr. Ved Prakash Windlass. Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India. This 1831 pattern Sword is also referred to as the Highland Officer's Sword. By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our Cookie Policy unless you have disabled them. Windlass Sword is the only UK company that can supply every military swords and cavalry sword pattern currently used by the British Armed Forces. High-quality items manufactured at Windlass are used by many militaries all across the world as actual combat weapons, dress, and drill sabres and presentation swords among other things. It has a leather bound grip bound in silver wire.

This fabulous piece of work has a scabbard which is made of high-quality chrome-plated steel. The grip is meticulously crafted in black fish-skin and clenched with silver-plated copper wire. Cavalry Troopers' Sword : 8465-99-122-1831, Nickel-Plated Scabbard : 8465-99-122-1806.

It is studded with metal from the centre and has metallic buckles. We are using cookies to provide you the best experience of our website. Being very much similar to the officer's version, the Household Cavalry Trooper's Sword of 1892 is characterized by a heavy single-edged blade. The Royal Gurkha Rifles' Sword : 8465-99-973-6878. The Royal Artillery Officer's Sword is characterized by a slightly curved and spear-pointed carbon steel blade. The double ringed scabbard is available in leather Sam Browne and nickel plating, for service and dress wear respectively. The Dirk is also characterized by a forward leaning pommel on to which the majestic regimental badge is affixed. The design and pattern of the existing Brigade of Guards Sword was commended in 1854. The sword is also offered with a leather Sam Browne scabbard which is highly recommended for service wear. The distinctive characteristic of the HAC Swords is that it has their own badge embellished into the hilt, and their own customized blade engravings symbolizing their specific badge and that of the City of London. The sword is also available with a leathered Sam Browne scabbard for service wear. Its distinguished with a heavy, single-edged blade which consists of a straight cut-and-thrust pattern. The design and pattern of the existing Brigade of Guards Sword was commended in 1854. Very high quality costumes. Raised traditional Celtic Dog designs embellish the hinged cheek plates. This helmet is rich with deeply embossed detail across and around the crown and on the nose guard. It is a gothic hilted sword and the pommel begins in a brass tip. These lines are testimonial of Irish Guards' regimental history. This fabulous piece of work is available with a Sam Browne leather scabbard with plated steel mouthpiece or in a beautifully nickel-plated steel scabbard. The design and pattern of the existing Brigade of Guards Sword was commended in 1854. This is the 1892 pattern sword borne by the Life Guards and the Blues and Royal of the British Household Cavalry,whose motto is.

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