Disregarding her question and continuing to fight her, Unohana thinks to herself that Kenpachi won't die, as he becomes stronger every time he comes close to dying, which is the mistake she made and the sin she imposed on him. While regrouping, Renji arrives to report the situation, much to Unohana and Yamamoto's dismay. During their battle, Unohana easily overpowered and fatally wounded Kenpachi several times,[17][81][82][83] only losing when Kenpachi grew powerful enough to kill her.[84]. She tells Ichigo that his advantage is that not only does he have captain-class Reiatsu, but also that he hasn't seen Aizen's Shikai.
Noticing the man almost pass out, Unohana mentions he had seemed defeated for a moment.

[45] Her powers of perception were great enough to deduce that Aizen's elaborate illusion of a corpse doll wasn't real, and that Aizen was perpetuating a much larger scheme.[80].

In 1945 alone, 100,000 copies of Bellamy’s novel were re-printed. [68] Later, as Shunsui Kyōraku meets with Central 46, he invites Unohana in, saying that she will be in charge of teaching Kenpachi Zaraki Zanjutsu, calling her Yachiru Unohana, the first Kenpachi.[2]. [29][30], A week after Aizen's insurgency, Unohana stops two 11th Division members from creating a ruckus at the 4th Division’s Relief Station, and unsuccessfully tries to convince Hitsugaya to speak to an unconscious Momo, who is still recovering from her injuries.[31]. She also wears her hair down for the first time and is revealed to have been covering a notable scar in-between her collarbone, inflicted by Kenpachi when the latter was young. She informs Isane that she has traveled to the Daireishokairō in regards to this matter and found that the man responsible is no ordinary Shinigami. [64] Unohana and other captains are then later shocked to sense that Yamamoto had actually died at the hands of Yhwach.[65]. He simply says again that he owes her one. In 2013, the top 10% of families held 76% of the wealth. Nobody wants to pay taxes — even in a society with a high social trust index. [78] Though she originally learned healing Kidō as a way to prolong her fights, Unohana has become the most knowledgeable on health related matters in all of Soul Society. Minazuki redirects here. Unohana stops and asks him why does he thank her, as she doesn't require thanks for saving the lives of her "allies".

[39], She later makes it back to the Human World and goes to where Hachigen and Hiyori are.

Knocking his sword from his hand and pinning him against the wall, Unohana tells him that she did not change at all; he just hadn't given her the opportunity to use those tricks on him when they fought last time.[71].

Instituting marginal taxation or discouraging wealth hoarding and tax evasion could help bridge the divide between the 1% and the 99%.

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