First described by François Marie Daudin in 1802,[1] these lizards were previously classed as a subspecies of Varanus exanthematicus, but have since been declared a distinct species based upon differences in hemipenal morphology. Limbs may also be spotted with some pale yellow, and the tail may have an alternating pattern of dark brown with off-white bands from where it attaches to the body all the way to the tip. They also climb trees to hunt their prey, to escape the heat during the day and often to safely slumber at night. Although they can tolerate cooler temperatures than most other monitor species — they show no ill effects even when the ambient temperature goes a bit below 60 degrees Fahrenheit — long exposures to such low temperatures can result in illness or death. Males are larger and heavier than females. They are usually gray-brown with yellowish or white markings, and can reach up to 2 metres (6.6 ft) in length. Generally, white-throated monitors have shorter, blunter, more bulbous snouts than savannah monitors, and the top of their heads and necks are dark brown while their backs are a dark gray-brown. Although not averse to occasionally scavenging the corpses of vertebrate prey, even those as large as vervet monkeys, such prey seems usually too fast to catch for these monitors. A safer option is to cook the eggs, which should eliminate both the avidin and Salmonella problems. Basking areas should be a relatively small section of the enclosure. Their specific name comes from a compound of two Latin words: albus meaning "white" and gula meaning "throat". Make sure the water temperature is comfortably warm but not too hot and does not rapidly and significantly cool down. Monitors are also fond of eggs, but only use egg yolks or — even better — fertilized eggs with embryos in them. Yellow monitors (V. flavescens) also show a strong physical resemblance to white-throats, but they are actually more closely related to Bengal (V. bengalensis), rough-necked (V. rudicollis and V. dumerilii) and Asian water monitors (V. salvator) than any of the African species. There are reports of some species of African monitors, including white-throated monitors, accepting and eating fruit. Certainly, if the entire substrate cannot be soil, providing some area where soil is available and into which these monitors can dig would be useful to the lizards. Although white-throats come from somewhat dry climates, they still drink regularly. Generally, white-throated monitors have shorter, blunter, more bulbous snouts than savannah monitors, and the top of their heads and necks are dark brown while their backs are a dark gray-brown. Naturally, white-throated monitors can loose as much as 30 to 50 percent of their total body mass during extended periods of inactivity.

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