There are aspects of WWE 2K20 that show visual improvements over WWE 2K19, such as the entrances for certain Superstars. RELATED: NBA 2K20: 5 Reasons MyTeam Is The Best Mode (& 5 Why It's Not). In the ring, the lighting is better in most arenas, and some of the character models from 2K19 are better as well. WWE programming is a… A special mention should go to the addition of Hulk Hogan in WWE 2K20 who not only has a great entrance but one of the best ring celebrations too. This means players need to press a combination of up to three buttons instead of one making the complete opposite to accessible. In WWE 2K20, the restrictions on the larger archetypes aren’t as tight, but there could still be a little more leeway given in this area. I haven't played a WWE game in a while, and I am torn between getting WWE 2K19 for $25 or WWE 2K20 for $80. I enjoyed it, but the characters and arenas are outdated, with the 2014 style arenas and they've stopped letting you use Community Creations. It always seems off for a bit which is annoying. Developers 2K have upset their fair share of fans this year two of their biggest releases. You can also find me previewing and recapping WWE PPV events. Having played every WWE 2K game in existence, including WWE 2K19 and the newly released WWE 2K20, I can tell you the difference between the two most recent titles in the series. It wasn't ready to launch on 22 October, and nobody would've cried at the thought of 2K, y'know, taking a year out. Fans have come to expect problems at launch with most brand new games at launch and considering the fact the window is small for developers to meet yearly launch expectations the WWE games are no different. It is these and so many like these inconsistencies that have caused WWE 2K20 to suffer, in concept, it might have been great but the execution of the game has been pretty terrible. What the developers missed here was a big opportunity in my mind, instead of giving the mundane option of triggering a few cutscenes in a match, we could have been delivered a robust storyline which shows the journey of a hopeful wrestler to a WWE Hall of Famer. One of the biggest additions to WWE 2K20 is the inclusion of the female MyCareer experience. Perhaps the most notably missing current star is NXT UK standout Walter. There's the original DLCs but you have to pay extra for that and they seem to have replaced NXT and Legends pack DLCS. It comes down to lighting and a new facial animation concept that makes the players look more lifelike. 2K19 has its share of unpolished issues, but only about as much as we come to expect from 2K. In all annual sports video games, the first question many fans ask when the newest version is released is, “what’s the difference between the new one and the old one?”. One of the most baffling changes to WWE 2K20 is the Visual Concepts decision to change the control layout. If nothing else, 2K checked this major item off its most-frequently requested lists from fans. Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America). Sure enough, the transition from WWE 2K19 to this year’s game sees 35 stars past and present removed from the WWE 2K20 roster. A lot of things have been changed and though customization remains in the game, it is not as flexible as it used to be, games of yesteryears like WWE’s Here Comes The Pain was probably the best in the franchise in the game. Bought the game and in fact it it's a lot of fun! RELATED: The 10 Best Fighting Games Of All Time (According To Metacritic). Thankfully, it remains a part of this year’s entry and activating chain wrestling is a lot more responsive than last year’s. Furthermore, the animation seems to be slower this year which opens the window for more counters and realistic transitions and looking more like how a wrestling match should start rather than an arcade fighter. Neither of these changes is a big deal, but it will take some getting used to for returning fans. 40,000+ articles posted by thousands of contributors spanning the entire cultural spectrum. WWE 2k19 Universe vs WWE 2k20 Universe . All Rights Reserved. Not because it focused on the flashy graphics or fancy gimmicks, it worked because the gameplay worked and it was incredibly fun. Each content drop will bring new task-based challenges set in fantasy environments with alternative versions of popular WWE Superstars. Now, of course, it is WWE 2K20, a game where its original developers Yukes left to create their own unnamed wrestling game without the pressures of a yearly release schedule forced by the WWE 2K franchise. Seen on Sky News; featured in The Guardian, NY Times, The Independent and more. One of the biggest complaints in the WWE 2K series has always been the commentary. All rights reserved. WWE 2k18 vs 2k19 vs 2k20? However, let's dig into what it does better or worse than 2K19. The targeting and flow of the combat system is off, and that is what hinders this year’s experience more than anything. Even the old Acclaim-developed WWF Attitude series on the PlayStation and Nintendo 64 had better and more engaging commentary than the 2K series. This year’s installment is a noticeable improvement over WWE 2K19 with some conversations having a more natural flow with events that are happening on screen. On the plus side, Visual Concepts have promised that they will add it at a later date. A noticeable improvement for the WWE 2K20 over its predecessor is the trademark WWE entrances. It is pretty evident that the developers are attempting to do something different, you get the MyCareer story with a male and female protagonists, who have their battles but mainly stick together as a package deal and travel around the country hoping to make it one day in the WWE. Thankfully, WWE 2K20 has added a lot more new moves in their year's entry, there are new pinning combinations, seemingly hundreds of new moves, and more payback animations to play around with. However, it is a game that can be fixed with a lot of patches over time and the game does have some great features that are an improvement from last year. I'm a casual wrestling gamer, but adored it growing up. Now players are forced to press the A and X button (X and Square on the PS4) instead of the Y (Triangle) and RT (R2) instead of the analog stick for the alternate finisher. The Legends roster in particular definitely catered for old school fans of wrestlers like The Rock N’ Roll Express, British Bulldog, Bam Bigelow, Mr. The 9th Wonder of the World has finally been added to a WWE video game. Like previous entries, there is an option to turn the effect off completely so the reason for toning it down this year is a mystery. 6. It goes without saying then, the very same fans that part with their money on a yearly basis on the new WWE 2K game want more wrestling from their wrestling game. It's still all-around playable, assuming you have the system for it, as opposed to some of 2K20's major features being held together by duct tape. However, make no mistake this isn’t anywhere near as good as NBA 2K20 or even EA’s UFC series and it still sounds like prompted sound bites. However this is my first WWE game since 13. alexa. This hurts the realism factor that the developers have strived to achieve in WWE 2K20. However, considering the huge amount of work that needs to be done in getting the game up to spec fans could be waiting for quite some time. So I dunno, I love it. The WWE 2K20 roster is pretty large with more than 200 playable characters. There are so many important matches and moments that have led the WWE women to their current place, 2K couldn’t have included all of them. WWE 2K19 or WWE 2K20? He's a Schwarzenegger and Stallone fanatic that considers himself something of an expert in all things RPGs and cheesy action films from the 80s and 90s. WWE 2K19 had good selection legends and current superstars. 10 Wrestlers Who Didn’t Deserve To Be On The Cover Of A Wrestling Game, 8 Video Games That Let You Win In The Worst Possible Ways, 10 Brilliant Video Games That Surprised Everyone, NBA 2K21 - Every Team Ranked From Worst To Best. The developers promoted the change as a way to make the game more accessible for newcomers but remain challenging for long-time fans. I haven't played a WWE game in a while, and I am torn between getting WWE 2K19 for $25 or WWE 2K20 for $80. WWE 2K20 when works right if a pretty fun game, but that is a big if, the game undoubtedly suffers from a lot of bugs, and you might be lucky enough to encounter them later in the game, but for us, we had them from the get-go. The button mapping has changed a bit with reversals now moved to the top face button. Right now there isn't much benefit to buying 2k20. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts. 2K20 might have more content once it’s fixed, but if the roster matters to you that much, then I’d say get 2K19. The MyCareer mode story isn’t top-notch, but just like WWE it somehow captivates you enough for you to get to the end of the story, there is a definite beginning, middle, and end, but not necessarily in that order and it is one of the best things about the game. © 2020 Forbes Media LLC. There were a number of former and current Superstars in the industry that you couldn’t create. Instead, we get to see two people change attires and that’s about the change in character you will get. Roman Reigns’ rise and resurgence is the subject of one of the Towers and he narrates the journey. Corey Graves was absolutely lying through his perfectly straight teeth recently when he claimed that WWE 2K20 has better graphics than 2K19. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. This one definintly not a mess, and I don't play 2K20 yet, but they did fix a lot. The full WWE 2K19 Roster features a massive list of WWE Superstars from Raw, SmackDown Live, NXT, 205 Live, Women / Divas and Legends. The first is NBA 2K20 with its unending drive in pushing microtransaction, gambling mechanics, and its own share of bugs and glitches. They helped, and made the decision-making much easier. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries.

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