Tame Impala’s management issued a statement in regards to the cover. This is the original 22-minute track that Trent and Atticus sent me but the version in the film is slightly different. This song acts as a spiritual transfer from brother to sister.

This song has propulsion and drive, and feels authentic to Tyler’s experience. I’ve loved this song ever since that great music video of Jake Gyllenhaal killing hipsters. This song is Tyler’s spirit haunting the film. It doesn’t quite turn out that way, but in that moment it feels like it might.”, “They’re another of my favourite bands. What Emily and Luke are doing together is beautiful to me, and ‘Pretty Little Birds’ is a beautiful song that kind of underlines that.”, “They’re one of my favourite bands of all time; their music really helped me to get through high school. I’m most confused about the world I live in You think that I’m lonely, well I probably amOne thing that still gets meWhen did I become a ghost?

I think they had more to live before this version was ready to come out. Waves is about the messy human experience and the dichotomies of life—pain vs. beauty, good vs. bad, individual vs. family. From melancholic indie gems by Radiohead to Kanye West's self-aggrandising hip-hop bangers.

It has also been left off the track list for Waves. Trey Edward Shults, director of ‘Waves’. ... Be Above It by Tame Impala. I had to shoot an alternative version with the phone flipped over in case we didn’t get the rights to it. The title is what life is for me, full of ups and downs everyone is on a different level. I love that this song opens the album, but ends our film. Isaiah Rashad) by SZA, You are but a phoenix among feathersYou're broken by the waves among the seaThey'll let you die, they'll let you wash awayBut you swim as well as you fly. I remember when we shot Tyler and Alexis in the water the Florida heat lightning started and it felt magical. What a Difference a Day Makes by Dinah Washington. When I wrote Frank a letter asking to use his music, I tried to get across how much his music means to me personally, and why his songs are the only songs in the world that make sense in these scenes. This is one of my favorite cuts in the film, the sound of this beat rising with the MRI machine is how we get to watch the music syncing with the visuals, right before Tyler’s life is changed forever. Not too often — just enough. I don’t know what the song means to Animal Collective, but, for me, it sounds like trying to push your spirit towards some light and some love. This song is the heart of the film—beauty fighting through pain, and someone trying to heal.

It was originally the extended overture, but the music just fit the film, so when I was editing I decided to throw it in.

I included the album version of this track here. I took a bad video media class and that was what saved me, it forced me to pick up a camera and film things again. For me, ‘Love Is A Losing Game’ speaks to the very heart of the film as well as the specific moment where it comes in. On Friday morning, a deluxe version of the album was released on iTunes for purchase.

Trent and Atticus manipulated sounds from the film in this track which really brings us inside Tyler’s headspace. Kendrick said this track is him reconstructing the mindset of his 16 year old self, which feels so fitting for this moment where Tyler is trying to rebel and escape his hurt. Emily is being birthed out of a tunnel of darkness, and then entering the light to start a new chapter. My entire world fell apart and everything I had worked for was lost. This is the first time in the film Tyler truly breaks down. When I was editing this sequence, I cried uncontrollably for several hours. I wanna be your golden gooseI wanna shave my legs for youI wanna take all of my hair down and let you lay in itSpread all of my limbs out and let you lay in it, It’s a loopAnd the other side of the loop is a loopThis feels how molly must feel.

Wounds Heal by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross. Named La Linda Luna after Alexis’s middle name, Luna —a pretty moon.

It’s an incredibly affecting film whose many moods – sad and romantic, poignant and powerful – are enhanced by a dazzling list of songs featuring the likes of Kanye West, Tame Impala and Radiohead. Both Tyler and Emily’s stories are supremely subjective and strictly from their point of view until we get to the end of each story, when they spiral out of control and we feel the interconnectivity of everyone. And he was known as an astute businessman alright but also largely as a … That phrase, combined with the music is just so damn beautiful to me.

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