Important Valve made FAQs about ordering: Index Order FAQ.

I almost pulled the trigger Monday afternoon and ordered before the batch was pushed, but I put it off to Tuesday evening so I’m waiting on an update to the HMD+C.

I got my tracking number.

I’m June 5th FK NA and mine got switched to 5+ weeks a couple days ago. Some expect that to happen again. Shipping is always free when ordering from the Steam Store. Hopefully tracking info comes through by morning! Are there any other costs to completing my order? Seems like the lighthouses are now available in europe as well. It seems you get your copy added to your library when your order is finalized (Payment & address details are given).

No buying, selling, begging, giveaways or crowd-funding. Especially in the event that an acceptance signature/presence isn't required or if there are blatant advertisements or warnings on the box. What do I do?!

When will I get my copy of Half-Life: Alyx?

When you "order" any Index hardware from the Steam store right now; you will be put in a queue. Post your LED designs!

I've recently entered a 'Shark Tank' styled contest where more votes = better chance of winning. You will be prompted (via email) to fill in your payment & address details when your hardware is ready to ship to you.

I clicked ordered within 2-3 secs and my payment didn't go through till 12:41pm CT. Yup same here. Example: instead of Dutch postal codes being filled in like 1234AB, 1234 AB (with a space in between) seemed to work for some. Posts must be about or related to the Valve Index and must not be low effort. 5. Same here, probably too late now to get any new update, so probably get something in the morning with probably the tracking number and stuff.

They might have a different approach for this specific release. Does anyone know what kind of box this ships in?

Some handy resources to stay informed and up to date on community events. When you "order" any Index hardware from the Steam store right now; you will be put in a queue. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.

That was really nerve racking cause my lunch was 1 hr. This Monday is a holiday and from what I’ve read it sounds like the week of July 4 was just skipped orders-wise. All that is left is to wait for your Index hardware to arrive. Large, plain-ish cardboard box. Then after it changes to “shipped ” and you’ll receive an email with tracking information.

Seems unlikely, but this really screws over the people that waited long.

Posts must be about or related to the Valve Index and must not be low effort.

As some people are cancelling their orders, you’re moving up in the queue so the estimate for when your order can be shipped (and paid for) is sooner. How long did it take you guys from order,pay,receive on the hmd+c? A trailer and voting can be seen here (and please vote for FLETCHER STUDIOS). I just oredered two and the headsets and controllers separately.

They might've left that from the initial purchases. Press J to jump to the feed. No personal attacks, disrespectful language, drama or trolling. (Some accounts were unable to order hardware with wallet funds to (we think) prevent fraud - that is until Steam Support marked them as "cleared").

Important Valve made FAQs about ordering: Our FAQ - check this out if your question isn’t in this post! Today is my day :-D. GLS delivered to me after 14 weeks.

Lighthouses are now processing shipment and the HMD + Controllers ship within 2-4 weeks.

***UPDATE: This has been locked, a new thread has been made here, ***Update: 4/14/2020: A user has provided a nice way for people to consolidate data and track orders if thats your thing, please check it out here to view and you can submit your own data here. Good luck on the wait, and I'll edit this with the link once that's done. I could use some help to win and finish my game. At lease you have a shipping soon status, others have it much worse. 3. I’m hopeful they will work orders on Tuesday.

Ordered the base stations this Monday and they are supposed to be here later today. 6. This isn't the kind of thing I'd trust to leave sitting outside a door very long, so I plan to have to make arrangements to accept the delivery. Mine has been on 8+ weeks since June 8th, so I'm wondering if I'm going to have to wait until at least Halloween in order to be able to pay.

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