One power Hoskins doesn't have, though, is the ability to survive this explosion, meaning he can't actually ever use his powers without killing himself and everyone around him. The Sheep Talisman is often the most mocked of the set, with most people finding it useless. Would you use your new superpowers for good or evil? Total destruction of anything he touches down to the quantum level. keep at it until you find the perfect name for yourself, your You could summon lava on top of your enemies, this is the best superpoer. choose whether to use any submissions, of course. It's not exactly the kind of situation that you'd think would require intervention from Spider-Man, but hey, the '70s were a weird time.

Friendly Fire dies with a negative kill-death ratio, having failed to ever hit a single enemy in battle and after injuring half his own teammates by laser-punching them by accident. . The ability to expel a cotton ball from your wrist three times a month. Just looking at the logistics and the risk-reward ratio, you have to realize that the chances of ending your night counting up your freshly stolen cash are vastly outweighed by the odds that you'll get multiple concussions from a guy dressed as Dracula who's so good at karate that they let him in the Justice League. When Beetlejuice finally decides to test what happens, the cookie. That's how we ended up with characters like Glob Herman, a rotund teenager whose skin was not only transparent, giving him visible bones and organs, but also composed of a substance that was frequently compared to paraffin wax. Beetlejuice gets bored and instantly conjures some cookies from the Netherworld. Heroes with "superpowers" so specific in their nature or unwieldy that they're next to useless, heroes ... Leon Nunez is a Marvel character so lame he doesn't even have a superhero alter-ego, and his power is so awkward, its explanation on the Marvel wiki is almost as long as his entire character biography. It contains mostly all types of text faces. Finally, there was a general habit of witches and warlocks casting protection spells against each other, resulting in magical battles of willpower. Maybe even more problematic than his brother Thanos, and considering Thanos once literally killed half the universe, that's saying something. It also appears to cause some substantial changes to the characters of the users. The ability to freeze time, but by doing so you are also frozen. In his handful of increasingly weird appearances, his name is variously given as Syd Vane and Syd Mane, and he battles crime with the uncanny power to not have a torso. OK, OK, so we're really talking about telekinetic ability here. About Random Superpower Generator Tool. Example: You can change the color of your skin, but only change it to bright yellow, Indigo, or strawberry-shortcake. And, of course, he can still be. Also, the thing doesn't like to let him use his most powerful transformations in, Earlier than the above spoiler, it was also explained that. The story was spread across 23 issues of different titles, each of which introduced an extreme new hero or villain. Rumia is given a far more humiliating reason for her power's uselessness — her "darkness" superpower was meant to sound scary, but is actually completely useless, because it's also her own, Yuyuko Saigyouji has the power to kill humans. Even invisibility is nearly useless as a power.

What team will you be a This is the random superpower generator!

become . See, in order to accommodate their ever-expanding roster, the 31st Century's Legion of Super-Heroes would hold occasional tryouts where aspiring Legionnaires could audition for the team.

a super-hero! The worst part? Wraith's ability to turn invisible is such a non-power, it actually makes him more visible to people, while simultaneously giving him no ability to defend himself from even most the ineffectual slaps of a half-hearted angry mob whom you know weren't putting any real effort into it. Which, believe it or not, comes up surprisingly often. I dunno, I bet there's a bunch of rich old guys with lots of gold that can't get wood who would consider this a fantastic superpower. It's a lot easier to bend gold than it is to bend wood, so you could create some really interesting pieces through this super power. Spot uses this ability to walk through walls, avoid using the stairs, and layeth the smacketh down on Spider-Man from a city block away.

Then there's Gotterdammerung. Common in series like Bewitched, where the characters are given almost unlimited powers at the beginning, and the writers have to come up with more and more arcane limitations to create a new conflict each week. There are 391 different powers and variations in this generator, so you're bound to find one you like.

The comics note that every time Gentle roids out and uses his powers, his baseline strength increases, which is an issue because his tattoos will eventually be unable to hold back his rippling biceps and sick-ass delts. Spot also probably uses his powers to drop his turds from orbit onto Avengers Tower, because that's sure as hell what we'd do if we had his powers. Lampshading the original movie (as listed above), It's been outright stated that most of the education in Wizard Universities is learning how, At least one Discworld book points out that in nine out of ten situations, there's just. "Do not dunk." So, if Nunez wanted to grant someone the ability to fly, he'd give them a tattoo of some wings, or if he wanted them to be able to shotgun Jägermeister, he'd give them a tramp stamp. When Ayla joined the team, she actually had a much cooler power.

He survived and — perhaps surprisingly — is still kicking around that merry mutant corner of the Marvel Universe. The fate is all in the letters... Take this … It's the one Talisman that Jade will rarely bother to steal from the vault.

Friendly Fire is a DC hero who fought alongside a team of heroes known as Section 8. Professor X feels so bad for Hoskins in the comics, he gives him a suit of power-armor so he can actually help out during fights ... and presumably to stop him turning the X-Mansion into a smoking crater by pouting too hard. In-universe, this is explained by the Hakurei Spellcard Rules, Strong Bad points out another instance in the e-mail. Even if you can get past that pretty dark, extremely uncomfortable interpretation of his powers, he hasn't exactly had the greatest track record in actually using them as a superhero.

That title isn't us being sarcastic — that's literally the way he's described in his first comic appearance, and when your official debut into a universe where Cyclops exists is the comic telling you that you're the worst X-man, you know you suck more than a nuclear-powered vacuum cleaner.

Or, for whatever reason, no one can contact the ship. The Missing Man, who made his debut alongside the Rocketeer in 1983's Pacific Comics Presents #1, is one of those weirdos. . explaining the rules the fairies work by at the beginning and then sticking to them. The humor is in the fact that you would be better of without that special ability. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. This has been interpreted in, Several episodes involves needing to know the. Randomize a short list of superpowers and try to pick only two. Even those like Ed and Al. To be clear, Ten-Eyed Man has no superpower beyond having 10 eyes, all of which are located on his fingertips. Last updated: Friday 30th October, 2020. Instantly transform your Average Joe into an awesome super hero (or villain) with these super powers. Bad dog, no awesome powers! 1. Pointless Super Powers A pointless super power is a supernatural ability that has no practical value. It's not just the Legion rejects who wound up with useless powers.

For his trouble, he gets punched so hard that he lands three blocks away. Since people tend to prefer "Charisma Break" Remilia, she usually doesn't even get this much in most fanon. Radioactive waste not required. or Blessed with Suck. … This, despite sounding cool, is still a fairly useless ability in a world where Juggernaut and actual doors exists. He couldn't control every semi truck, just his own. Then again, it is mentioned that ForgetMeNot gets to ride trains for free because nobody can see him, so yeah, rough with the smooth and all that.

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