That's a good point, but I also see a lot of people doing the opposite and applying for 500+ positions. Some companies only had one salary listed, and thus, may not be accurately represented by the salary sharing data. Also worth noting that base isn’t “I went to ITT Tech and got my A+” types of hires. I also think I was in the absolute last wave of on-site intern interviews, so honestly I'm not going to lie there's a fair amount of luck involved in the process. Do note that this graph only shows salary data averaged across each company.

How can most people “need” IMO experience if it’s impossible for most quants at those firms, number wise, to even HAVE IMO experience? I've asked a few people what I should do to get a job of this caliber and they usually only say, "be good at programming, have a good gpa, know the right people..." but is that it? I mean 2S, JS, Citadel new grads make $250k+ so its hard to compare to more traditional CS jobs. When any job or internships in Europe pay more than my software development job in India :(. I am wondering if i could get a chance in later years. But if you're in that niche those skills are in high demand. I never seen a Two Sigma offer above 150k Extremely talented CS/CE grads, or doctoral math types, are typically the two domains that will get top offers. Still twice as much as I'm making at my current job. If you’re an ordinary undergraduate cs major at a semi target or target school, I would say dev is at least an order of magnitude more attainable than quant. It can take less time to do that than to blast off 500 copies of your shit resume to every open position in your country hoping for a hit. Conversely, the guys at Northrop told me that they planned to hire several thousand interns for the summer. This was how I was able to get a HackerRank from Two Sigma (which I promptly bombed).

Companies don't just draw a resume at random and hire that person. How long ago was that? Again, I’m just a high school senior, so I’m lacking in the experience department, but this what I’ve seen after networking with the cream of the cream of the crop of these prestigious institutions and seeing their stacked resumes, Take it from a regular Joe like me, landing one of these offers is near impossible even at a “target school”. If you study for interviews, it’s perfectly possible for someone with a 3.5-3.9 to get trough the interviews. Point 2 is down to being technically competent and a boat load of luck. Give the recruiter a reason to want to call you. It's worth noting that I think every single intern candidate at my on-site was in their third year of college.

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