Rattlesnake is a 2019 crime drama mystery film set in Tulia. Only film I’ve switched off this year... barely made it 20 mins in. Rattlesnake doesn't take long to set up its high concept. It was boring s*** with horrible acting. Anna Duggar’s daughters are so cute and cool hair. Article continues below advertisement In the Rattlesnake trailer, we see single mom Katrina (played by Carmen Ejogo) wrestle with a broken-down car in the middle of the mountainous desert. Read More A bit like Final Destination, we guess: someone is saved who should have died, so therefore someone has to die in their place to balance it up. The overall reaction from the movie wasn't too impressive, with people taking to social media with the following comments: '#RattlesnakeNetflix was beyond poor!!! After kidnapping Billy (Theo Rossi) and making him drive her out to the Arizona desert, the two get in a scuffle and Billy manages to run away. Extraction ending explained: Was Tyler Rake alive? Digital Spy is launching a newsletter – sign up to get it sent straight to your inbox. It's got some great ideas in it, but I wish they would of fleshed the mythology out a bit more.

Rattlesnake tells the story of a single mother who has to kill someone in order to save her daughter’s soul — obviously, we are very intrigued. She makes stranger Billy (Theo Rossi) her victim after seeing him abuse his girlfriend (Emma Greenwell).

The bite disappears and when Katrina takes Clara to the hospital, it seems that everything is fine. Fortunately for her, she wakes up just in time and when Billy is bitten by a rattlesnake, Katrina takes the opportunity to kill him to save her daughter. Any time there's a photo or video of the crime scene, there's a mysterious shadowy figure in the background. Rattlesnake is a crime drama mystery film written and directed by Zak Hilditch and starring Carmen Ejogo, Theo Rossi and Emma Greenwell.It was released on Netflix on October 25, 2019. Which is annoying cause usually I love Theo #RattleSnakeNetflix. She drives him to a canyon, where after a fierce battle, he ultimately ends up dying - allowing her daughter to be officially cured. Yes, the second act wavers a bit, but the ending was actually pretty satisfying (always important, in horror films).'.

', '#Rattlesnake - this had potential to be great! He gives her until sunset to repay the 'debt', otherwise Clara will die from the rattlesnake bite. #rattlesnake. A woman named Katrina (True Detective ‘s Carmen Ejogo) and her daughter (Apollonia Pratt) are heading through Texas, on their way to start a new life. Published: 12:05, 30 October 2019 | Updated: 12:29, 30 October 2019. While the premise of the movie from the streaming site's new 'Netflix and Chills' section initially had fans amused, they were quickly left frustrated at the movie, with many admitting it was 'dragged out' while others saw it as more of a comedy. Kesha transforms into an octopus with an oversized blue... Iman Bowie, 64, turns heads in a VERY exaggerated gold... '#RattlesnakeNetflix was beyond poor!!! While searching for him, Katrina finds the ghost of a hitch-hiker who … This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. The Tulia 46 drug sting event was featured the film Tulia, Texas, directed by John Singleton and starring Billy Bob Thornton and Halle Berry, and was scheduled for release in 2014.

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