Bear dog (Xiang Gou).

However, Chow Chows can quickly lose interest and may need something more engaging.

This is the fate likely to be suffered by all breeds. Both the Chinese nobility and the peasantry also used the breed as a guard dog and a combatant in dog fights.

($27.99-64.99.). [31] He wrote about his dogs in his book King Solomon's Ring.

Chow Chows are proud pups who deserve to relax in peace with proper support. A high quality combination of ergonomic memory foam and gel foam helps ease body aches, joint pain, hip dysplasia and arthritis.

The Chows are very unique from their appearance to their temperament. Although initially brought from China to Britain, it was in America where the breed became most popular.

QUIZ: What Is Your Dog's Poo-sonality Type?

This is not to say that every mixed breed dog with spots of purple on the tongue is descended from Chow-Chow, as purple spots on the tongue can be found on other purebred dogs.

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This breed needs to be thoroughly brushed at least twice a week, but preferably every day. The adult female will grow to be from 18–20 inches tall.

The American Kennel Club standards, however, consider an all-too aggressive or all-too timid Chow-Chow to be unacceptable. The Chow Chow is found in five different colors. The club eventually changed its name to the Chow Chow Club, Inc. (CCCI) and became the official parent club of the Chow Chow with the AKC. “Chow chow” is the term British traders used for those miscellaneous items, and the term became the name of the breed. Learn more about the Chow Chow >>> Not sure if the Chow Chow is right for you? Here you can not only get to know this amazing breed of short-haired Chow Chows, take unique photos with our pets, but also enjoy a comfortable rest in the peacefulness of a pine forest, try Ukrainian national cuisine, visit local attractions and enjoy the taste of pure organic honey.

Try to engage your pup inside the home on hot summer days to get them moving and keep their moderate energy levels stable.

2 males and a female smooth and 3 rough females. Unlike many other breeds generally believed to be ancient, the Chow Chow has had its great age confirmed by genetics.

Janet Jackson had a Chow-Chow named Buckwheat. Although the Chow Chow has fallen out of the canine spotlight, it is very well-established in the United States and has a number of very dedicated fanciers.


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There is also a large guest house and an apiary under the same name, Three Bears. The Chow is an independent dog and not the most playful. Chow Chows are labeled as an aggressive breed of dog, but a well trained Chow Chow, just like another other dog breed, can be a good dog.

The dog is also subject to many other restrictions, such as the fact that many groomers and dog boarding facilities will not cater to Chow Chows.

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