When Team Avatar informed everyone a week later that Kuvira's attack on the city would happen that day, Suyin and her twin sons joined Asami, Bolin, and Mako at the Future Industries factory where Varrick and Zhu Li were overseeing the manufacturing of the hummingbird mecha suits. Suyin and her twin sons were caught by Kuvira and her army. She expressed her pride in her daughter while complimenting her on being a good daughter, sister, and friend. Exiting the tunnel, Suyin was delighted to be reunited with her daughter, whom she warmly embraced. Suyin was shocked as she trusted Aiwei, Lin laying a hand on her shoulder in comfort. She lamented about having too much freedom from their mother but giving her own daughter too little, wanting for her to choose her own way. A short time later in her office, the matriarch was left unsure as to how the incident happened, calling the operation well-planned. Lin told her she loved her before initiating the plan.

Earth, metal

Suyin attended Wu's coronation and bore witness to Kuvira's declaration of usurping power in the Earth Kingdom, which she renamed the "Earth Empire", although she was not impressed by the words. [1] She later also took in an eight-year-old Kuvira, whose talents she nurtured. Her mother then told her to make a pass over the city so she could try to spot her. Suyin shed a tear when Baatar Jr. dismissed her plea to return home with her and declared Kuvira to be his new family. The Legend of Korra, season 4, episode 10, "Operation Beifong," Toph reveals that Lin's father was named Kanto in a conversation with Lin, Bolin, and Opal. "The Metal Clan" Find her on twitter at @benafflecksmoke. However, Baatar Jr. entered, noting that if he could restore Asami's mind, then he could use the knowledge to free the brainwashed citizens, Kuvira and Suyin adding that Guan would lose all support once they realized what he did to them, leading to Toph's victory, which her mother sarcastically cheered. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. Before they too could swing themselves to safety, however, a mecha suit attacks them, prompting Lin to sever two of the ropes suspending the cell and grab a hold of Suyin, letting the entire structure swing toward the other side of the chasm. The metalbender subsequently apologized for giving Lin a hard time when they were younger, unable to imagine her life without having been sent away, chuckling at her sibling's joke that she would be in prison. After dinner, Suyin found Korra observing a model of Zaofu in her office, and explained why she built the city. Her hobbies include drawing, video games, long walks in the countryside, and wasting far too much time on Twitter. Suyin assured them that there was plenty of security around before telling them to prepare for dinner, saying that her chef would prepare an appetizing meal.

When it's revealed that Kanto was simply a man, Lin can't understand why Toph kept him a secret.

Korra attempted to mend the sisters' rift by asking Opal attempt to connect with her aunt but she was rudely sent away.[1]. Suyin prepared to fight alongside her mother and daughter and disabled a mecha suit by wrapping its legs in metal cables. She was even able to keep up with younger opponents such as Kuvira,[15] herself a highly skilled metalbender, and dodge multiple combustion blasts from P'Li. Onboard the Zaofu airship bound for the Northern Air Temple, Suyin suggested an ambush attack from the west, dropping in on metal cables and quickly defeating the "lowlifes". The Mandalorian Makes A Big Change To Boba Fett’s Armor, Who Lin Beifong's Father Is In The Legend Of Korra, Toph's daughters, Lin and her sister Suyin, Toph's footsteps, becoming the police chief, How Legend Of Korra's World Is Different From The Last Airbender, Every Power Korra Had In The Legend of Korra, Din Djarin Wields TWO Darksabers in Epic Mandalorian Art, Neil Gaiman Reveals What Sandman Stories The TV Show's Season 1 Adapts, The Office US Vs. UK Versions: Differences Explained, Every Team Flash Character Who Is Dead (& How They Died), WWE Stars Dress As Nightmare Before Christmas Characters For NXT Halloween Havoc, Gilmore Girls Only Halloween Episode Is A Huge Missed Opportunity, Stranger Things Season 4 May Be Better Because Of Filming Delay, Game of Thrones Star Defends Battle of Winterfell Episode As Genius, Assassin's Creed: How Netflix's Show Can Avoid The Movie's Failure, The Boys Season 3 Is Set Up To Copy Captain America: Civil War, The Mandalorian Season 2 Continues Return of the Jedi's Ending, Krayt Dragons Explained: The Mandalorian Season 2's Original Star Wars Trilogy Monster, Christopher Walken Joins Adam Scott, John Turturro In New Apple TV+ Drama, Creepshow Season 2 Casts Marilyn Manson & Ted Raimi, The Mandalorian: Disney+’s Official Season 1 Summary Is Only 100 Seconds Long, Supernatural Season 15 Changes Why God Wants To Destroy The World, Into The Dark's "New Year, New You's" Ending Explained, Saved by the Bell Revival Image: First Look At Lark Voorhies’ Surprise Return. Suyin was skeptical as it would give the Red Lotus the high ground and Ghazan the opportunity to melt them off the mountainside. Lin was relentless in trying to impress Toph, one of the world's greatest earthbenders, and while doing so became the police chief of Republic City. After Mako, Bolin, and Asami were kidnapped and brainwashed, Kuvira radioed Suyin for help. Following their difficult childhoods and uncertainty about their fathers, both of Toph's daughters rejected their mother. Being told by Lin that she loved her, Suyin was tasked to take P'Li out while Lin distracted her. No longer able to keep calm, Lin attacked Suyin, and the latter decided to counterattack, sparking a full-fledged duel. Suyin was present outside Gaoling City Hall when Wu gave his speech proclaiming that the Earth Empire would need more time to move to democracy, with each state setting its own timetable according to its citizens' wishes. However, Guan snapped the cables, and Suyin ushered everyone onto the airship to escape. More: Avatar: What Happened To Mai and Ty Lee After The Last Airbender Ended, Hannah has been with Screen Rant since the heady days of 2013, starting out as a humble news writer and eventually clawing her way up the ladder through a series of Machiavellian schemes and betrayals.

In The Legend of Korra season 4, Lin is shocked when Toph casually reveals that his name is Kanto. Fighting Kuvira in a one-on-one battle, Suyin was eventually defeated by her former protégée. Bolin decided to just watch, and Suyin turned her attention to Korra again, advising the Avatar to focus on the pieces of earth within the metal. Suyin told her that they would, as President Moon and the tribunal agreed to release her into Suyin's custody under house arrest for her remorse and her actions in ending Guan and the Earth Empire. After they recovered, Suyin and Lin made their way to the Spirit Wilds, which had been blasted open when Kuvira had fired the spirit energy cannon from within the vegetation and now housed a new spirit portal. However, based on what we know about Sokka, this seems very unlikely. Korra waved off the question to be answered at a later time and asked Suyin how she could help in stopping Kuvira.

She asked Korra what she thought about the monarchy, and after hearing that Korra had not thought much about it, Suyin advised her to gain an understanding of it, due to the evolving world, which she believed was reason enough for the queen to step aside. Suyin returned to Zaofu and after some time, a guard alerted her to the emergency that she had been expected. As tensions rose high and Bolin tried to defuse the situation, Suyin angrily walked up to Kuvira, expressing her disbelief over the fact that the latter had attempted to use Bolin to sway them into surrendering the city. Unfortunately, The Legend of Korra reveals no other information about Kanto - and the expanded material haven't focused much on that part of her life. Afterward, Suyin went to Air Temple Island, where she donned a typical Zaofu uniform. Suyin was very critical of Earth Queen Hou-Ting, whose rule she described as being old-fashioned and outdated. However, Toph's carefree approach to raising the two led Lin and Suyin to compete for her attention. Lin Beifong’s mother, Toph, refused for years to tell Lin who her father was. Suyin explained to the group that Varrick was heading up the technology division.

Suyin disbelieved Kuvira when she told her that Asami, Mako, and Bolin had been brainwashed, but Kuvira told her she had no-one else to turn to for help. Suyin explained her childhood to Korra, expressing regret over her strained relationship with Lin. Having endured constant restriction during her own childhood, Toph gave Suyin and Lin much more freedom, though she did not divulge to them their respective fathers' identities. Suyin let her husband head off, not desiring to stand in the way of success. Together with Lin, Suyin destroyed the loading mechanism of Kuvira's spirit energy cannon from within.

As Kuvira resumed her rampage, Suyin saved her sister and twin sons from being crushed by debris by erecting an earth tent for cover. When Korra announced that she would take on Kuvira in the meantime, Suyin asked if she was certain, referring to what had happened the last time they had faced each other. When Korra declared that she wanted to fix the situation, Suyin stated that she needed to access the Avatar State and destroy Kuvira's army in order to remove Kuvira from power. Suyin's prowess in metalbending enabled her to construct an entire city out of metal.

President Moon planned to discuss the situation with Suyin and other world leaders. After Korra left to attempt reasoning with Kuvira, despite Suyin's warning that there was no talking to her former protégée, the Zaofu matriarch, together with Wei and Wing, sneaked out of the city to take care of the military threat themselves.[6]. She also has a deep love for family, even for her estranged half-sister and eldest son. Suyin was forced to run for her life, however, when Kuvira traced Baatar Jr.'s radio call toward the factory and blew it up with her spirit energy cannon.[16]. Suyin and her sons were incapacitated by an electrical charge from a mecha suit and imprisoned in a metal contraption that prevented them from bending their way out.

Kay McGuire is a Seattle-based features writer for Screen Rant with an interest in movies, television, and musical theatre. When Baatar Jr. lamented that Wei, Wing, and Opal would never forgive him, she comforted him by emphasizing that, while it might take some time, they would work to mend their broken bond as a family. Covering her face, she announced that it was time to end Kuvira's reign of terror and the threesome infiltrated the camp, avoiding being detected by patrolling mecha suits and spotlights. The Beifong sisters promptly swarmed in and surrounded Zaheer; Suyin threatening him to surrender. At Lin's suspicion, the metalbender agreed to be questioned, declaring she had nothing to hide.

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