It is because they are insectivores. This species belong to the peaceful category, but as the member of cichlids family, there are certain information the owners and breeders need to learn. When overstocking make sure you have sufficient filtration and keep to a strict water change schedule.

The young should be raised on newly hatched Artemia and fine-grade flake foods. Peaceful for a cichlid so it is best kept with other peacocks and less aggressive Mbuna like the Yellow Lab. Cichlids can loose their colour somewhat if their place in the hierarchy drops (this does not mean only the dominant male will show colour) or if they are ill or perhaps suffering from poor water quality. Why? The majority of these fish have vertical bars running along the length of the body, their fins sometimes bearing these bars too. It is because all of them come from a place anyway. Having said that different fish can fall anywhere in between that spectrum so for example on one fish the red may have a shade of orange to it or the yellow a faded shade of green etc…Some will have a fully blue head others half blue and half the colour of the body so you are spoilt for choice! For breeding purposes a single male should be kept with a harem of 3-5 females. Peacock cichlid is a harem and territorial fish. Since the peacock cichlids are often found in the open water, it belongs to the second sub-groups. Due to the extreme popularity of these fish world wide the same fish may be sold under different names depending on where you go so it can work a treat if you know their Latin names. Ideal tank mates are other Aulonocara and less aggressive types of Mbuna that do not resemble a similar appearance. It was sold to me definitely as a male. (order/chat)Read this Before Buying. In general, there is no big difference for the tank maintenance for peacock species compared to the other cichlids members. In fact, it is quite easy to tell the difference.

It is a desirable species but one that breeds rather easily so avoid keeping females with this fish if you want to avoid breeding. I have a beautiful strawberry (hybrid) peacock that is brightly coloured up and in good shape. Thinking about plants? It is best kept with similarly behaved species like other peacocks and less aggressive Mbuna like Labidochromis Caeruleus as well some species of Haps. Separated tank is better, as the temperature for spawning is hotter than the normal ones. For an explorer like peacock chichlids, the tall and wide one is better. – Aulonocara Sp. – Aulonocara Firefish / Strawberry Peacock / Dragon’s Blood Peacock – This is a hybrid species and does not occur in the wild like the OB Peacock. The Blue Ngara is one of the more common subspecies. It is best kept to a single specimen in a mixed tank, in really large set ups however, you could keep more than 1 male.

Peacock Cichlid is the endemic of Lake Malawi. However, this is a more recent hybrid and has appeared online and in local aquatic stores under a few different names. It’s easier to tell the sex of fish approaching adulthood as by that stage any male would have showed or started to colour up. To mimic the natural habitat, the number should be 4 to 6 dH. The pH and hardness are rising, too. Strawberry Peacock Cichlid Pictures: above a 4" Mature Male in full color. These fishes don’t eat a plant, but they play with the plants and try to reposition them. They are haplochromies and tilapiines. It is okay to pair a male with several females. Scientific name: Aulonocara species, may be a …

If you like the Cichlids fish, you must read this one: Some owners are looking for variety in a tank. African Cichlids Care, Types, Tank and Feeding for Beginner, All You Need to Know about Blue Ram Cichlid, 6 Super Red Discus Facts Have to Know Before Buying, Hello World! The OB stands for Orange Blotch which explains the appearance of the fish. Females are generally more dull in colour being black or grey in most cases and you can just about see their vertical bars on the body while juveniles tend to start with faded colours of the adult fish they can sometimes be similar to females in appearance. About the temperature, don’t be fooled with the information in the internet saying that the temperature of Lake Melawi is around 75 to 86 Farenheit. Ever wonder why peacock cichlids are not touching the live plants? As for the decoration, this species is a great digger. There are at least 22 different species of Peacocks, the majority of which have stunning coloration.. Their coloring can vary from blues, reds to yellows and will stand out in any aquarium. It is still relatively rare but can be found online and/or from smaller aquatic stores as I haven’t seen this species in the big chain stores yet. – Aulonocara Hansbaenschi / Red Shoulder Peacock – This is a species that has been sold under a few different names probably due to the different colour variations that occur all of which are beautifully attractive. However, having two males in a tank will trigger aggressiveness, particularly when the territory is trespassed. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. When shopping for fish equipment, there might be several tank choices: the tall and wide one or the short and wide one. The balanced pH for the tank should be around 7.8 to 8.6. Gold Fish- Koi ,Tetra,Guppy,Beeta and tropical Fish Food, EXISTING AQUARIUM SETUP & CLEANING SERVICES, Buy Refurbished Aquariums & Aquarium Products, VACATION MAINTENANCE FOR YOUR FISH/AQUARIUM, FISHESHOP AQUA PVT LTD - CIN : U0500KA2020PTC133050; Bangalore-Hyderabad- Chennai-Mumbai, Chat : 9606397070 ; 9901547070. Each goes to 8 to 8.2 and 10 to 18 dH. In addition, the crystal clear lake water has balance pH and not been contaminated with any chemical substance yet. This fish has now been around for so long that it has almost become one of the naturally occurring fish available in the hobby. This step could prevent any bacteria carried in the food. After creating the perfect atmosphere for the fish to live at, there is one final job for the owners: keeping it alive.

These are fertilized by way of the dummy-egg method. The Aulonocara SP. Peacock Cichlids are ovophile mouthbrooders that form a matriarch family. It is one of the great rivers in Eastern part of Africa. If the owner plan to breed the peacock pet fish, then make sure to provide newly hatched brine shrimp or finely grounded flakes. We accept Bank Transfer/Google pay-TeZ /Phone pay/Paytm and ALL DEBIT AND CREDIT CARDS. As for the hardness, Lake Malawi has quite hard water. Therefore, the owner should prepare at least 50 gallon tank. In general, there are two big groups of cichlids’ species. The water in this river is well known for its high mineral content, resulting in alkaline water. Thus, it is better to have sandy substrate in the bottom of the tank. Female Strawberry Peacock. One thing a breeder wants to know is whether the fish is male or female. For this reason, sinking pellet, wafer, granules or frozen food would be the best feeding choices. An alpha adult male will have fantastic bright, full colours showcasing his dominance given he and the water are in prime condition. Shipping all over India & CASH ON DELIVERY ( COD)  available only Bangalore, COD Terms&ConditionsPrepaid orders: 919901597070, We offer Different SHIPPING Click here to Know our  SHIPPING Charges ,COURIER BOOKING DETAILS Shipping Price Chart, Privacy Policy Terms & Conditions Returns & RefundShipping & Delivery CancellationsFAQHow it works ? African Malawi Cichlid.

Size: 15cm/6inches // Temperature: 23C’-27C’ // Water Hardness: 6-10dGH. Each specimen may display a different mixture of these colours in varying intensity making each fish truly unique. Aulonocara Hansbaenschi are really best kept in a male only aquarium as there is a high chance of cross-breeding with other Aulonocara females. Why is it so?

– Aulonocara Stuartgranti / Grant’s Peacock – This group has so many colour variations that you it can become confusing so as to what you are getting. It is not surprising to find that Peacock Cichlid is one of the most adored species among hobbyist. The female spawns a small number of eggs on the rocky bottom. Using air pumps will also help oxygenate the water if the tank is overstocked. Strawberry Peacock Firefish Cichlid You’ll then have to arrange the rocks you had put at the bed of the tank to form caves, as these fishes love small caves in their surroundings. Since first being bred, several variants of the OB peacock have been introduced into the hobby. The pattern of colours on all variation are essentially the same, with the head being electric blue and the body of a totally different colour such as the commonly found red, blue and yellow subspecies. A Friendly Online Community For Cichlid Enthusiasts. Referring to its beautiful and vivid colors and pattern, peacock cichlids isn’t only the prettiest fish in cichlid family, but also one or the most beautiful freshwater species. There will be no damage, even with the live plants. Male has brighter color compared to the female. In order to do this, the information about food type and diseases that might attack is beneficial. Depending on their age, mood, social hierarchy and water quality they can change their colours! No calls accepted ( you can request for calls over whatspp only) 10am to 6pm, Email :; Customer care :, choosing a selection results in a full page refresh.

The water should have a pH from 8.0-8.2, a water hardness 10-18 dH, and a warmer temperature of 79-84F . These are the perfect food for peacock cichlids fries. Tank mates should be chosen carefully. Ideal tank mates are other Aulonocara and less aggressive Mbuna or Haps from Lake Malawi.

If possible, 100 gallon would be preferable. For this purpose, peacock cichlids is the perfect answer. It goes around 79 to 84 Farenheit. Female and juveniles are gray or tan. Avoid mixing aggressive Mbuna with this species. The pair should be conditioned separately on mosquito larvae, bloodworms, and crustaceans. This might be correct for the upper stream, but in the area where peacock cichlids live, it goes down to 70 Farenheit. It was bred by crossing a male species of Aulonocara with an OB female Mbuna. This is actually one of the larger species of peacocks and will need to be provided with appropriate space and tank mates. Raising a healthy and healthy pet won’t be too difficult if the owners learn about Peacock Cichlid and its care sheet carefully. The pair should be conditioned separately on mosquito larvae, bloodworms, and crustaceans. In the other words, it could be found in almost any corner of the lake.
Welcome to The FishTankWeb.Com. Artificial or real rocks would be a perfect decoration, since this medium fish loves to build their own cave to hide. Adult males develop a deep pink body almost entirely but visible are patterns of a powder blue colour which are more prominent on the tail and fins of this fish. This is not an aggressive fish and will struggle if kept with overly aggressive African cichlids such as some types of Mbuna. This species is mainly found with blue on the body and red/orange near the head area and gills hence the name “red shoulder”.

To breed pure strains of this species go for a colony of 1 male to several females in a set up of their own. Along with peacock cichlid, there are more than a hundred species from the same family share the habitats. 2 male Red Shoulder Peacocks) and overstocking is recommended to spread the natural aggression of these fish.

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