Cavalry is similarly devastating.

They may look imposing but they need escorts if you want them to survive. These mounted samurai are armed with short spears and are best used to disrupt enemy missile units and to chase routing foes. 3 Armed with a beautifully crafted gun, a hero puts his marksmanship to deadly use. Moderately sized and endowed with an average rate of movement, the best feature of the cannon ship is obviously its cannons. Do not send them into battle against spear infantry, and be forewarned. Their weapons can even be used to breach castle walls. Morale

A Yari Samurai for instance will be able to hold its own fairly well against your basic Katana Ashigaru. Samurai. Deploy only when supported by ranged escorts. In addition to archers, you'll also gain access to rifle man, aka matchlock infantry. Units falling under the heavy infantry class are useful do their multi-role combat capabilities. Bajutsu Master Dojo, Naginata Dojo These skilled warrior monks can fire arrows at distant enemies with every expectation of doing terrible damage. A red seal ship is a large trading vessel.

Appears in Historically, the Tokugawa created several guard units during and immediately after their rise to the Shogunate. They also carry many of the same weaknesses as their bow and arrow counterparts. In turn they are useful as foundation units to help keep your army in the game should you find yourself facing a foe that has you outclassed in terms of a certain type of unit.
These mighty warriors charge into battle carrying the fearsome two-handed no dachi. Anti-cavalry skill They should always be in running distance of your defensive line and you should always leave a unit or two in reserve to intercept any enemies trying to rout your firing line. Any time you're on the defensive they're a necessity. Total War: Shogun 2 Navy / Naval. And never, EVER send cavalry against spear units. These elite ladies are as deadly as they are elegant, and carry the fearsome naginata. These heavy cavalry are shock troops intended to charge home and cut down enemies with their katana swords. Even when put into melee mode archers, no matter what kind, will almost always lose when attacked. The duty of this loyal samurai bodyguard is to protect their general from harm, whatever the risk to their own lives. Blowing stuff up.

Firebomb infantry are defined by one factor: their firepower Their weapon being basically a grenade they can wreak havoc on troop formations, killing both men and morale.
These men carry exceptionally long spears, pikes in effect, making them extremely dangerous to cavalry. When trained by the Date Clan, great guards have +2 charge bonus. Scroll over a castle wall and you'll see a number representing its damage percentage. If you find an enemy archery unit exposed, run it down immediately and watch the massacre ensue. Only the very best samurai are chosen for this spear-armed cavalry unit.

4. Ultimate Immersive Mod. That said like heavy ships, its slow speed leaves it vulnerable to cannon and arrow fire. Produced from

Vessels of unparalleled firepower, galleons boast rows of heavy cannons on either side of their hull. Point in case, one of the hardest things to do in Shogun 2 is capture an enemy castle. There is always a possibility that a general could be killed if sent into battle. Only the very best samurai are chosen for this spear-armed cavalry unit. A mangonel is a small catapult used in siege warfare to launch projectiles over castle walls, spreading chaos behind the enemy’s defences. Heavy ships are big, slow and built for close combat. Spiritual harmony and beauty should not be mistaken for weakness. These heavy foot samurai carry katanas, and are trusted by the daimyo to be a castle’s last line of defence. Kisho Ninjas can be used in combat, useful for stealth attacks and striking at key units behind enemy lines. All of these clans could rise to take the position of Shogun under your leadership. 15 These ships are good all-rounders: dependable sailors, strong enough for battle without sacrificing too much speed.

Their range should keep them naturally away from any battles, but they should nonetheless be protected by at least one infantry unit. 2. You will have access to spear units from the word go, and throughout the course of the game they'll serve one of the sturdiest foundations for your armies. Steam Workshop: Total War: SHOGUN 2. Rather, their focus should be supporting heavier ships and setting enemy vessels afire from a distance. It takes a brave man to swing an explosive around on a rope! Overall though, Shogun 2 did an excellent job of balancing units. This European merchant ship is armed with powerful cannons as defence against pirate raids.

They're at their breaking point and ready to run away. Big, hulking and slow, the admiral is the pride of any self-respecting fleet, carrying its leader. These warrior monks wield fearsome naginata: long polearms effective against cavalry and infantry alike. Serving much the same support role as archers and rifle infantry, but packing a much larger punch. That said, if your enemy has a strong spear line. A few cannon ships can wreak havoc on the larger vessels of an enemy fleet. 2.

Siege units are valuable to have but obviously staggered by some limitations. Infantry units are generally slower than dirt. As strong as Oni, these mighty warriors carry the tetsubo or war club. French Ironclad: Pour la gloire! This may not sound as exciting as an epic battle or what-not, but ninjas in many ways are just as useful as your straightforward soldier. Most basically, their guns pack a bigger punch than an archers arrows. Spear Cavalry

If you have a general with you, you can use their inspire ability to boost their morale and keep them in the fight. They might be able to hold their own against a sword unit, but they'll never be as good as one. These spear-wielding warriors can be used to lead the charge or to form a defensive wall of spears. Exceptionally skilful archers capable of raining fire arrows down upon the enemy. The presence of such revered warriors encourages nearby comrades. A cavalry unit can travel the same distance as an infantry formation in a mere fraction of the time, making them useful as quick reinforcements and for making split second changed to your battle strategy.

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