I recently upgraded from the advanced high speed modem to the new BlueCurve Gateway modem and now I cannot access any of my VPN's when I work from home. By the way I resolved this issue by Bridging the Modem and purchasing a Linksys EA8300 Router. Desktop Audio...A Little Further Down The Rabbit Hole. See... That modem/router has some protected browsing features th... Troublesome VPN issues with XB6 Gateway (CGM4140COM) - Constant disconnecting and reconnecting. Movie scenes like the 2 examples I have listed-bully gets a beatdown. > VPN worked for about 4 hrs before they pushed through another firmware update. I am assuming that the Arris XB6 probably doesn't support L2TP passthrough and PPTP passthrough. [BC] Today - usage cut in half - 28 Days Later a $5 increase, [BC] Shaw and TELUS in bed together - Anti-competitive conduct, [BC] VPN speeds and bridged modem availability, Telus to implement usage based billing for all. Troublesome VPN issues with XB6 Gateway - Constant disconnecting and reconnecting. 51 Shaw Fibre+ Internet customers are eligible to receive a $15 credit per month on the $15 By The Gig plan. This may be a little off topic. @FuriousCustomer VPN setup is not something we support with consumer accounts. Is your VPN client forcing other DNS servers? This should work regardless. Does anyone think trying a linksys with built in VPN would help? after more than 100 hours of working with our IT guys and waiting for Shaw tech support multiple times for their investigations, we all decided that the problem was the Shaw Modem ArrisSBG6782 firmware. Your company's VPN must be running off some pretty ancient technology (i.e. This is happening to … Just today, we upgraded to this modem. Her IT guys looked into it as well. Funny I have the same problem with my provider O2 Germany. I don't think it is legal to throttle in Canada. Before this, my VPN client worked fine with no issues. In practice I can achieve a recorded speed of 90 at best. After numerous tests with 2 different VPN providers ( including AirVPN ) I've come to the conclusion that Shaw ( a prominent Canadian ISP ) is throttling UDP/TCP VPN traffic. So just to bring this up to date, I have had the router replaced again, I have also invested in new Lynksys EA8300 Tri channel router with VPN passthrough. Connected to my home modem via LAN with the client IP set as DMZ results in the same issue. It took 4 days for delivery due to the pickup offices being closed due to COVID. I can take my laptop to neighbors house who has Shaw and it connects with no issues everytime.

The Linksys EA8300 Max-Stream AC2200 Tri-Band Wi-Fi Router was around $250.00 on sale when I bought it. -Try connection with no router, direct to PC.

This morning the VPN client connects but I cannot navigate my employer’s network now will my applications like Cisco Jabber and Microsoft Outlook will not connect. Rather, it was a DHCP-request from the Shaw router that returned many things: Your router should use the value in #4 to send a "renew-my-DHCP-settings" when 50% of those minutes have elapsed. Troublesome VPN issues with XB6 Gateway - Constant disconnecting and reconnecting. Auto payment and approved credit required. Would fit in perfectly over there. I can take my laptop to neighbors house who has Shaw and it connects with no issues everytime. Have been on the phone for the last hour and the tech is telling me they "Don't do DNS stuff" It seems the only way to get around this is to use BlueCurve in Bridge mode, and buy a 3rd party router. I understand this is a 2 year old thread, but I feel that it is appropriate that I provide my input here.   Your link has been automatically embedded. Only getting about 5Mbps consistently, regardless of setup and provider. Model:CGM4140COM Vendor:Technicolor Hardware Revision:2.2 The connection is verified and then establishes a secure connection the within a minute drops and reconnects every minute - minute and half. I am also a customer of Shaw in 2018.

Are you connected at home? Does it connect from other places outside of work? In my case, it is a bad setting in the Arris SBG6782. Have you tried bridging the modem with your computer connected to the modem, does it work then?

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