Rod was the player who really rallied this team.". He skates the circle backward, in each direction. Others say Langway is just a gifted athlete with rare physical strength and exceptional focus of mind. Throughout all the trials and turmoil, Langway says, sports kept the family together. He knew that if he flunked one course, he would lose his eligibility for sports, which he realized was his ticket to college.
Langway, who was 15 at the time, says, "My father wasn't around, so I went up and got them. Poile told him that the team was doing poorly, needed some shaking up, and had to rely more heavily on younger, faster players. And he's been on the ice ever since. "He's been our trademark for a number of years," says Capitals General Manager David Poile.

"That's all it was. In the aftermath of the house fire on DC’s Colorado Avenue, the longtime Georgetown University basketball coach turned philosophical about his life and the rebuilding process he and Gwen, his wife of 32 years, would have to go through. Living out west, it isn’t easy keeping up with the team but Marc was still able to keep tabs on the Caps through Facebook and his mom sending him play-by-play notes. Teenagers gather outside the locker-room door looking for autographs. Younger players still respect Langway, but they are figuring out that they can beat him. ", "He put everything he had into athletics," Torney says. She says he has a "hell of a temper," but rarely lets anything upset him for long. Langway has always been a locker-room leader, yelling and screaming at his teammates, pumping them up, pushing them to win by showing them how much it means to him. But if I know Rod, he is not going to give up what he enjoys. Washington Capitals Fans of Northern Virginia (NoVa Caps, LLC) is not associated with the Washington Capitals; the NHL, or its properties. He makes cheerful patter for the radio listeners back in Washington, but his expression is grim. .

But did you know that he was also a top quarterback recruit for College Football and was considered a baseball pro-prospect as a catcher?

Rod Cory Langway (s.3. What remained was the considerable estate Thompson had built. Every pimply-faced kid in Medicine Hat and Saskatoon knows Langway's name is etched on the Stanley Cup, the league championship trophy he won with the Montreal Canadiens in 1979.
Langway helped design the house, a six-bedroom home with stone fireplaces and hardwood floors and a pool in the back overlooking parts of four holes of the PortAmerica Golf and Country Club at Tantallon.

Georgetown president Leo O’Donovan had always stood by him, but the coach wasn’t eager to test the limits of the priest’s loyalty. There was no talk of counseling or reconciliation. "A big day was when Dad came home every Sunday and cooked chili.

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