Sweden - SS2 Enter the driving test and pick any car of your choosing. Mexico - SS1 Rally Event 6 - Italy (4 SS) #82: Spectator: watch another player online. Argentina - SS2 As soon as you have 45 minutes, click Confirm and the trophy will pop. IGCD: Internet Game Cars Database. China - SS3 Tarmac Specialist After the second or third rally and giving up many times, the team's morale will drop to -10 which will unlock this. Mexico - SS3 Poland - SS2 Same as the gravel trophy but you should get this naturally. WRC 2 Driver Same as before except during your WRC 2 season. Enter solo mode and select a team you'd like to join and it should unlock. For a comprehensive list, please refer to the below (thanks to blackburnravers): Como campeón de rallyes británico y expiloto oficial de Ford y del Campeonato del Mundo de Rallyes con SEAT, Gwyndaf Evans sabe lo que se necesita para llegar a la cima del deporte. Germany - SS1 - The engine icon should now be a flashing red - this is when you know you have totalled your car. In order to get a score of at least 90, you need to have a time of at least 1:13 and minimal damage. Australia - SS4, You need to complete all SSS in the game. There are 2 places to achieve this but the quickest and easiest is in Ouninpohja, Finland. When doing a WRC championship in Solo mode, you will have to complete rallies across the world that are comprised of 3-5 SS stages and a special stage (SSS). China - SS2 You need to win every single stage in the game excluding SSS. Die-hard This will occur naturally on your way to driving 5,000km but if not, you can look to complete stages in Argentina, Mexico, Finland or Australia as all of these have a lot of gravel. You can probably set the game to Expert mode to enable damage and then crash around stages so that when you have the option to repair, you can choose to ignore (this will reduce the team's morale). Pause the game and in the options menu, there will be an option to repair tyre (note, this will incur a 30 second penalty). Seis nuevos tramos del Rallye de Finlandia y el regreso de Hayden Paddon se incluyen en la primera actualización gratuita de hoy (27 de octubre) del WRC 9, el juego oficial del Campeonato del Mundo de Rallyes de la FIA. To see how much you need, refer to the bottom right corner which has a scale for time spent repairing the car. You should also receive all the win 'x' rally in 'x' country trophies too. Web oficial del Campeonato del Mundo de Rallyes de la FIA. Monte Carlo - SS1 Finland - SS1 The online trophies won't take very long provided you can find someone online to play with. Use the list to save time in the long-run. You will know you have won the rally when a cinematic showing you on the podium starts - the trophy should pop when this cinematic begins. Repair whatever you need to get 45 minutes exactly. Rally Event 7 - Poland (4 SS) Here, you need to repair your car so that the repair time is EXACTLY 45 minutes. Start up a championship in Solo mode, pick any team and immediately "give up" in all stages you're in. Winner In Spain If not, Monte Carlo, China and Germany are great rallies to drive on tarmac. Argentina - SS3 See Completionist . The list of accomplishments can be accessed in the Options menu from the main screen. Tour De Corse - SS2 Rally Event 14 - Australia (4 SS) I picked Harju, Finland as it usually only takes 1 minute and 30 second so this should be quick and easy. Pick any of the teams and you will receive this trophy. This requires you to complete any stage in cockpit view. Rally Event 11 - Tour De Corse (4 SS) Same as before except this time you have to win a stage online. Winner In Argentina - Player 2 then drives to the end and stops right before the finish line 5,000km will take at least 40 hours of gameplay and DOES NOT include online racing! El ex piloto de karting Teemu Suninen está emocionado de volver a sus raíces para la última prueba del Campeonato del Mundo de Rallyes de la FIA en diciembre en el circuito de Monza, Italia. You can select repairs of anything from Engine, Bodywork, Electronics to Suspension. There are 95 in total and most are straightforward and should come naturally. Gravel Specialist, [PST would like to thank thedarkness91 for this roadmap]. Rally Event 9 - Germany In order to get this trophy, begin a rally (can be Solo mode or championship) and damage your car throughout the stage. Similarly to Tortoise except, ignore the co-driver and your flat tyre and drive to the end of the stage. Check the Statistics menu to see how many more miles you need to drive. You can set the game difficulty to Easy and win most if not all of the rallies. Winner In Corsica Choose this option and it should unlock when the stage begins. There are two ways you can achieve this. Great Briton - SS4 #32: Deadweight: be 3 minutes behind at a checkpoint. WRC Champion Rally Event 1 - Monte Carlo (5 SS) For the other trophies relating to winning in other countries, simply complete and win the rallies in these countries.

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