Due to the large size of the cerebrum and the cerebellum, and enormous structural changes of the latter, vision of some of the components on the dorsal surface of the brain is obliterated. What are the different sources of air pollution?

Rattus norvegicus (Fig.

Locate the salivary glands, which on the sides of the neck, between muscles. ����Զ���m�. 1 0 obj

ANATOMY & PHYSIOLOGY Remember, this is a learning experience; it is quite permissible to discuss and observe other students' specimens. Dissection of the Rat . Explain the factors which cause dormancy. In a way, studying the rat is like studying a human.

The structures in the neck region have already been exposed with the removal of the skin.

A small branch, pharyngeal joins the pharyngeal branch of the vagus and take part in the formation of pharyngeal plexus. A few pairs posterior to the renals, supplies dorsal muscles of the lumbar region. this is Amazing! Rats are often used in dissection classes because they are readily available and they possess the typical mammalian body plan.

It loops round the ureter and opens in the urinary bladder near the base of the urethra.

Anatomy and Physiology of Animals The Senses Wikibooks. If you don't have one, you can buy one from here: http://amzn.to/2EHpKeJ, Your blog has piqued a lot of real interest. What are the modifications that are observed in birds that help them fly? It innervates soft palate and lachrymal gland.

Never cut more than is necessary to expose a part.

Unless otherwise noted, LibreTexts content is licensed by CC BY-NC-SA 3.0. Lift the sternum and cut the attachment of the diaphragm to the abdominal wall.

The right and left com­mon carotids arise from the innominate artery and the aortic arch respectively and run for­ward through the neck, along the outer sides of the trachea. Limbs used for grasping and holding.

It is a much coiled tube ending in the large intestine. In male the testis are lodged in scrotum. 19.6). Have questions or comments? External Oblique - located on the sides of the abdomen. A common passage for urine and sperms. So for that I thank you for this post!

The right kidney is slightly anterior to the left.
Careful dissecting techniques will be needed to observe all the structures and their connections to other structures. A small, round mass at the posterior junction of the two cerebral hemi­spheres. Mammary glands - produce milk. endobj You will notice various incisions on the external surface of the rat where the latex was injected. Dissection Step by Step Champaign Unit 4. A small, pear-shaped, muscular sac with a narrow neck opening in the urethra. Triceps brachii - located on the sides and back of the upper arm.

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