In return for her kindness the Raggy Dolls help the old lady by repairing all the broken clocks that she has so that she can sell them. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. thats so cool.... kinda embarrassed now. And your fingers are all thumbs. Lucy. The episodes were written and voiced by Neil Innes, who also wrote and sang the theme song.

Upload your creations for people to see, favourite and share. Mr Grimes is running out of ideas, and it is up to the Raggy Dolls to find some more, in order to keep his business running. The Raggy Dolls go hiking, but get lost in the hot sun. After the first 13 episodes, Orchid Productions, headed by Jo Kemp & Neil Molyneux, gave the show a new look, and made 65 further episodes and introduced an eighth character, Raggamuffin. Mr Grimes's terrible twin nephews were on a trip to the zoo as the Raggy Dolls followed with the help of the other animals. Wielkość: duży, masywny. One autumn, The Raggy Dolls decided to camouflage their tree house, but as they were gathering things together, they eventually came to find a stubborn hedgehog, living in a bonfire in which would soon be alight. View production, box office, & company info, This features toys which have been thrown in a factory reject bin but come to life and have adventures. I remember this cartoon from about 15 years ago when I was 4 yrs old. The Raggy Dolls is a 1986-1994 British cartoon series which originally aired on ITV.

wg FIFe kod EMS: RAG. The Raggy Dolls meets Ragamuffin who is a wandering traveller doll who had lost his owner and decided to spend his life taking in new sights and experiences of his adventures. (1986–1994). Dolls like you and me. Add the first question. It is Princess's "binday", and she feels that she is being ignored as her friends get the preparations ready in secret. When slugs eat the cabbages in Lucy's garden, the Raggy Dolls make a greenhouse for her.

The series was sold abroad to a number of other countries. The Raggy Dolls learns that there is no place like home. After Sad Sack gets chased by a duckling, the Raggy Dolls discover that the peaceful area of a field they are in is being littered by an irresponsible family on a picnic. The Raggy Dolls were having a Sports Day, and everyone is enjoying it, except for poor Sad Sack. Precious Kids I Love Lucy Baby Doll Be a Pal New 2012 Episode 3 Tv Series Lucille Ball Desi Arnaz Fans Collectible Fashion Baby Doll 45106 4.2 out of 5 stars 13 $35.95 $ 35 . Our cattery is registered with TICA and we specialize in Tortie Ragdolls, along with Seal Point Ragdolls. The Raggy Dolls were excited when Rupert returns from Australia. Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? Rupert teaches the Raggy Dolls how to use a boomerang. The original seven dolls were Back-To-Front, Claude, Dotty, Hi-Fi, Lucy, Princess, and Sad Sack. While holidaying in London, there is trouble for the Raggy Dolls and the workmen. The Raggy Dolls tries to help Pumpernickle by scaring all the crows away. The Raggy Dolls wind up inside a circus tent and perform stunts as they try to make their way out. | Ogłoszenia darmowe kot ragdoll rasowy. When the Raggy Dolls dig up a troublesome rock they think they have discovered valuable purple diamonds. This FAQ is empty. The original seven dolls were Back-To-Front, Claude, Dotty, Hi-Fi, Lucy, Princess, and Sad Sack. A man called Toby Martin came and took the Raggy Dolls to a Fun Fair; they were then put on hooks as prizes for the coconut shy. 0867323) with six episodes- The Flying Machine, The Pigeon Race, The Fun Fair, Spring Toys, A Trip to the Sea, A Royal Tour. The Raggy Dolls decide to write a love letter to Mr Grimes thinking it was from Cynthia Popplethwaite. Sad Sack was having trouble drawing a picture, so he decided to read a book about a magic sword, which then caused him to have the most amazing dream of his life. From there he gets lost and meets another French doll called Babette. Anonymous. It followed the lives of soft toys who were rejected when they were made, such as Sad Sack, Princess, Back To Front, Hi-Fi, Dotty, Lucy and Claude. The Raggy Dolls (1986) - informacje o serialu w bazie The Raggy Dolls are having a barbecue ball and Claude asks Princess if she would like to dance. The Raggy Dolls and Rupert the Roo were having a jolly good time on One Pin Farm. And join our Raggy Doll chums. This time though they are dolls and, rather than becoming superheroes and saving fellow beings, they show young viewers the important moral that even those who get rejected by others can still have fun The Raggy Dolls and Rupert the Roo are at the Royal County Show. Rupert the Roo brings them the wheels from Mr Grimes's tea trolley. Sad Sack doubts that these are the best wheels for a skateboard, and it looks like he may be right. Raggy Dolls is an 80’s Children’s TV cartoon which was made for Yorkshire TV. Made imperfectly. | The misadventures of a vegetarian vampire duck and his servants. This features toys which have been thrown in a factory reject bin but come to life and have adventures. Luckily, the Romans have left handy signposts to help them find their way again. They dream of what they would do with their riches, until Mr. Marmalade, the factory cat, explains that is only amethyst, and worth very little. They came to life when no one was around and went on many adventures, where their individual "disabilities" were put to use. :) I do not own this song, but the owner posted it for free in his website. Hi-Fi calls the Fire Brigade, but before they arrive a spark sets off the boys' box of fireworks and drives them away. The Raggy Dolls teach Edward about old fashioned things from the past.

Category page. The Raggy Dolls finds out who is the Twitcher. The Raggy Dolls were at the toy fair and the monkey causes chaos and taking over the store. The true story of Sherwood Forest is finally revealed: Robin was a cowardly tailor from Kensington, and Marian was the brains behind the Merry Men. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. The teddy bear is found by a cosmic being from outer space known as Spotty Man, and Spotty... See full summary », Stupid, but well-meaning and super-strong super-hero, Bananaman gets his strength from eating bananas. The complete first series of The Raggy Dolls was released on DVD on 21 June 2010 through Revelation Films; the complete second series was available from 18 October 2010; the complete third series was available from 7 February 2011; the complete fourth series was released on 6 June 2011, but the complete fifth series was never released.

One night, Lucy wanted to be brave for once, she managed to succeed when she and the other Raggy Dolls met up with some spooky skeleton Raggy Dolls. When a witch tries to spoil their Halloween Party the other Raggy Dolls think her magic is the surprise laser show promised by Back-To-Front and Hi-Fi, and their laughter drives the witch away. It's not much of a life when you're just a pretty face. Hi Fi and Back to Front build a skateboard, but have trouble finding the right wheels for the job. Plot Keywords Or a lump on your toes, The Raggy Dolls have made their plans to catch a mischievous monkey. Claude had come up with an idea for all The Raggy Dolls to dance for the evenings, and whilst they were planning to do that, they then found in the reject bin a Memory Machine with faulty answers. Synopsis

The Raggy Dolls were very proud of Mr Grimes after he got married with Mrs.Grimes until they have decided to go on a honeymoon as the Raggy Dolls have followed them inside their suitcase. Dotty. The Raggy Dolls decided to go for a sail, only for them to have a rough time with speed boats. So if you got a bump on your nose, Overcome by the heat she dreams she shrinks in size and meets many strange plants and insects. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Byker Grove follows the lives and relationships of a group of young people who are members of a youth club. The Raggy Dolls were taken to a toy shop in London, and were made as special offers to anyone who buys a video game. Upload stories, poems, character descriptions & more. This time though they are dolls and, rather than becoming superheroes and saving fellow beings, they show young viewers the important moral that even those who get rejected by others can still have fun. Mr Grimes was looking after his sister's naughty pet puppy as the Raggy Dolls had soon spotted him getting into all kinds of trouble and gets lost. Discover (and save!) Made imperfectly. Titles include:, 1980s British children's television series, 1990s British children's television series, British animated television shows featuring anthropomorphic characters, British children's animated adventure television series, British children's animated comedy television series, British children's animated drama television series, British children's animated fantasy television series, Television series by Yorkshire Television, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. The Raggy Dolls) – brytyjski serial animowany powstały w latach 1986-1994.. W Polsce emitowany w latach 1995-1997 w paśmie wspólnym TVP lokalnych. The Raggy Dolls meets a mysterious woman called Lady Luck who takes them on an adventure they will never forget. With her ruthless band of freedom ... See full summary ».

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Whilst Hi Fi and Back-to-Front are out for a walk, they meet a homing pigeon that has become injured whilst tangled on some electric wires and they go to help him, with the help of the other dolls. The Raggy Dolls The Raggy Dolls who have met a little carthorse who does not know who he is with a little help of Hercules the farm horse. But when night falls and a storm takes place, she climbs inside a tree to shelter. They also notice that Farmer Brown is not around to help the animals, and with the help of Rufus the sheepdog, they find him stuck in an old mineshaft and help to rescue him. Bossy boots Dotty was definitely the leader of the Raggy Dolls. Sad Sack dreams that they are all back in Roman times. Find out what other deviants think - about anything at all.

Princess - Dressed in rags instead of riches. While inside the secret Temple leaving crisps and peanuts for a trail until they have find a lizard who knew the way out until the Minotaur was only just Mr Grimes carrying a bicycle thanks to one of Back-to-Front's funny pranks on them. So the gang decide to help her out by replacing it with an even better cake. Mr Marmalade and the Raggy Dolls had given them clues as they were on search to find a hidden treasure. The Raggy Dolls were all harvesting crabapples and blackberries and they decide to make jam with them. The adventures of a family of Raccoons and their friends. One day, The Raggy Dolls were having a great time of watching clouds, it was then disturbed when a hot air balloon landed in the big field.

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