When word of the New Jersey women and their suits appeared in local newspapers, the women were told that the radium was safe and that employees in New Jersey were showing signs of viral infections. It is thought that the X-ray machines used by the medical investigators may have contributed to some of the sickened workers' ill-health by subjecting them to additional radiation.

Von Sochocky, died in November 1928, becoming the 16th known victim of poisoning by radium dial paint. He even hails it as “liquid sunshine.” That’s how Radium Girls, from co-directors Lydia Dean Pilcher (A Call to Spy, 2020) and Ginny Mohler, kicks off. Bessie (Joey King) wants to be a Hollywood star, while Jo (Abby Quinn) aspires to become an archaeologist, but for now, they’re on a factory line where girls paint the tiny radioactive faces of glow-in-the-dark watches, repeatedly licking their brushes to a point. When the project ended in 1993, detailed information of 2,403 cases had been collected. In New Jersey, the story of the abuse perpetrated against the workers is distinguished from most such cases by the fact that the ensuing litigation was covered widely by the media. Bessie, who evades poisoning thanks to her aversion to licking the paintbrushes, fuels a rebellion against the company on behalf of her sister and the other workers.

Another real-life player in this chain of events was Dr. Katherine Drinker (played here by Veanne Cox), the scientist who conducted the confidential study that concluded radium produced harsh effects, including physical deterioration – just as Josephine has experienced. See, Bessie refuses to lick the brush to create the fine tip needed for precise work. Both girls work as dial painters at American Radium (re-named from the actual United States Radium Corporation). The demand for money by sick and dying former employees continued into the mid 1930s before a suit before the Illinois Industrial Commission (IIC) was brought. A film is set to release on April 3, 2020 named Radium Girls starring Joey King. Please consult the guidelines outlined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention before watching movies inside theaters.

Dials painted in Ottawa appeared on Westclox's popular Big Ben, Little Ben and travel clocks; and like United States Radium Corporation, Radium Dial hired young women to paint the dials, using the same "lip, dip, paint" approach as the women in New Jersey and by another unaffiliated plant in Waterbury, Connecticut, that supplied the Waterbury Clock Company. It also considers the induction of a range of different forms of cancer as a result of internal exposure to radium and its daughter nuclides.

The then-current rate of pay, for painting 250 dials a day, was about a penny and a half per dial (equivalent to $0.299 in 2019). Glavne uloge: [citation needed]. Five women in Illinois who were employees of the Radium Dial Company (which was unaffiliated with the United States Radium Corporation) sued their employer under Illinois law, winning damages in 1938.[1].

Five of the women in New Jersey challenged their employer in a case over the right of individual workers who contract occupational diseases to sue their employers under New Jersey's occupational injuries law, which at the time had a two-year statute of limitations, but settled out of court in 1928. Radium paint was still used in dials as late as the 1960s. A worthy entry in the category of workers’ rights movies, “Radium Girls,” like “Silkwood,” is based on actual events. Historian Claudia Clark wrote an account of the case and its wider historical implications: A fictionalized version of the story was featured in the, Author Robert R. Johnson features a story on the radium girls in his book, A fictionalized version of the story was featured in the 1937 short story "Letter to the Editor" by, A version of the story for a young adult readership is told in the novel. Their plant in Orange, New Jersey, employed over one hundred workers, mainly women, to paint radium-lit watch faces and instruments, misleading them that it was safe. The painting was done by women at three different United States Radium factories, and the term now applies to the women working at the facilities: one in Orange, New Jersey, beginning around 1917; one in Ottawa, Illinois, beginning in the early 1920s; and a third facility in Waterbury, Connecticut.
At USRC, each of the painters mixed her own paint in a small crucible, and then used camel hair brushes to apply the glowing paint onto dials.

The brushes would lose shape after a few strokes, so the U.S. Radium supervisors encouraged their workers to point the brushes with their lips ("lip, dip, paint"), or use their tongues to keep them sharp. Početna / Filmovi 2020 / Drame 2020 / Radium Girls (2020) Radium Girls (2020) 14/03/2020 Drame 2020, Filmovi 2020, Traileri. It’s interesting to see the pieces come together for the 1928 court case.
The Center for Human Radiobiology was established at Argonne National Laboratory in 1968. Their dreams quickly shatter when Jo develops concerning symptoms — including losing a tooth — and the sisters learn about a group that believes radium is toxic and exposure can be fatal. The women were instructed to point their brushes in this way, because using rags or a water rinse caused them to use more time and material, which was made from powdered radium, gum arabic and water. This narrative debut by the directors Lydia Dean Pilcher and Ginny Mohler tells the true story of the factory girls who suffered from misleading information about radium. Joey King (“Fargo”) stars as Bessie, younger sister to Josephine (Abby Quinn, I’m Thinking of Ending Things).

Running time: 1 hour 42 minutes.

In Illinois, employees began asking for compensation for their medical and dental bills as early as 1927 but were refused by management. New Jersey punk band Night Birds has a song titled "Radium Girls" on their 2018 album Roll Credits. The similar circumstances of their deaths prompted investigations to be undertaken by Dr. Harrison Martland, County Physician of Newark.[6]. We witness the transformation of Bessie from teenybopper to activist. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); This site uses cookies to deliver a better user experience. The filmmakers blend some vintage clips throughout, and use the discovery of King Tut’s tomb only three years prior to give the feel of this era nearly 100 years past. Rosamund Pike starred as Marie Curie in Radioactive earlier this year, and there have been a couple of books written on this topic: The Radium Girls: The Dark Story of America’s Shining Women by Kate Moore (2016), and Radium Girls: A Play in Two Acts by DW Gregory (2000).

Luminous: The Story of a Radium Girl (2020) by Samantha Wilcoxson is a biographical fiction novel featuring Catherine Donohue (ISBN 9798637237388). This realization coincides with Bessie’s budding romance with a Communist and her own radicalization, as she becomes aware of capitalist greed trumping employees’ safety. However, the story finds the dial painters who lick-dip-paint are getting sick and dying at an ever-increasing rate. [10], The Radium Dial Company was established in Ottawa, Illinois, in 1922, in the town's former high school. Josephine is the more studious of the two, as Bessie dreams of becoming a Hollywood star. Well, it’s 1925, and these women are applying a radioactive liquid to the faces of watches to create the popular glow-in-the-dark effect. [3] As a defense contractor, U.S. Radium was a major supplier of radioluminescent watches to the military. Radium GirlsNot rated. At their first appearance in court on January 1928, two women were bedridden and none of them could raise their arms to take an oath. In spite of this knowledge, a number of similar deaths had occurred by 1925, including the company's chief chemist, Dr. Edwin E. Leman[5], and several female workers. Here is the trailer of Radium Girls… He had gotten sick from radium in his hands, not the jaw, but the circumstances of his death helped the Radium Girls in court. Like the United States Radium Corporation, the purpose of the studio in Ottawa was to paint dials for clocks, their largest client being Westclox Corporation in Peru, Illinois. Mary, older sister to Bessie and Josephine and also a dial painter, had previously died after being diagnosed with syphilis.

‘Radium Girls’ Review: When Work Takes a Toxic Turn.

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