S7Plays_ 986,472 views. The first two parts have already gained success and popularity among crowds of fans that are waiting for the game’s continuation. Prototype 3 Confirmed. Prototype 3 – a computer open-world action game. Another game production studio is working on a reboot and already confirmed another Prototype game. 99.98% chance that there's not even gonna be a reboot. Prototype 3 Confirmed Alex Mercer Is Alive (SPOLIER ALERT) - Duration: 3:48. The developers are currently working on its creation but the information about the date of prototype 3 release remains a secret. Has Prototype 3 development been officially confirmed? I seriously doubt a [PROTOTYPE 3] will ever happen. Activision representatives do not wish to discuss the fate of the Prototype series. Unfortunately, the answer to this question is still a mystery. Some analysts attribute this to the fact that the company does not want to say anything about the game ahead of time and wants to wait for the high-quality preview … 3:48. Radical Entertainment's been shut down and the franchise is dead.

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