Your media kit is so great! Letter of Introduction for Employment. The templates are editable and ready for printing. I think it’s fine not to include specific stats in your media kit, but it’s also important to be honest about them when the brand does ask. Website: Ren Behan Food, Website: I Choose Joy – Link to Download Media Kit, Website: Gypsy Forest – Link to Download Media Kit, Website: Musings by Mix Hart – Link to Download Media Kit (5 Pages – Download to see them all! This is a special letter used by teachers and parents to introduce them to a new term or new academic year or even a new activity in the school program. It might be nice to also add some example images, you have some really great photos in your ‘project gallery’ that would be a great example of the work you can do.

Thank you for this great round up, Jeni! The recipient should know what you would like from him or her. There is always a very big chance that your business would go places if you can get major publications to give you free press time. . Please leave feedback for Homegrown & Healthy here. Now to improve my own media kit. Best, Have a great day! Thanks so much for the feedback!

Kristy, I like to just “put it out there” regarding my “dream audience” so that was a whim . Thanks for your feedback, Stacy. How formal or informal you need to be in your letter is extremely situational. I’ll be changing a few things later this month based on feedback but for the most part, I’m happy with it. Your website is beautiful!

I really like this media kit!

I’d like to introduce you to Joseph Gardiner. Hi Cynthia, Hope this helps! I’m not sure I have a ton of suggestions except maybe to make your social accounts clickable if they aren’t already. I also like how your contact info is *BAM* right up front! I have considered a new email, but I had an established catering business before blogging and when I started I just kept it the same… and had 500 business cards printed! We love your media kit and your blog for that matter! e + c. You have a great one page kit. Anyone can have a quick glance + clearly understand what your readership/social media is like (we want to do this!). I’m ready to monetize my 8- month old blog after some trial and error. For this example, let’s say you’re creating an electronic press kit template for a film: A press kit usually is a complete package of promotional and informational material with the sole purpose of sharing the message of a brand, launching new products or services or making a news announcement to the press. Please leave feedback for A Medic’s World here. The photos are an asset as well. That is, it sets the stage to introduce all that is in your kit. Every other page of the media kit has dark text on a white background, and I just thought I would add a little splash of color to the “about me” slide – but you’re right about the color.

The point is for the sponsor to be able to envision their sponsorship relationship with you and see the value you’ll be providing to their company. Teachers are Love, parents, doctors etc. These are letters template written by business people and sent to clients to introduce a new product to the market. I’ll know more about how that’s working for me (or not!) Thank you Marty! Their purpose is to provide a focused overview of your company's message – not to reiterate the content that is found elsewhere in the packet. So much easier to see the value at a glance! I absolutely love how you have links to buy your ads right next to the description and costs – I also use OIO publisher so I might have to steal that idea:) I think it’s super convenient for advertisers. I also loved the minimalistic style of #2 and the photos are wonderfully styled to match that minimalistic feel!

I’m not one to talk, I have a lot of reading on mine (Fynes Designs)… now that I see others media kits, I really like how Metropolitan Organizing, She Eats, Merry Maker Sisters are very visual, and you can skim the information in a very few seconds.

The letter is used for advertising purpose to attract new clients. • Distinguish in between the two types of introduction letters Your stats are easy to see and obvious which is great. WOW! You never know if someone is going to print that off and if they don’t see it on the front because they’re lazy (or they lose the back page), you could miss a potential opportunity. What other options for advertising would you suggest?

You have a lovely blog and business!

I do have one tiny suggestion for your media kit. When you go much longer, you risk them not reading it at all. I have one idea to help you make a bigger splash with your media kit: I’d like to find out more about your most popular posts.

I am a very visual person so I love seeing all these examples. Thanks!

These media kits are beautiful and extremely informative. Here's how to create a press kit cover letter that will tell recipients why they should care about everything else in the kit.

I just wanted to say how much I loved your layout and color scheme. Lastly, loved your blog! It is never recommended to use form letter content when you are putting together a press kit. Thanks Teri! I like that you’ve mentioned all your published articles and appearances on the page–you lured me in! Glad you found me then, Ra Hope you enjoy exploring the site – my focus is on creating timeless resources that will help bloggers, no matter what phase of blogging you’re in. Oh wow, so many brilliant examples! Sorry if this has already been covered, I’ve haven’t read all the comments. As a few other people noted, we weren’t able to find the full media kit on your Advertise page, but I had the benefit of looking at the full document you sent.

The information is great! What’s more, they might not think about looking further at the rest of what you are offering that is found buried in the packet. Thanks for the visuals, that always is a big help to myself! Thank you so much for the input Kristy!I know I’ll be making a lot of changes to my media kit and it’s so helpful to know where to start!

Also, if your engagement is high this might be something to include Hope this helps! My preference would be to tell the companies how to get your media kit (by emailing you), so you’d have a record of who is viewing your media kit. I appreciate you taking the time to leave a comment!

Thanks for this, exactly what I was looking for.

So grateful. They don't put much thought into the content and may even use a form letter format to present the press kit to media reps. Cover Letter for a Press Kit. Judy is looking to expand her catering business and partner with other people who work specifically in the wedding industry. This is a letter template written by the head of school to parents and students to introduce a new member of the teaching staff. ~tootles~. I really like the social media information. Love!!

Great media kit! I like that you have your policies up front and center. bonus (lol) – What elements from these media kits make them truly stand out to you? Jenny & Pixel I did think that the all caps font was a bit hard on the eyes. All in all this is a great media kit! You think I got potential? It might be good to include some testimonials from businesses and readers that have seen a positive impact from reading your blog or working with you. I love how your media kit is so clean and easy to read. You do have a LOT of text though – I wonder if you could simplify a bit? Great ideas, I added those user comments a while back and always tried to communicate the funny aspect of my blog but as my blog evolves and becomes more helpful, and less overtly funny, the comments should communicate that. I also have a passion for Kids and i feel its my duty to equip them with the know how of challenges they may face and simple ways of facing them and coming out stronger and wiser. The concept of creating such starts by first researching how recipients listen and read.

This is a template of a letter designed for businesses which are looking forward to introducing their services and products to other business.

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