Push the ball into the air stream so that it floats to the top. At the same time as their victory, Gumo returns to Swallow's Nest and finds a still deceased Naru amidst the ruins. Sorrow Pass cannot be accessed until Ori has rekindled the Element of Winds inside the Forlorn Ruins. Drop down and use the 4 keystones to open the Spirit Gate. 37 - 12:48. Float to the left and then up into a secret area for the fourth Keystone, shown below. Float your way to the right and use charge jumps to make it past the spikes and break any barriers. © Valve Corporation. You’ll need to bash off of the boulders to make it up.
It it confusing at times what to do in this game.

... and one was in Sorrow Pass where a door wall was isolated away from enemies that had me backtracking (not fun in SP) and yelling, 'how do I break that wall?' Float over to the left and grab the third Keystone. Use this to charge a jump upwards or hang onto a wall and charge to the left or right. caca chien can't run the game so he goes to a thread.. where people are asking a specific progression question and posts about it there.. Sorrow Pass is a location in the forest of Nibel, located at the very top of the Valley of the Wind.
Near the top you’ll see a ball to the left. Continue across to the left and up into a secret for the third Keystone. #3. Open the door and jump and bash your way around to the right and up. There is another way into this area by floating up and taking the next path to the right but it’s a little bit more difficult. Gamer Walkthroughs --- Contact Us --- Privacy ---, Ghostrunner FPP Cyberpunk Parkour (New Release). Drop down with it. The crystal breaks apart and gives the duo the Sunstone, giving them access to their final test within the fires of Horu.

You can now jump up and stomp on the pole to block the laser. The Map Stone Fragment is up and to the left of this cavern. (the map too). Go through to the left, drop down and open the Spirit Gate with the four keystones. Head to the left and use the spider’s projectiles to bash your way up to a secret area. 32 - 11:04. Float around the spikes and stomp on the barrier. Sorrow Pass uses the newly unlocked flows of wind as the main challenge of the area, forcing Ori to utilise most of their skills along with Kuro's Feather to successfully glide around the chambers. Use it’s projectiles to break the barrier to the Spirit Well. Which you get while going through Black Root Borrow. Summary: Ori and the Blind Forest is an action-adventure platformer that combines exploratory gameplay with a … Sorrow Pass is a location in the forest of Nibel, located at the very top of the Valley of the Wind. 33 - 11:26. For the last keystone head to the right and then float down. Ori and the Blind Forest - 18 Sorrow Pass - Secrets - YouTube 12 - 06:30 (Charge Jump required) ... Ori and The Blind Forest. Ori and the Blind Forest. Drop down, stomp on the barrier and use the fragment on the Map Stone. Apr 3, 2015 @ 8:41pm Originally posted by KGov: … 35 - 12:01. You want to float all the way down and to the left, through the sloping corridor with the laser beams to the end.

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