No slurs or hate speech. Nega-Shantae Does a single paw swipe in front.

Or am I just being stupid in that it's actually a 3D model? The Reason for this is that the mermaids has befriended with Shantae and considered their … All other grounded attacks also default to this move. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

The metal balls disappear upon contact with an enemy. Talk about it, post fanart, and of course, news on Shantae!

Thanks for these, they'll be very useful for my attempts to make 3D models of Shantae and friends. She first appears in 0.9.1.

Whacks its trunk upward, flinging opponents into the air.

Shantae can crawl.

Risky's sprite from Shantae: Half-Genie Hero.

Performs two quick swipes low to the ground. The screen fades to black and enters Shantae's sub-conscience, Shantae pleads with Nega-Shantae to stop her actions but is ignored and is told by Nega-Shantae that she will remain in her sub-conscience where Shantae will have no control over her actions. Second hit has a spike. Doesn't seem very wallpaper friendly. Neutral Special allow Shantae to transform into three different forms, each with a limited moveset and special attributes to fulfill a certain purpose. @Random Talking Bush: Ah, that makes sense. r/Shantae. Hey is there any chance we can get more of the sprites rips from the Pirate Queen's Quest? Risky Boots enters the scene and reveals that she has swapped Uncle Mimic's blueprints so as to build the Dynamo to the her own specifications. In Mermaid Falls, The Mermaids are more likely to be used as enemy sprites during the story campaign. Press J to jump to the feed.

Bonus Nega Shantae Sprites! By the way, when are the burned sprites used? Abilities Nega Shantae is a character that first appears in Super Smash Bros. Does 8% damage and knocks opponents toward Monkey.

She is the final boss of Shantae: Risky's Revenge, in which she appears as a colour swap of Shantae.

Wait. Series Nega-Shantae's Eye-Color has been green in Risky's Revenge while in Shantae: Half-Genie Hero her eye-color was both yellow and red (Yellow in her character portrait and Red for her in-game sprite) the reasoning behind these varying eye-colors is currently unknown. Though it certainly does look like they're being burned. Briefly upon running the Dynamo the machine bursts into a cloud of black smoke and blasts Shantae with a black bolt of energy, immobilizing her.
Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Can't wait for the; I'm disappointed that the win screens are now in a single image and aren't in .zip files with the individual HD images. Shantae is a newcomer character that appears in Super Smash Bros. Squid Baron & Hypno Baron. She first appears in 0.9.1. Gender Does 11% damage. Share this post. Whips her hair forward three times in succession. I just figured I missed something amusing. Cannon is put away upon landing or activating Transform. Species

Sourspot does 5% damage and sweetspot does 11% damage. Win Screens (Beach Mode) Win Screens (Friends to the End) Win Screens (Jammies Mode) Win Screens (Ninja Mode) Win Screens (Officer Mode) Win Screens (Pirate Queen's Quest) Miscellaneous [8] Character Portraits. She also briefly appears in Shantae: Half Genie Hero towards the end of that game. Sky reminds Shantae of her loyalty and honesty, Rottytops reminds Shantae of her kindness and compassion, and Bolo reminds Shantae of her strength and courage. Year created More on the way soon! Sheets: 64: Hits: 222,716: Comments: 1: Shantae. NPCs. Upload your creations for people to see, favourite and share. Crusade.

Charges up 1-3 metal balls that orbit Shantae. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Whips forward with its tail.

Hits multiple times, each hit doing around 1% damage. Does 25-32% damage. A form that gives Shantae wings, making her a formidable opponent in the air. Genie @Random Talking Bush: I should have known the animation looked too clean to be a 2D sprite. Super Smash Bros. Crusade- Shantae Trailer. Her altered plans have converted the negative energy into dark magic which transforms Shantae into Nega-Shantae. So, why are the win screens all uploaded as single sheets now, rather than individual images? Risky upon defeating Ammo Baron and his team. Crusade. KOs at around 110%. NO 18+ CONTENT. I'm in my iPad, so I need to save every Sprite before she puts in the folder.

In Risky's Revenge, Nega-Shantae can transform into a Monkey and attack Shantae with repeated Monkey Bullets, use the Elephant form to jump and stomp on Shantae's head, or become a Mermaid and bombard Shantae with a shower of Mermaid Bubbles. Her alternate, Nega Shantae, was also formerly introduced in this video. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.

Water Town NPCs. Hops into the air before plummeting to the ground, burying any grounded opponents hit. For starters, I've selected a few sprites from Shantae's Sprite Sheet (from Pirate's Curse) that I thought would work as replacements for Doomguy's sprites. Once the lamp's power is restored, Risky uses the lamp to enslave Shantae; although since Shantae is a half-genie, The Magic lamp only captures her genie half, leaving Shantae as a pure human. 26. In Shantae and the Pirate's Curse, while Nega-Shantae never physically appears, her very existence is responsible for the events of the game. Allies Sell custom creations to people who love your style. Does 3% damage each time, with the third hit doing minor knockback. Activity of each pixel of the Shantae sprite in r/Place. Apparently Doomguy only has like 4 frames of walking animation for each direction he faces, so here's what I chose.

After a long battle, Nega-Shantae is defeated and explodes, thus resulting in Shantae's genie half being completely destroyed, and Shantae being left as a pure human. Shantae must return to the Mermaid Ruins Zone where the teleporter pipeline Shantae's friends attempt to reach Shantae to tell her to fight the Dark Magic and remind Shantae of her defining character traits.

The screen fades to black and enters Shantae's sub-conscience, Shantae pleads with Nega-Shantae to stop her actions but is ignored and is told by Nega-Shantae that she will remain in her sub-conscience where Shantae will have no control over her actions. Nega-Shantae is an evil clone of Shantae created from her own genie magic. Zombie Caravan NPCs. After Risky leaves with the Dynamo Nega-Shantae threatens to attack her friends and asks them to beg for their lives. Is this game already out? The first kick does 3% damage, and if the second kick connects, it does 16% damage and minor knockback. Does 9% damage and knocks foes upward. Game Boy / GBC - Shantae - The #1 source for video game sprites on the internet!

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