He considers the possibility that it's a genjutsu, that one of the threats that keeps him away from the village in the first place has tracked him home and is now playing a prank on him. Uzumaki Hinata … The Great Gatsby Chapter 1 Questions Answer Key Pdf, Once all the dumplings are gone, Chōji enters Butterfly Mode, converting the dumplings and his own fat into chakra that is expelled from his body in grand wings. Also, why she was dressed as a cat. Their talk is interrupted by Boruto's return, who asks Sasuke to train him again the next time he's in Konoha. There, they find that Shikamaru and his son, Shikadai, are competing, as are Sai and Inojin Yamanaka. Chōji is so at a loss about what could have gotten her to marry him that he is unable to bring himself to eat during the Yakiniku Q round, which would ordinarily be his favourite. Sarada asks if he can buy her some red food, such as a candied apple, but Sasuke informs her that he's leaving again and doesn't know when he'll be back. Because of that, ten seconds after Boruto feels the ship "jump", he is to break himself out of the compartment with his Rasengan. He is eating potato chips, though many of the chips end up splattered on the TV screen, spat out whenever Chōji laughs at the programme. Kakashi Chronicles ~ Boys' Life on the Battlefield ~ Part 1, Naruto Shippūden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations, Naruto Shippūden: Ultimate Ninja Heroes 3, Naruto Shippūden: Dragon Blade Chronicles, Ankorodō Hiden Ninjutsu: Mochi Release: Infinite Dumplings, https://naruto.fandom.com/wiki/Naruto_Shinden:_Parent_and_Child_Day?oldid=1370615, This is the article on the novel. Kiba, Himawari, Akamaru, and Akemaru catch up to them in time to hear the man's story. The next car is empty as well, except for a lone woman with a baby who appears to be too scared to leave. Sarada believes this is meant as a cautionary tale from Sasuke's past, but he merely means to say that Naruto is a good role model who she should continue to emulate. Gotta Know! Sarada takes this to mean that he's forgotten her actual name. The fifty parent-and-child teams take their seats as the rules are explained: teams will be given a plate of food provided by one of the competition's sponsors. Seeing that Boruto is upset, Naruto apologises for not being home in time for dinner the previous night.

As Shikamaru starts presenting new paperwork to go over, Naruto muses that he wouldn't mind having more holidays. Then, even if he had gone back home, he’d have no I’m not in the right mood.” Sakura walks away to her teammates. Naruto intends to explain to Kurama that it's only a toy, but he's approached by Kiba Inuzuka before he has the chance. She asks how he'd like to spend the day, telling him about the various events and opportunities that are going on. As Hinata and Hanabi discuss this, Hiashi locates the suspected thief and immediately attacks with Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Palms. Daore, having eaten too much, faints, and Chōji, having a piece of lettuce caught in his throat, passes out as well. Sasuke only becomes aware of what's happened when he gets back to the girl, who points, horrified, at the dead man on the roof of the train. Vogue Ballroom Sample Pack, The other three sympathise, having had their own bad experiences with Chōji's appetite, but they reason that if Ankorodō offers such a tempting prize, it will surely attract enough new business to offset whatever Chōji might eat. Ap European History Textbook Pdf, Sasuke himself, on seeing their stunned faces, also realises that it's too soon to be teaching them such an ability. To confirm, he removes the wig she's been wearing, revealing that her ears have a row of five hole piercings, just like the purple ninja from the Thunder Train. Elle Duncan Parents, Just as they're about to go searching, another explosion occurs, this time at the front of the train. The audience overwhelmingly refuses, demanding to see Lily and accusing Sasuke of having done something to her. Fearing something is wrong, Naruto wakes her, causing her to immediately ask him to buy a doll of Kurama for her. Shikadai doesn't think he can eat anymore, and when Shikamaru tries to encourage him by poking him in the side, he ends up vomiting. Sorry for the long wait, but I wanted to translate as Sasuke has learned that this is a sign of membership in the Purple Moon Religion, a naturalist group from the Land of Water with strong isolationist beliefs. Hanabi, meanwhile, continues despairing that she won't get to see her niece and nephew as she'd hoped. Sasuke claims his social skills are fine since he has plenty of conversations with plenty of people, Aoda for example. You can find out more about which cookies we are using or switch them off in settings. Hinata starts to become angry for being misled, but relents when Hanabi points out that Hiashi will be even more disappointed than Hanabi is. Hiashi is delighted to learn that Boruto seems to like the colour pink and asks Hanabi if any of the presents he's bought are pink. As they enjoy themselves, they discuss their childhood, when both of them trained constantly and Hiashi seemed burdened by the need to protect the clan and the village. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. As he approached, however, he was skewered by a steel rod that pierced through the train car beneath him; it is the same rod that Sasuke, inside the car, has just managed to dodge.

Gotta Know! Sai believes that Shikamaru has a much harsher punishment in mind for her: having to provide unlimited free dumplings to Chōji and his family. Chōji is overjoyed to see his father again and begins telling him about everything that's happened in his life: Karui, Chōchō, and having a family of his own. Guessing that this means she won't be buying his potato chips, Chōji decides to go to the store himself; Chōchō disapproves, but accompanies him. Zane Schoeffling Pictures, Sasuke follows Sarada in silence until she stops suddenly, watching something with envy. The instant he regains control of himself, Boruto takes a defensive posture with Sarada, alert to any sign of their attacker. As they examine the other competitors, they see Metal Lee vomiting with nervousness, which his father, Rock Lee, encourages so that he'll have more room for food.

As Sarada blocks these, Lily moves close to Boruto with her gun aimed, which he forces away as she fires. Mitsuki raises the possibility that it could be a prank and suggests she consult her agency, but Lily refuses, explaining that they would just cancel the performance. Sasuke relents, but insists on keeping Lily in custody. And as Naruto became embroiled in scandal, Lily hoped Konoha and the rest of the Land of Fire would be brought down with him. Kakashi encourages Sasuke to imitate scenes from the book in order to bond with Sarada, and reads some examples. Shikamaru agrees and also offers to help Naruto clear his daunting pile of paperwork so that he'll be able to enjoy the holiday. How Does Refrigerant Get Cold, Sasuke explains that the extremists' reverence of nature has caused them to prefer science. He walks back to her and moves his fingertips towards her forehead. Ahmed Abou Hashima Net Worth, Shikamaru explains that Temari forced him, wanting the unlimited dumpling prize for herself; Sai says the same is true of Ino. But his concept of Hokage was warped, and it was only through Naruto's intervention that he was set back on the right path. Sarada punches Lily, releasing Boruto. Despite searching every store, Naruto and Himawari aren't able to find a single Kurama doll. Naruto promises to make breakfast after he takes a nap, but Himawari is adamant: she wants him to buy a Kurama doll for her. Guessing what Boruto wanted to buy today, Naruto presents him with the special Parent and Child Day kunai. Boruto is overwhelmed by guilt, not only for pushing Sarada and Mitsuki into taking the mission in the first place, but also for now bringing such criticism down on Sasuke. In this corner. In response, Sasuke manifests his Susanoo, causing the audience to run for the exits. [2] Sarada and Sasuke smile at each other. by Mirei Miyamoto. Indeed, by the time Konohamaru arrives at the rear car, the fire is extinguished, with the car's luxurious interior instead covered in ice. Hanabi points out that the rarest cards are former Hokage or Sannin, so he'll need to do something of their calibre.

Yeah but at least someone's translating this novel now: besides the prologue, only chapter 4 got fully translated (likely because it focused on SasuSaku family and that fanbase is hungry for any material) while chapters 1 and 2 just got a plot synopsis (few segments were translated such as Himawari's shyness towards Kiba in chapter 1) and chapter 3 had a general overview on what it's about. Brave New World Quotes With Page Numbers, Sasuke recognises Chōchō from the last time he was in Konoha, but it takes him a while to identify Chōji because of how skinny Chōji now is; he starts to point out that Chōji used to be "fat", but Kakashi stops him by shoving potato chips in his mouth. He turns to go, but hears Sarada fighting not to cry. As they take turns discretely looking away from Boruto/Lily's performance to survey the audience, Sarada spots two men with guns. He jokes to himself that he's turning into Chōji Akimichi when he suddenly spots Chōji across the street, slimmer than Shino has ever seen him before. Lowriders For Sale In Texas, The Players Club 1998 123movies, Now, however, Hinata and Hanabi live at ease, and Hiashi also seems to generally be happier. Sasuke informs them that he will be leaving Konoha again and that he does not know when he'll return. Lily expected there would be additional attacks, which she used as a pretence to recruit Team 7. The passengers, frightened, try to flee towards the engine, away from the explosion. As Boruto regains his senses, Lily remotely attracts a kunai from his pocket to her hand, which she proceeds to use to try and slit open her own throat. As the twelve swoop down on him, Konohamaru tries to come up with some way of fending them off.

Naruto Shinden – Parent and Child Day. Nothing Behind Me Everything Ahead Of Me Quote Meaning,

Boruto and Mitsuki try making their dice match using a weak Rasengan and Wind Release respectively, but even their weakest efforts create so much force that the dice are blown away. Shikamaru reports that his own experiences weren't much better, as he had two near-death experiences: first, he was nearly killed by giant dumplings, and then he was nearly killed by Temari for losing an eating contest. Naruto notices a hooded figure leaving the area and guesses that it's the thief. Kasli The Scourge Tier, the original as possible (so that you get the original author’s style as well), I usually keep my translations as close to Alan Watts Net Worth At Death, Naruto is slowed as he navigates around these same people, and is furthermore too tired to muster even a Body Flicker Technique. Yet even though he knows things are different, he doesn't think he's qualified to say how the village has changed since he never really paid attention to Konoha back when he lived there. Boruto tries to pry the gun from her hand, which she allows, instead sticking her hand in his mouth. Chōji asks what his charm is, what power is it that he possesses. First one is Nara Shikamaru, but he Immediately turn it down even if its just a hunch for the next Hokage.She says looking fiercely as if she’s only talking to the current Hokage, but too bad this was a meeting, and there are plenty of people inside the room.Not just normal people but the Two Elders, Koharu and Homura, Two hokages, Tsunade and Kakashi, their assistants Nara Shikamaru and Shizune, The Daimyo of land of fire and the heads of Konoha Police and Anbu, Lastly but not the least Uzumaki Naruto.

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