By . [14], On June 4, 2002, a Region 1 edition of the motion picture was released on DVD. He meets an expert on the subject, Alexander Leek, who explains its nature and discourages John from becoming further involved. I got up and ran to my room and snatched it from my dresser top and answered it. Indeed, despite a few lingering reports in the days after the bridge fell, the Mothman sightings almost completely ceased after December 15. Click here. Learn more about Thought Catalog and our writers on our about page. For the exact same reason. [3] Horsley argued the film's Mothman arrives from a foreign dimension, but being without "physical existence", it is also a product of the minds of Point Pleasant's citizens, based on "formless and impersonal energy". In 2020 a petition was created to replace confederate army statues with the Mothman. My roommate refused to go back to her room till it was well after daylight, she closed and locked the window and drew the blinds shut. [*] Some believe the Mothman is connected to (or also known as) Indrid Cold, a name for “The Grinning Man” — a supernatural entity who grins at those who see him. Because it’s a simple explanation for the shadowy figure we think we see in the periphery. But does the Mothman actually exist, and if not, what’s the reason behind our fixation with this peculiar, shadowy creature? We told him what my roommate had seen in the window and that what ever it was had come back again, that’s when I had seen it. In 2002, Richard Gere starred in a horror film about a West Virginia town that experienced a strange number of supernatural sightings leading up to the collapsing of a local bridge, THE MOTHMAN PROPHECIES. Has anyone in your family been diagnosed with HS or experienced HS symptoms? [10] Point Pleasant scenes were shot in Kittanning, Pennsylvania. [15] In Region 2, a DVD was published also including Search for the Mothman as well as interviews with Gere, Linney and Patton. The motion picture's claim at the end credits of the collapse of the Silver Bridge never being explained is false; the incident was found to be caused by the failure of an eye-bar in a suspension chain in 1971, well before the publication of the book on which the film is based, let alone the film. The problem was there was no train going by at the moment. One farmer told the Point Pleasant Register that his German shepherd went missing just after some giant beast with red eyes was seen on his property. He finds Gordon outside, dead from exposure. Posted October 18, 2020. In real life, 46 people lost their lives in the Ohio River that night, while only 36 were killed in the movie. 7. Learn more about working with Thought Catalog. Another bird with glowing red eye that could be the culprit? Alongside this, he also claims there was plenty of information about UFOs, visits from ‘men in black’ and various paranormal phenomena that sounds terrifying but has no real basis or evidence to back it up. I never figured that anything like this would or could be seen in a city as large as Chicago , or a campus as busy and bustling as UIC. She said she felt like a rabbit that was about to be pounced upon by an eagle. It’s why folklore continues in every tradition and culture. While John keeps Cold on the line, Officer Mills checks on Gordon. John realizes that the bridge the cars are backed up on is going to collapse. The Science Behind The Scare: Debunking America’s Favorite Monsters. It was shot in Pittsburgh and Kittanning, Pennsylvania and was released to mixed reviews. During a conversation one day, Gordon reveals to John that he has heard voices coming from his sink telling him that, in Denver, "99 will die". Not wanting to fall for what may have been a trap, they backed up and made their way back to town. [*] Since 2002 the town of Point Pleasant has celebrated a “Mothman festival” on the third weekend of every September. [2], In contrast to Meehan, author Jason Horsley declared The Mothman Prophecies "probably the most effective depiction of demonic forces at work" in U.S. Here are some eyewitness accounts: *** It had wings that must have been 10 feet from tip to tip. There was no sound at all, just an audible whoosh as it flew over. What makes for a good modern American myth? [16], Among mainstream critics in the U.S., the film received mixed reviews. The scenes of Gere sitting on a park bench are on the University of Pittsburgh campus. Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board: How to Play and Why It Really Does Work! Glowing Eyes of Doom / Red Eyes, Take Warning: How the residents describe the Mothman. Directed by Mark Pellington. She said she was filled with this overwhelming feeling of complete and total terror, she felt like the creature was looking at her as though she was prey. Some local scientists believed it to be nothing but a large heron. It's important to talk to a dermatologist about any medical concerns you may have. It’s located by the trestle bridge that runs east to west over near 130th street. As John walks onto the bridge to investigate, the bolts and supports of the bridge strain. A reporter is drawn to a small West Virginia town to investigate a series of strange events, including psychic visions and the appearance of bizarre entities. The story follows John Klein (Gere), a reporter who researches the legend of the Mothman. UNSOLVED MYSTERIES Is Back With a Chilling New Trailer, The Terrifying True Story That Inspired POLTERGEIST. The cause of the bridge collapse was never fully determined. The real mystery was the appearance of a strange visitor sighted several times by the citizens of Point Pleasant during the months leading up to the tragedy. Later that night Gordon calls John and says that he is standing next to someone named Indrid Cold. The real culprit here is likely a little case of mass hysteria. It totally makes me wonder what it truly was and if it meant us an harm.”. In the process, Connie, while in her car, slides into the river and John jumps into the water to save her. Scenes shot at Gordon Smallwood’s house were filmed in Washington County on Pennsylvania Route 917. Gainax Ending: The Silver Bridge collapses, 36 people die, John reconciles the death of his wife, and none of the mysterious occurences are ever explained. [*] To this day people claim to have seen the Mothman before disasters like 9/11 and the collapse of the 35w bridge in Minneapolis. Contact me | Privacy policy | Join the mailing list | Links. My roommate was hysterical and scared out of her wits; I took her to the living room and sat her on the couch. The Real Story of The Mothman Prophecies. It’s possible a large owl spooked a few residents one night and a legend was borne around it. As I sat there comforting her, my cell phone rang from my room. As the bridge collapses, Officer Mills' car falls into the water. By . [19], Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times gave it two stars out of four, calling it unfocused, but praised the direction by Mark Pellington "whose command of camera, pacing and the overall effect is so good, it deserves a better screenplay. We were a bit shaken up after this thing flew away, she didn’t know what it was that we had seen.”. One tells him that there will be a great tragedy on the Ohio River. Those early reports frequently called the Mothman “bird-like,” with a focus on its red eyes. Point Pleasant residents Steve and Mary Mallette along with Roger and Linda Scarberry were driving near the McClintie Wildlife Reserve on West Virginia Route 62 when they crested a hill and came face-to-face with a creature they claimed was seven feet tall with large red eyes and a 10-foot wingspan. It’s a normal psychological reaction. Here is the actual story that influenced the film and legend. To this day, the Mothman remains an unsolved mystery, but a mystery the citizens of Point Pleasant still celebrate once a year, in September, during the Mothman Festival. The film was based on disturbing real, otherworldly occurrences that took place in Point Pleasant, West Virginia from 1966-1967. Someone experiences an inexplicable event, and other people play into it. I’m not sure if it was the actual color of its eyes or just the light reflecting off of them, either way it looked very spooky. In PBS’s mystery web series Storied, the host discovered that 28 Sandhill cranes were spotted in West Virginia from January 2017 to August 2019. The accident killed 46 people; two of the bodies were never found. Something that permeates the minds of the people inflicted and the communities that branch off of them. mothman prophecies ending explained. Soon afterwards, John receives a mysterious message that instructs him to await a call from his deceased wife Mary back in Georgetown, and he returns home. The first Mothman sightings occurred near the small town of Point Pleasant, West Virginia in 1966. [9] Road montages were filmed on Pennsylvania Route 28, and the Chicago scenes are completely shot in downtown Pittsburgh’s Mellon Square and Trinity Churchyard environs as well as the entrance to the Duquesne Club. Swerving around the creature they attempted to drive away. There are a number of possible explanations for the original Point Pleasant sightings. We accessed the river walk via the entrance on Michigan avenue and walked east toward the lake, looking at the sights and enjoying the beautiful view. Needless to say, none of us went out that night and my boyfriend and his buddy stayed with us through the weekend. They stated that it saw them and had alighted into the air with an audible whoosh. As the two sit on the back of an ambulance they were informed that 36 people have been killed, making Connie the "number 37" from her dream. It was up and over the bridge in a matter of seconds and then it was gone. Or maybe that’s what the Mothman wants us to think. Though shaken, they both come out alive. [12], After the film was theatrically released on January 25, 2002, writer Brad Steiger observed Point Pleasant became a focal point for its promotion. Every Cancelled and Ending TV Show Announced in 2020. Many citizens reported hearing noises outside; when they went to investigate they found the creature’s red eyes glowing in their flashlights.

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