I had tried it on medium pwr, 22 watts, but that was not necessary as long as I was on the the beach. One improvement would be a software update to allow some storage of multiple repeaters with same frequency different power and tones. CRACKED …

Best of all, they are DC grounded. We have had a pair of MXT400's for a week or so. The RT-9000D is not listed and neither is the Luiton equivalent. I did a little googling and could not find a spec sheet for the MXT400 on line, but it make since. I travel the same routes to and from work, same times, and I always have the MXT400 on scan mode. Despite the bandwidth of the repeater, the narrow band radio is compatible with a wide band repeater. You can add on CH8 thru CH13  7 of your own programs. The issue is it does not receive on wide band. If you have some stuff that not is listed here you can donate this by contact mods.dk. I would think that it is both reasonable and practicable to continue to use them for GMRS and avoid the cost/burden of replacement or modification (if at all possible). Of course, that is not to say the copy on Dropbox is safe. Add 8 WB repeater pairs 23-30 . Easy to install, easy to use, and offers good communication clarity Jeep to Jeep or Jeep to handheld. The only and I mean only little fuss I have with the 400 is I would like the ability to change the screen color. Hello! ... That is an interesting report. I may hook the meter up in the next few days and see...(weather has been miserable).

Especially useful on massive, sprawling properties like farms and ranches, this radio utilizes 15 GMRS channels and 8 high powered repeater channels. Also, just wondering if anyone here has tried to program their MXT400? I'm not at this time interested in getting my ham ticket for reasons I mentioned in another thread (yes I know ham is popular in the prepping community) I did quite a bit of research on which way to go...GMRS, FRS or MURS. 1. If you have some stuff that not is listed here you can donate this by contact mods.dk. So far it seems the radio receives a little better with the Midland antenna. I'll pm you with my info, if thats alright.

If so, it won't work on 462MHz. The FCC service rules for the GMRS are located in, https://midlandusa.com/product/mxt40...e-2-way-radio/, http://midlandusa.com/wp-content/upl...Spec-Sheet.pdf, http://midlandusa.com/wp-content/upl...s-Manual-1.pdf, https://www.fcc.gov/wireless/bureau-...o-service-gmrs, https://m.youtube.com/user/wcrosman/videos, http://wiki.radioreference.com/index..._chart?fref=gc. I received this radio 2 weeks ago. re: "Has anyone come across a mod to allow the unit to … Custom start message such as your call sign, Programming of split CTCSS/ DPL. The question is, do they have a WB filter in the RX path?

I want to get a mobile unit ASAP and I want something that I can easily program from my computer (ideally chirp) and is also easy to use. It would be odd that Midland would be freely releasing software to violate the FCC type acceptance of this radio. Cateyetech, I really like this radio. WB then could apply to all the GMRS channels, simplex or repeater. I could now find it on VM. and I just assumed they were not holding the mic close enough, like a cell phone on speaker. In trying to answer this question, I returned to a post from @Hans in 2018 in a discussion which suggests the MXT400 is really a Luiton LT-590 with modified settings for GMRS certification. Well, I can pickup these two guys talking in Suffolk County NY from East Haven, CT. Oh I hear you on the weather! Hello! "I honestly don't know a single person with a GMRS radio. Maybe NB to NB has more range, like SSB? Might as well have gotten something like a part 90 radio that actually did 25 kHz right from the start, and saved the time & trouble. Soladaddy, of the two the DPD "seems" to be of a better quality. Not many active GMRS users. Most gmrs repeaters out there are wide band ( GMRS is Wide Band not narrow), so you have some problems there! I have it installed in the Jeep along the right side of the center console and liked the quality and reliability of it that I purchased a Midland CB to communicate with the other members that don't have GMRS. Joined Jun 5, 2002 Messages 3,082 Note that … The MXT400 PC software used with a DBR1 programming cable, will allow further wideband channel configuration. However there is no indication that the TX modulation increases. The most range I’ve ever gotten from a GMRS radio. I put up a Telewave ANT450D6-9 at one site a few years ago and it works really well. Views: 1601 Score: 0. link: link without replies: more; In Your Face: Portland Cop Pulls Off Gas Mask. They appear to have very sensitive receive capability. I have a DB413 on a tower that has been there for more than 20 years and it's still doing great. OTOH, There is a  Retevis RT-9000D That appears to be almost identical to the TH-9000d and is in-stock. The only concern is that you can only set the PL or DPL tones for both receive and transmit on the same tones. This radio blew my mind the first time I used it. Reviews are not too bad on eHam and amazon. With the antenna centered on my roof. For mic audio you would need to use the mic jack interface (modular plug). I … AA5CT Ham Member QRZ Page.

Can anyone report successfully programming this with above mentioned software and cable? But who is going to be out there to listen for you to talk to?

Original from Midland: https://midlandusa.c...fTDUPZQUGbPpyxI, and a general purpose cable is available from: https://www.amazon.c...U_tHfaFbXQ51QZK. I did also notice that ch 8-14 (467's) were left out as FRS only and I didn't see any info on Midland's web site. Thank you for your comment. Hits our station like a hammer!!! Most forums are open for your viewing. You can change from FMN narrow 12.5KHz to FM wide 20KHz or 25KHz. Note the ONLY emission certified is  10K5F3E. You should check on the repeaters in your area to see if they are wide or narrow band. Could that be the 1/2 of DB in gain the Midland has over the DPD, I can't say. You can name each channel. NOTICE: *Antenna, cable, and antenna mount sold separately. Once I was talking to my granddaughter about their cats, she got all fired up and the audio was GREAT!!!

But Caveat Emptor". Other wise, great radios,simple, and work well, but Midland needs to makesome changes, Good Value for a Part 95E certified GMRS radio. I would recommend this as a good mobile unit.

I have been able to pick up an individuals FRS (1/2 watt) Radio Shack wireless intercom from 28 miles and they only have a short antenna inside the house. He is located on the Pasco County GMRS Radio Group. ). Ford f250. We are currently working on new MicroMobile Radios with this great feature.

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