You will find another conductor puzzle. However, at this point we will not be climbing it. Save your game if you like. One side will try to attack the Majin and will not turn away from it to show its weak side, you need to attack the brown coloured face to deal damage to it. Head up the stairs in the middle of the area and get Majin to open the large chest for another COSTUME PIECE. Using the same conductors from the first room, you must now make a stream to this one. Pick one up and head down a corridor to the right of the fencing. From there, get Majin to turn the platform again if you need him to so you can reach the landing with a red trap on it, just beyond where the trap sat is a COSTUME PIECE. When they are all dead have Majin kneel beside the platform and climb up to find another WIND FRUIT, jump down and give it to Majin, this will raise his wind ability to its maximum power and also unlock, The Majin's "wind" ability rises to maximum. The game is an action/platformer, with puzzle elements thrown in at different intervals. Ostensibly, Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom shares the theme. For now, go straight ahead; dash to avoid and destroy two eyeball enemies on the hill. Simon Parkin is an award-winning writer and journalist from England, a regular contributor to The New Yorker, The Guardian and a variety of other publications. When you exit the gate from the elevator area turn right, you should see a door at the end of a tunnel that was once sealed, open it and head in to find a teleportation room, turn the dial to the large tree picture to end up back in Malawa Forest, from the teleporter room you need to work your way to... To get here, you need to backtrack to Forest Temple, from there, find the large tree branch/root that acts as a bridge to higher ground, once up there just follow the path. Head around the corner and take out the patrolling enemy, then pull the lever to lower a bridge for Majin, continue along and to the right you will see some fencing with flames behind it, have Majin remove them (he can do so through the fence). When the rubble is cleared, crawl through the new tunnel and pick a GLOWING RED FRUIT and bring it to Majin. Then go back a little and follow the path you were on around to a lever and pull it this will cause the door to the room to close. When this happens, use RB+Y and have Majin zap the giant screw in his back now acting as a conductor (if you need magic power, attack B'alams legs). Continue on and you will come to a large crank. From there head to the right side of the room and you will see two shooter enemies, rush towards them and on the right you will see a red wheel, turn it quickly to extend a bridge allowing you and Majin to take them out. Behind where they stood is a blue fruit flower if you are in need of any. Tell Majin to wait where he is and walk to your left to climb a ladder. Move slightly ahead to the Life Tree and there will be a cut-scene. When you have done this, do the same along the ledge on the other side. Save if you wish to and head along the path, continue down and on your left you will see a contraption you can have Majin activate with his lightning ability, do so. Once the lever is pulled, you can command the Majin to open it; this time with success. Jump down from here and head back up the hill at the back of the area, throw the lever to bring down the elevator. Jump back down and pick up the conductor you used before then take it down the right hand side path from the column, walk through a gap in the debris and place the conductor close to the mechanism there but close enough to the gap in the debris for Majin to be able to use his lightning on it and activate the machine, this will allow you to use a lever on the other side of the building, head there now and do so. From there, jump onto the ledge directly to the chest's left and at the end you will get a new COSTUME PIECE. Once that is done, have Majin open the door and proceed to the next area and boss. Climb them for some more barrels at the top. While you wait for him to do that, if it is night, stay on the platform with the lever on it and follow it to the other end to pick up a MEMORY SHARD. Finally if you have not unlocked the achievement for giving the Majin 500 orders throughout the game, simply stand wherever you like, hold RT and alternate mashing Y and A telling him to constantly Follow and Wait until you unlock: If you have followed this walkthrough correctly you will now have all 1000G, congratulations!! Once you have gotten passed them you will be introduced to combat however again you cannot win, once you are attacked another cut-scene will play out. Save before heading through the next door and pick up a blue fruit. Get back to Majin and have him follow you again. When you have taken a few out, look around you for a parrot on the right-hand side upon a broken pillar and jump up to it. Follow the on screen prompts and have the Majin follow you out the cage to your first real battle. Once the battle is done, heal Majin if needed by feeding him with the glowing blue fruits you have been collecting (RT+B). When they are dead head up either staircase on the sides of the fountain and at the top defeat a couple soldier enemies, when they are dead turn the wheel they were guarding to turn the fountain off. In mechanical terms, the Majin acts as a handy toolbox with new abilities added as you progress; each subsequent action is another tool for overcoming the various obstacles you meet. Turn around and you will see a CHEST on a lower landing. Get a glimpse into the world of Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom™. Once they are sorted, go grab Majin and have him follow you. Climb up them to get to a CHEST. Head back into the first room and you will see there is a door and a crawl space to the left. Head back to the entrance and just to the right is some more black boxes to take out and just behind them a group of enemies to dispose. At this point, I'm preparing for NG 2 arriving and them leaving it at that. When they are all behind you get Majin to push it down taking them all out in one go and getting a decent amount of trap kills. Jump back down and turn the catapult again to the final breakable wall. The objective now is to lure B'alam onto one of the four golden circles on the ground. You will come to a group of black crates, have Majin blow them apart using his fire ability and then walk in, when you come to a fork head into the left room and kill the three enemies there, open the CHEST they were guarding. In this room you will find a ladder, go ahead and climb up it. Next to you will be a parrot. From the chest you should be able to see a GLOWING RED FRUIT. Yorda's brilliant uselessness is overturned: rather than holding you back, the Majin is a companion without whom you could not progress. Ask Majin to wait when the flames are gone, to the left of the fencing are some bombs.

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