However, the following calculator should enable to you to get a fair estimate that's within about 10 percent of the actual weight. You’ll want to grab a rod and reel combination well-suited for 30 pound fused line. If the fish keyed in on something big, you needed to feed it something big. [5], In earlier years, mahi-mahi were known mainly as bycatch in tuna and swordfish longline commercial fisheries. Almost anyone who has access to an offshore boat along America’s southern coast has caught dolphin.

Tony would just get it into sight, and it would run off another 50 yards of line. Now they are sought in their own right by commercial and recreational fishermen. Upon death, color fades to yellowish-gray. The fish form schools and tend to congregate in seaweed and under floating objects, including buoys and boats.

A 50-pound mono shock tippet is advisable even for the little guys because they do have teeth. The all-tackle record mahi came from Costa Rica, and Rufus Wakeman set the 16-pound fly record of 53 pounds, 8 ounces in 1999 in Isla Mujeres, Mexico. At the end of the day, their dolphin weighed 64 pounds — and came in fourth. Both species in the genus Coryphaena have a compressed head and single dorsal fin running the full length of the body. My buddy’s boat caught a 5-foot mahi right off the bat, and they figured they had the contest in the bag, so they went back to chasing marlin. The closer we got to the bull, the bigger it looked.

The cow didn’t horse too well, and by the time it met the gaff, Tony was almost out of backing. No bites. Some individuals sport red spots. A pelagic wanderer, mahi live fast and die young. [9] Around North America, mahi-mahi are fished recreationally along the Pacific coast, particularly in the Gulf of California, off the coast of Costa Rica, and offshore in the Atlantic Ocean from New Jersey to Florida.

[7], In French Polynesia, mahi-mahi are caught with a harpoon.

Tony is an expert at catching 100-pound tarpon on a fly, but this mahi was giving him all he could handle. Fish reach maturity between 4 and 5 months of age and start spawning when they reach a length of about 20 centimeters. As it turned out, the Ocean Candy was magic. Mahi jump repeatedly, which adds to the fun and gives you a good view of their size. Whether trolling or “running and gunning,” mahi are great on the rod and on the table.

Dolphin fish are carnivores that prey upon zooplankton, squid, crustaceans, and smaller fish. The fish fade in color to dull gray-green when they die. Experienced fishermen can tell what species are likely around the debris by the birds' behaviour. Ballyhoo or a net full of live sardines tossed into the water can be used to excite the mahi-mahis into a feeding frenzy. Mahi-mahi live up to 5 years, but rarely exceed 4 years.

Mahi Mahi - Can you estimate the weight? Spectacular Growth Measured in Dolphinfish (Mahi) A bull dolphin grew an astounding 50 pounds in nine months, offering further proof of the highest growth rate among bony fishes. This makes them resilient to fishing pressure. The dolphin fish is not a dolphin. Martel describes a fight to catch the "writhing mass of pure muscle...with a bulging forehead that speaks of a forceful personality" as "giving me a ride like I imagine a bucking bronco would give a cowboy."[11].

The pompano dolphin fish range overlaps that of the common dolphin fish, but it usually lives in the open ocean and occurs as deep as 119 meters. If a mahi is photo-worthy, it’s going to have to be gaffed, and when it’s on the deck, it can hurt anyone who gets too close. The fish are generally considered safe to eat, but they are moderately contaminated with mercury and can serve as a vector for ciguatera poisoning. These fish are brilliantly colored in shades of blue, green, and gold. She has taught science courses at the high school, college, and graduate levels. Mutton snapper are a worthy adversary in skinny water, on the reefs or in the channels. The common dolphin fish prefers coastal and open water from sea level to a depth of 85 meters in temperate, subtropical, and tropical oceans worldwide. A mature male (bull) has a prominent protruding forehead, while a female has a rounded head. Randy Towe showed me how to get a great photo in this situation: throw the mahi into the fishbox for three to four minutes.

An average mahi in Florida is probably 5 to 12 pounds, which is the size that travels in schools. Both the anal and caudal fins are sharply concave. The teasers or live chum are tossed into the water, the fly is thrown to the feeding mahi-mahi. The only real challenge is that the crew will have to ignore marlin and spend the majority of their time searching for dolphin. The author says he’s still searching for a monster mahi on the fly. Pectoral fins are iridescent blue, the back is green and blue, while flanks are silvery-gold.

[citation needed] Once a school of Mahi are encountered, casting with small jigs or Fly casting using a bait-and-switch technique can be successful. Dr. Helmenstine holds a Ph.D. in biomedical sciences and is a science writer, educator, and consultant. Your rod should be around 7’ long with a rapid to extra-fast action with the ability to handle lure weights up to one ounce. The moment of truth arrives first as a shadow. Mahi don’t tease up to the boat on hookless baits the way sailfish do. El Capitan did not have a weigher unfortunately.

The mahi was chasing a 10-pound bonito, and a pilchard-size fly didn’t get its attention.
I’ve found them around everything from a plastic jug to a floating palm tree. R.T. put out a ballyhoo and trolled.

As I worked the fish in closer, we could see that it was a cow. Once hooked, mahi-mahi are acrobatic game fish displaying spectacular blue, yellow and green colours. Tony was exhausted and heartbroken. They feed on forage fish, such as mackerel and squid, and also zooplankton and crustaceans. They are a relatively short lived species, with a life span of only four or five years.

Chumming with live pilchards or chunks of cut bait will keep the school feeding. A longtime light-tackle angler says few things compare with taking a blue marlin on the fly. As the fight went on, Tony kept bringing the fish up to the boat but couldn’t get it into gaff range. Spawning occurs throughout the year when water currents are warm. November 25, 2015. Mahi-mahi are swift and acrobatic game fish with striking colours. The common dolphin fish (also known as mahi-mahi or dorado) is C. hippurus. By Doug Olander. Pompano dolphin fish have a life span of up to 3 to 4 years, but most live less than 2 years.
The plan was to have one bait in the water, hook a big mahi and lead its partner into fly-rod range.

Females spawn two to three times each year, producing 80,000 to a million eggs each time. R.T. lit up the engines and ran down the bull until Tony had the fly line back on the reel. As long as you keep one fish in the water, the carnage can continue.

If a mahi is spotted, a little chum always helps. Both species are important for commercial and sports fishing. Mahi-mahi are a blue-water, open ocean, highly migratory schooling fish found around the world in tropical and subtropical waters at depths up to 85 metres (279 ft), but more typically near 37 metres (121 ft). Mahi-mahi are swift and acrobatic game fish with striking colours.

These colours darken when the fish dies (see illustrations) The current IGFA all tackle record is 39.91 kilograms (88lb), caught in 1998 in Exuma, Bahamas by Chris Johnson of Lake Mary, Florida. Mahi can hit 50 mph, and a big one on a fly rod will burn you.

There are two species of dolphin fish. It is sexually mature at four to five months, with females spawning three or four times a year and producing 80,000 to 100,000 eggs each time. Randy Towe, who fishes for mahi out of Islamorada. [1] However, their current vulnerability is moderate to high.

Both species of dolphin fish are migratory. Its coloring is magnificent: light blue when unstressed, changing to green and yellow when hooked. The summer months seem to be the best, probably because of warmer water temperatures, calmer seas and more boats being on the water. Mahi that size are rare in Florida, and some years are better than others for finding them. Then measure the length of the fish, in this case the "short length", which is the distance in any of the measure values from the tip of the lower jaw to the inner fork of the tail. Technically, the boat has to be in neutral when the fly is cast for a fish to be a legal IGFA fly catch. The author goes well off the grid in Colombia in pursuit of payara, a fish with impressive fangs, When traveling deep into windy Patagonia, bring as much tackle as possible, A quest for the fierce golden dorado takes the author into the remote Bolivian jungle, Why the wide-ranging dolphin may be the perfect gamefish. A big mahi will kill the bonito, and live bonito are precious. Robert “R.T.” Trosset out of Key West, Florida, hunting big mahi.

We found a couple of schools of small fish, and around midday we came upon an extensive weed line, but we couldn’t find any larger fish. Latest. Catches average 7 to 13 kilograms (15 to 29 lb), and any mahi-mahi over 18 kilograms (40 lb) is exceptional. (2009).

Double hookups while trolling are common.

However, the fish face threats from declining habitat quality.

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