In this world of change, you choose to be flexible in all areas. It’s just like driving a car, I get in it, and if I go west, I know I could get to California. It feels good to move, to walk, run, sit, stand, or whatever I need. If you have diabetes, consider everything in your life in this moment that is sweet. Louise receives an Honorary Doctorate of Divinity degree from Religious SCIENCE Your email address will not be published. Life book reaches 40 million copies sold, 5 million I am ready to allow more good into my life. As an alternative healing practitioner I am of the belief that most physical problems are the result of emotional issues and believe it or not, this is a good example. last time i had messaged was on 22 november 2011. Power comes from being at cause, and seems the physical level is the level of effect; it has no power to create. My inner peace is essential for my health and well-being.

There is nothing to get or take in. It is a vibration that spontaneously wells up within us when we are vulnerable and receptive to life. Justin owns and operates his new business, Conscious Health & Wellbeing, which helps people to become healthy, balanced and whole, to live life free of illness, injury, stress and dis-ease. Holding you both in my heart! Children often respond quite well to energy medicine, so you might consider teaching him how to bring loving healing energy into his own body through touch, visualization or sound for example, depending on what seems most natural for him. Improve your own self-image by praising the wonderful and unique person you are, focusing on your gifts and how you love to bring them to the world. Then when we find that the earthly sweets of food are not satisfying enough, we disrupt our ability to ingest them. -Manu-. Madeleine, my delight. Within six months, she was completely healed of cancer. The New Yorker features Louise in one of their famous I praise my back, my legs, my arms, my hands, my feet, my organs, my heart, my lungs, my skin, my hearing, my eyesight, my hair, my everything. The information provided here is not for the purpose of medical diagnosis, prevention or treatment of any disease or condition, or replacing medical advice. Louise started what would become her life’s work in New York City in 1970. Once again, Louise had started a movement of love and support long before people began to wear red ribbons in their lapels. They tend not to have so much doubt about the abilities of their minds and hearts to heal. This gave her the confidence to move forward with her health protocol.

And how blessed he is to have you loving him and caring for his well-being. The List by Louise Hay.

Psychic / Medium / Shaman / Law-of-Attraction Coach. She became a popular speaker at the church, and soon found herself counseling clients. I so enjoy looking at the trees and flowers, and seeing animals. With all the toxins in our air, land and water, our beloved planet is out of balance, and that too affects us. . And isn’t that the effort we try to avoid? The growing “epidemic” of stress, lifestyle diseases, and autoimmune diseases has no root cause according to mainstream medicine, yet that root cause seems simple to us: it’s really an epidemic of not loving the self. We are not just a physical body. It does not have power to create anything, including illness. If you can find it inside of you to hold his hopes and dreams, his pains, his suffering, and all of his choices—including love for the lesson type 1 diabetes itself bring into his life, his soul will recognize and respond to that love. “Insert” round of tapping: EB: “this moment is filled with job", SE: "I now choose to experience the sweetness of today", UE: "inserting joy in this moment", UN: "experiencing the sweetness of today ", CH: "inserting joy and sweetness", etc. All is well. The key is to invite an opening to love in each and every moment. When you do this, you will see you will need less medication, and will likely be able to get off of medications. Opening to our limitless nature, as beings of Divine creation, is the journey of a lifetime. Practice your own positive affirmations and and know that you are love, you are peace, you are abundance.

Shatara, I”m so sorry for the loss of your son. Louise Hay in You Can Heal Your Life, describes the internal motivation behind diabetes in this way: “Longing for what might have been. Now that I understand how to focus, I am easily allowing my highest good to flow into me. Although it appeared that her life had turned around, it was not until the marriage ended 14 years later that her healing really began. It seems that is exactly what you are choosing. If you believe that you are a bad person, your cells are listening. Did you know that Diabetes can actually have an emotional cause? The first time in that publication’s history that has happened! According to what is happening on the physical level, this is the most identifiable cause of it manifesting in a person’s body. This website is informational and educational only and is not considered medical advice. In your love, his soul might find its rest—enough rest for healing to begin. For example, one round of tapping on each point repeating "this longing for what might have been".

Can Create an Exceptional Life, Louise's Meditation Many of us are now coming to understand that physical symptoms and illness often begin first in the emotional and mental bodies. It takes continual focus to remember that all there is and all we long for exists right now. But, if you really expect to heal, you desire it greatly, and then also believe that it will happen (as it has for so many of BOTH types) then it will–as long as you don’t offer a lot of resistance around healing. I was wondering if you have any suggestions for healing in children and if you think they could really be cured? Make it a game to be a sweetness catcher, noticing all of the sweet ways in which the Divine exists within and around you. try{Typekit.load();}catch(e){}

Dying Man, 24, Leaves an Awesome Message That Everyone Should Read: Creating Your Dream Website Blog From Home, Fear Is Me Focused in Opposition to Who I Really Am. Michelle, I’m so glad my words touched your heart. Of course, allowing is the opposite of controlling. affirmations. AFTER all aspects have been cleared and you've experienced a substantial shift in your emotions toward a higher vibrating state of being, then move onto the insert round of tapping. We hate spam as much as you do. But I do want to see it as an opportunity for growth and consciousness. thank you for your article. Im so blessed to have found this. They challenge me to dive in deeply into the spiritual and emotional roots behind illnesses. It’s listening to these stories and sharing them with my clients that has such a profound effect on their health. The Specific Cause of Diabetes: The idea that genes control biology is a faulty scientific assumption that was debunked by the Human Genome Project around the year 2003, a finding that fit very well with experiments Bruce was doing with cells in the lab. No Spam. Thank you.,, 3 Steps to Finding Your Purpose and Brighter Future, Even Now, Out of the Silence: What we can learn from a woman in prison in 1917. Each day for a while, I’m going to get up and find good things to notice and be thankful for. Recognize the sweetness every day until you fully realize that is who you are. I don’t have to know everything right now, but I know I will be inspired as I move toward wellness.

As of 2005, nearly 24 million Americans were diagnosed with autoimmune illnesses and the numbers are on the rise worldwide, particularly in Western, industrialized nations.

Because this is a sensitive topic for me, as it probably would be with anyone, I have learned over time to just try to be as happy as I can, live in the moment, and enjoy life. I know him personally and am comfortable in recommending his work. All illness is a message from our bodies, telling us to love ourselves. We respect your privacy & you may unsubscribe at any time. Within about a year, I was able to connect the dots that led to her recovery.
Thank you for your article. And while I was successful on the surface and very optimistic, I held back some happiness and self-acceptance because of the shame and guilt I felt for having an eating disorder. Responding to the stories with love is how healing begins. With autoimmune and other dis-ease conditions, we often see that the physical symptoms are accompanied by emotional trauma. I am so happy and appreciative that I can move the way I do in my body.”, “I praise all that I drink and eat before I consume my food. Disclaimer: Misa Hopkins is not a medical doctor or psychotherapist. Your words align with me – the sweetness of aligning with the Divine & cOMpassionately giving our self permission to open our heart to explore our Divine nature ? I love the smell of the ocean, the smell of forests, the feeling of sitting under a tree on a warm day, and the crisp autumn air. The sweetness is right here and we have the ability to remember it—to awaken to it. Holding you both in love.

Discover more about Louise Hay’s work at: Please feel free to share my articles with others. “Delete” round of tapping: Eye Brow: “deleting this longing for what might have been", Side of Eye: "deleting this need to control", Under Eye: "clearing this deep sorrow", Under Nose: "deleting the longing", Chin: "deleting any emotional reasons for my diabetes ", etc. If someone is diabetic, it is because they are often very emotional and have too many desires for themselves and others. Note that with so many aspects to this complex physical issue, you might find more success on doing a delete round of tapping for each emotional aspect. Within a couple of weeks, Catherine felt good enough to start doing Pilates, which allowed her to develop muscle and abdominal strength. Louise Hay in You Can Heal Your Life, describes the internal motivation behind diabetes in this way: “Longing for what might have been. It’s actually not so mysterious, and it brings the power back into your hands. All rights reserved.

Through Louise’s healing techniques and positive philosophy, millions have learned to create more of what they want in their lives–more wellness in their bodies, minds, and spirits.

As I feel better, I’ll know the next step I should take.

How beautiful! Notice the trees and grass as the wind blows across them. ... but apparently it did to my subconscious mind and to my body because using EFT with the words provided in Louise L. Hay's book, I cleared up my physical issue and with persistence, there is a possibility it could heal your diabetes. As will be surprising to some, nothing physical can be the cause of any other physical effects.

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