Sale; Newly Added; Sold Products; We Buy; Identification / Valuations; Blog; About Us; Contact Us; British L1A3 Knife Bayonet Shop » Bayonets And Knives » British L1A3 Knife Bayonet. The scabbard is the standard No 5 MK II and this has a painted number which only has the "3" legible. Ross … L1A2 € 90.00. knife. With an interest in military history, I was looking..." , "I bought my first M42 SS Single Decal Helmet in October 2017 and it was simply perfect. Copyright © 2015 ANZACBLADE. Email me when available. Good quality piece as with the scabbard. For sale, the finest collectible and authentic WW1 and WW2 swords, bayonets, helmets, knives and binoculars that are Australian, German, British and French. Description Description. Priced £95, GERMAN ISSUE 7.92MM K98 BAYONET in super order and re-finished at some point? Priced £65, BELGIUM ISSUE EARLY TRIALS BAYONET this is one the of the early trials bayonet used during British trials using the FN-FAL rifles, marked X2 E1 7896 to bottom of handle showing polished wooden grips showing no damage, sadly showing a chrome finish that’s flaking in some places and both prongs have been removed ands supplied with an L1A1 scabbard. It also comes with a "M.W. Email me when available. By country; Literature; Links; Bayonets search/query; For sale; Shop; Search for: Home / Australia / L1A2. Bayonets of the World. Toggle Navigation. 1 Mk. Showing a nice crisp blue polished metalwork with nice clean Bakelite grips, WaA marks to pommel with ASW mark to blade and scabbard, blade dated 1942 scabbard dated 41, but not matching numbered. It was sent the next day, very well..." , "I first contacted David through the excellent ANZACBLADE website to inquire about WW1 bayonets. The earliest L1A2 bayonets, such as this one, had the squared fuller like their British and Canadian counterparts. L1A1 7.62mm Self Loading Rifle with British Broad Arrow marking, great condition with wooden furniture (we can offer the black abs versions at the same price) and new spec de-ac, so no the bolt does not move - however, , the gun splits on the catch and partially stips, the mag ejects etc. Priced £40, WW2 BRITISH ISSUE No7/No5/No9 SCABBARD marked S294 Wilkinson Sword Company very good order showing minor signs of use. Priced £TBC, REPRODUCTION 30/06 M1 GARAND BAYONET + SCABBARD both in super order marked 43 OL ideal for wall display or re-enactment. We buy from single items to collections and part exchange on any item is always considered. Here you will find a selection of bayonets for sale, including socket bayonets and knife bayonets. French Fuse 25/38 Mod 1880 Time And Percussion Fuse. I (Patt.1907) – 1943, WW1 & WW2 British / Australian Patt.1907 Sword Bayonet & No.1 Mk.II Scabbard - 1915, WW1 British SMLE Patt.1907 Bayonet – South Australian – ANZAC Hooked Quillon, WW1 British / Australian (ANZAC) Patt.1888 Mk.I Type II Lee Enfield Bayonet - 1896, "I have been looking for a Genuine Stahlhelm for quite some time , and now the proud owner of a Luftwaffe M1935 Helmet. WWI British SANDERSON '07 Patt SMLE 1917 dated Bayonet (BAY010) $295 00. Australia changed to the unique rounded fuller in 1960. This advert has expired. WWI British WILKINSON '07 Patt SMLE 1917 dated Bayonet (BAY043) $260 00. Our online store is fully searchable, simply enter your key word in the search box at the top of the page. Also, we have inert cartridges for sale. However most Australian L1A2 bayonets on the market have appeared totally parkerised and with no markings. Thank you David for your..." , "The Brodie helmet that I purchased was accurately described and in detail, with good photographs of the item. In the mid-1960s, the L1A3 blade fuller was shortened. Priced £95, BRITISH ISSUE SLR L1A1 SCABBARD in super order showing minor signs of use, very scarce to find. Here are some similar ads... Smith Double Signed Tang 'TAKE HISA’ Shin Gunto Japanese Officer's Katana Sword With Smith Double Signed Tang 'TAKE H Other Blades, Theodor Cohn & Co, London Gentleman’s Mallaca Sword Stick With Sterling Silver B Other blades, Circa 1914 German Steel Ersatz Bayonet with Scabbard Knives, 1853 Martini Socket Bayonet with leather scabbard Knives.

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