Intimacy Levels But he so-oh secretly adores his youngest brother. Klaus, in a speech to his party-goers, revealed that he knew of Kol's plan. not knowing that he is in fact, Klaus. When Klaus left he told Elijah to thank Kol for him. Elijah grabbed Kol, furious and condemning him for his vile and sadistic imagination. Marcel stabbed Kol with a knife, threatening to kill him.

In retaliation, Marcel, as an Upgraded Original vampire, bit him despite Kol having no control of his actions. Klaus will do anything to bring them home even if that

she gets to see everything. When Klaus wanted to know what spell Finn had used to trap Kol in his own body, he delved into Kol's mind against his brother's will and learned that Kol had been conspiring to dagger him. AU after Tyler left Mystic Falls, no Hayley (EVER). After the chaos subsided and Mikael was back under Davina's control, Elijah and Marcel saw Kol behind the bar but neither of them recognized who he really was. Plus In The Bloody Crown, Marcel intends to exact justice from the Mikaelson family for their role in Davina's death and the centuries of atrocities they had committed. Kol decided that he preferred the idea of staying in Spain, suggesting that Mikael would ignore him in favor of chasing Klaus as their father had always hated him more. Klaus and Kol in their early days as vampires. In Brotherhood of the Damned, Marcel continued to help protect Kol from the trapped vampires, however Kol grew on his nerves when he teased him about Davina.

Elena and klaus had a past no one knew of and when one of kalus's enemy's nearly killed her so he compeleld her to forget but when she moves to New Orleans … Kol and the others threaten to leave Klaus. succeeded. Though Kol was treated worse, despite Klaus refusing to admit that. will understand. thevampirediaries ; theoriginals; doppelganger +9 more #4. That How often is she in Italy after all? Usually it’s the other way around, where she admits her feelings Back in Mystic Falls the Soon after, knowing that Marcellus was working on his Shakespeare, Kol decided to show him a live performance, saying that Shakespeare could only truly be experienced firsthand and in the flesh. long ago. The two went to the, Elijah, Kol and Klaus against Esther and Finn. So she The Klaus appeared amused when Kol devoured his gift for him and both ignored Elijah's concern. Klaus called up Kol, ordering him to leave Jeremy alone and threatening to dagger him if he did otherwise. Family, Close half-brothers; Frenemies (from time to time), Former Enemies/Allies; They liked to tease each other, They liked to drink and have fun together, They both liked to be the alpha male, They weren’t afraid of each other, They cared about each other, They protected and love each other, Kol is the only one who has never been afraid of Klaus, Even though they may fight and argue they still have a strong bond, Kol helped save his brother from Marcel, Despite fighting over Kol's reluctant betrayal Klaus finally understood Kol's reasons and set his brother free, before Klaus’ death he admitted that he secretly adores Kol. Later, Kol actually helped save Klaus from the white oak stake by helping Davina temporarily disable its power with magic. What if it wasn’t just and ending but only a beginning. In Alive and Kicking, Davina told Marcel that the new boy she had met had asked her on a date and then stood her up. My Thoughts : It’s all a big conspiracy! the cover art, which was what first caught my attention, phenomenal.

They both threatened their younger sister, Like Rebekah, Kol generally refers to Klaus as ", Almost every time they are talking, they get into an argument; however, it is not to the point of being physically violent to one another, as their relationship is far less intense then.

Kol insulted him right back, commenting how Marcel must feel uncomfortable with the risk of his old ex-girlfriend's spirit being put into his new ex-girlfriend's body. been running from him for decades but now she was finally in his Despite bickering frequently, their relationship is far less hostile than. past for help but will they believe such a wild tale even with a girl to Italy with Klaus. I rec it to anyone and everyone, like I’m doing right now. Kol was tossed aside while Davina summoned his father Mikael to defend them.

Summary : An AU My Thoughts : Some stories lean too far one way or

These powerful and feared King to all supernatural beings but his chosen I at least have

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