It is not-for-profit and the goal is to promote the Ismaili music culture amongst the community members and to find ways to make musical connections with other faiths, traditions and genres. Persian Qasida: Let go of this entire ruse, O lover! Ali Goyam Ali Joyam || Qasida || Ali Goyam Ali Joyam, Persian Qasida sung by…, Qasida: Saqi-e-Bawafa Produced by: Shamsher Rana, Ibrahim Akram, Varqa Faraid Mixed & Mastered by: Ibrahim…, Ismaili Artists from Chitral, Pakistan, performing “Awl Az Hamde Khudai, Fard Akbar Ya Imam” with…, You are the night of the grave, go and become that Night of Power, and…, Lord of men in every breath, exalted over moon and sun…..You are Adam in his innocence, Yusuf in his loveliness…..For Aly, dear to God, I burn with love: With every breath Aly Aly. As a result, there has been a mutual interchange of ideas and terminologies between the Sufis and the Ismailis, resulting in many similarities between their poetry and literature. Once complete, the audio player will play next qasida from the play list at random (not in list order.). Required fields are marked *. Your email address will not be published. From the thirteenth century onwards, attitudes towards music in Persia were influenced by the growth of Sufi orders; almost all of them regarded music as an essential part of their devotional practices.

Farhan Shah and his team, Artist: The word ginan is a derivative of the Sanskrit term jnan which means knowledge or gnosis. Qasida: Ali Goyam Ali Joyam | NsN Production, Rukhsana Karmali: Farsi Qasida – Bismillahey Mutlaq Tui, Persian Qasida: Mashriq e Anware Yazdan Noor Mawlana Karim, A Diamond Jubilee tribute to Mawlana Hazar Imam – By Shafiq Ahmad, Asif Baig, Fakhir Baig. Artist: Gulshan Jessa Toronto, Sacho dhiyavo Spreading positive inspirations since 2006 (established). Ismailis Ginan.

I hope jamat take maximum advantage . It is not-for-profit and the goal is to promote the Ismaili music culture amongst the community members and to find ways to make musical connections with other faiths, traditions and genres.

After the fall of Alamut to the Mongols in 1256, the community and the Imams lived under the guise of Sufi tariqas for many centuries in order to avoid persecution.

Ameen, Mashaallah Wonderful Singers Transports one into peace and entrancement, Ya ali madad. Biya-U Guyi Man’ni Raz-e … We do not have specific mobile apps at present for our Qasida, Kalame Mawla and Ginans-On-Demand services (unlike our radio which can be accessed through Android and iPhone Apps) but you can listen on your computer, tablet or even smartphone. The tradition of devotional poetry amongst the Ismailis in Persia (modern day Iran), known as Qasidas, is part of the broader literary tradition of Persia found among other Muslim traditions as well. I pray that All your good wishes come true . The pearl of the river of the truth and the gem is in the mind of your being. Qasida is an Ismaili music radio station for Qasida and Ginans, streaming high quality non-stop 24/7. Lyrics By Khatoon Gulamani, Composer: Lyrics By Khatoon Gulamani Artist: Professional Artists, Composer: Marvel” series for Disney Plus, Watch: Ismaili History being made! Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Pir Hasan Kabiruddin, Noor e te khak Artist: Gulshan Jessa Toronto, Satagur tani Artist: Ali Hemani, Amin Plasticwala, Nasreen Ali and Sadaf Malik Assani, Artist: Select title, start, pause, skip, forward, rewind, stop – you are in full control!

Artist: Alijah Gulamhusein Gulamani, Composer: A Project of the Heritage Society.

Novice Ismaili photographer never leaves home without his camera! Amongst the earliest historical records of Persian music are the writings of the Greek historians who refer to the use of ritual and ceremonial music at the time of the Medes (900-550 BC) and the Achaemenian (559- 331 BC) dynasties. NASA’s “Ingenuity” Mars Helicopter Launched Successfully July 30, 2020 at 7: 50 AM EST #IsmailiHistory, Mirza Samnani (@MirzaSamnani) and Gollar working to defeat Covid-19 one patient at a time @AKDN, Armaan Ali Somani Receives the Prestigious 2019 Queen’s Golden Jubilee Award, Dr. Henna Budhwani honored with major prize for work with vulnerable communities in the Caribbean, Dr. Shaf Keshavjee (@Skeshavjee) Receives Prestigious Governor General of Canada Innovation Award, Kiana Rawji receives the prestigious @DianaAward for going above and beyond to create and sustain positive change @TheIsmailiCA, Sarra Pirmohamed: Burnaby Student Wins French Public Speaking Contest, #Breaking: Salma Lakhani Becomes First Ismaili Muslim Lieutenant Governor of Alberta, Canada, Danial Asaria Beats Grandmaster to Win National Chess Tournament, Suleman Kanji: If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything, Remembering Nazeer Aziz Ladhani: Innovative Leader of @AKDN Institutions and International Development Community, Rozy Karim: Childhood dream comes true for International Studies graduate, Amin Bhatia & Ari Posner Winners of 2020 Canadian Screen Awards, Professor Amir Kassam: Tropical Agriculture Association’s 2019 Development Agriculturalist of the Year, Dr. Naheed Dosani Recipient of University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine’s 2020 Dean’s Alumni Award, Webinar October 15, 2020: Muslims and Mediation: Diversity, Practice and Contemporary Challenges #Conflictresolutionday, Sadruddin Noorani: ChandRaat – of Safar 1442 Hijri (September 18, 2020), Nasir Khusraw’s “Guzinam” ft. Shahid Akhtar Qalandar (@A_Qalandar) With Music, Lyrics, Urdu & English Translations, New Horizons in British Islam (@n_Horizons): “Family, Business and Community – Mediation Among Muslims: Diversity, Ethics and Contemporary Practice”, Sadruddin Noorani: ChandRaat-1st of Muharram 1442 (August 19, 2020), Muslim-Christian Dialogue: Dr. Khalil Andani (@KhalilAndani) & Sir Anthony Buzzard, Great Irish Famine Letter Once Held by Princess Yasmin Aga Khan’s Ancestors Returns to Skibbereen, Ireland, Sadruddin Noorani: ChandRaat – 1st of Dhu al-Hajj 1441 – July 21, 2020, Abbasid History Podcast (@AbbasidHistory): Dr. Khalil Andani (@KhalilAndani) on a brief history of Ismailism, Double Video Release: Shikwa (Soul’s Complaint) and Jawab e Shikwa (Lord’s Response) #Imamatday2020 Special Presentation, Quran, The Book of Divination- Poem by Amir Samji, ChandRaat – 21st June 2020 – 1st Dhu al-Qa’dah, 1441 Hijri: Seeking Forgiveness and Forgiving Others, The.Ismaili (USA): Leo Twins Virtual Concert, A Thank You Note from “Ismailis for Black Lives Matter” Campaign Organizers, Sadruddin Noorani: ChandRaat of Shawwal, (1441 Hijri) Eid al-Fitr, Farhan Shah: Girya o Zari – A Humble Supplication (Hamd) ft. Shahid Rehman, Sadruddin Noorani: Juma’atul-Wida- The Last Friday in the Month of Ramadan Before Eid-ul-Fitr, Nimira’s Blog: Fatimid art incorporated the doctrine of Imamat, The Museum Celebrating Greece’s link to the Islamic World, Illuminated Tours: Educational Tour to Turkey 2019 @ostadjaan, Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia: Qajar Ceramics – Bridging Tradition and Modernity, Honoring a legacy centuries in the making – Eric Broug’s new work, Best Practice in Islamic Geometric Design @99NamesProject @EricAuthor, Dubai Opens ‘Al Quran Park’ Featuring Miracles of Islam, Hafeez Jamal: “Literally creating Heaven on Earth” TEDxUTSC, British Museum’s new gallery shows the influence of Islam in the Middle East and beyond, Emperors & Jewels: A guy’s guide to wearing jewellery, Diverse Islamic Art Exhibition Opens at Middlebury College Museum of Art, Vermont, USA, A rare exhibition reveals how Medici Florence spurred an appreciation for the Islamic world, Ram Rahman photographs Humayun’s Tomb in the night sky, These are the best photographs of the Aga Khan Gardens in Alberta, Islamic art adorn walls of Colchester Arts Centre UK, Arab Art and Education Initiatives in the United States, Exhibition at the Parliament of Portugal “Ideals of Leadership: Masterpieces of the collections of the Aga Khan Museum”, Unity in Diversity: Pluralism fostered innovation in artistic styles | Nimira’s Blog, Amid an Anti-Muslim Mood, a Museum in Italy Appeals for Understanding | New York Times, Amin Mawani Salutes “Imam-e-Zaman” in New Geet (With Lyrics & Translations), Ameera Nimjee: Kathak: Stories in Motion- @KBTCtv Profile @KazmLaila, Walid Ehssan-HEARTist: The Return – توبه (repentance), Moving Still: Performative Photography in India, Javid a.k.a. Artist: Gulshan Jessa Toronto, Melo re hut
Composer:Sayyed Muhammed Shah Select any qasida recital from list by clicking on title. Waqas Ali and his team, Accompaniment: However, when poetry is translated into another language, the translator inevitably has to interpret the intent of the poet. Beautiful voices . Thank you. Qasida; Mara Ham Jan-U Ham Janan Ali Bud Mara Ham Dard-U Ham Darman Ali-Bud. Composer:Pir Sadardin, Composer: By Pir Hasan Kabiruddin

Golden Jubilee playlist ismaili ginan // Gujrati ginan. Composer: Various

Geet - Diamond Jubilee Ni Khushiali Anmol Chhe, Ginan - Jogi so jo jugaa jug jogi (Instrumental, Flute only). More details at the About section. Artist: Gulshan Jessa Toronto, Sate chalo Gulshan Jessa Toronto, Uth baithre Diamond Jubilee 2017 Ismaili Ginan Aye Mazhar Noor e Khuda //Farsi Qa... Golden Jubilee Playlist ismaili ginan // FARSI QASIDA, Golden Jubilee playlist ismaili ginan // Gujrati ginan. Romana Kassam’s Desire For Christmas Created ‘Khumas’, Ginans with Harvard Professor Dr. Ali Asani featuring melodies by Jamil Assani, Happy Mother’s Day – Ginan By Nasim Bhimji #Mothersday, Dedicated to Ismaili Women: Ginan with music, recited by Shemina Bhojani – Sayyeda Imaam Begum prays for mercy, Pir Sadardin’s Ginan: Hanif Gulamani’s rendition: Aasamaanee tambal. * A major Shi‘i dynasty which ruled Persia (1501–1732), Beautifully recited. Composer: Asif Meherali Go mad, go mad! Our deep gratitude to all the reciters, artists and translators. Raphael Warnock (Georgia, U.S.) Wednesday October 21, 2020, Farhan Shah, Shahid Rehman (Udan Khatola) and Special Presentation: “Saavan” feat. Sayyid Muhammad Shah, Accompaniment: Presentation: 4 Popular Ginans Medley (Instruments-Only ) – Flute, Violin and Tabla The.Ismaili (Canada) Virtual Event: Horizons Series: Music, Islam, and Spirituality – Devotional Music from South Asia Rehmat Ni Varsha - A Shower of Blessings (With Lyrics & Translations), Ginans Akharat (Day of Judgement – Afterlife), Ginans Ruhani Wela (Spiritual Enlightenment), Kalame Mawla (Complete Recital - Zul Dhanji), ILTIJA - A Prayer By Imran Keshwani (Devotional Song With Lyrics & Translations), “Saavan” - Farhan Shah & Shahid Rehman (Udan Khatola).

Artist: Gulshan Jessa Toronto. We do not have specific mobile apps at present for our Qasida, Kalame Mawla and Ginans-On-Demand services (unlike our radio which can be accessed through Android and iPhone Apps) but you can listen on your computer, tablet or even smartphone.

Results of search will appear as you enter your search term. Nasir Khusraw, the Ismaili Persian poet, philosopher and scholar, used it extensively for philosophical, theological and ethical purposes. Transports one into peace and entrancement. It is not affiliated to any official Ismaili organization. Next; Nine Ginans of Nine Ismaili Pirs A Brief History of Khoja Ismailis.
Artist: Gulshan Jessa Toronto, Soom nahi tu

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