[ULES-01561] Fate/Extra (English) - Publisher didnt release it on Italy, Portugal and Spain.

No-Intro decided that PSP dumps should ALWAYS contain the internal version number in the name, while Redump only includes the version number in the name if more than one version was released (at least for consoles. Thus, the UMD-PG format was born. Just to clear up some confusion, Redump.org is and always will be a public preservation project that is open to new contributors.New accounts can be requested here: http://forum.redump.org/forum/13/guests … -requests/For dumping CD's (with DiscImageCreator), the main hurdle is the need for a genuine Plextor drive.

A: No chance.

This is good news.

It's a database of console optical media metadata. The third one, Fate Extra, is the easiest to find, but really expensive and not released in some European countries.

Original, PlayStation 2 the Best, PlayStation 2 the Best Reprint: SLPS 25052 … Ace Combat 04: Shattered Skies: PS2: 1.00: Original, Greatest Hits: SLUS 20152 … Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War エースコンバット5 ~ジ・アンサング・ウォー~ PS2: 1.00: Original, PlayStation 2 … Finally, the PSP USA set is nearly completed, but still needs some help from USA users. Redump never will. For example PS2 discs.

Guys, please use the newest version of ss_sector_range: 1.0e.It will release a second security sector ranges on xbox360 ss.bin, which we would like to preserve as well.Download link is available in the guide. On behalf of iR0b0t, Jesus, God, Satan, the Deutsche Post and everybody else involved in this calamity, we wish to apologize for the sudden downtime and thank you for your patience.We want to ensure you guys that redump.org is here to stay. These three titles are the most hardest to add to Redump and only the help from the community will help to hunt them.

Learnt some new things today! Kind of "bookkeeping", to make sure everything is properly documented.

And what will have to change for the other secret DATs to be released? PC is a whole different beast). After all, Redump doesn't want to pay for any legal fees, as all legal fees would cut into our "buying discs to dump" budget. 3タイトルスペシャルディスク ~サルゲッチュ2・ポポロクロイス-はじまりの冒険-・ぼくのなつやすみ2~, 6月発売タイトル プロモーションディスク ~アコンカグア/ぼくのなつやすみ/TVDJ~, PSi Magazine Issue 36: Action Replay Max Lite, Artlist Collection THE DOG ISLAND -ひとつの花の物語-, Astérix & Obélix XXL 2: Mission: Las Vegum, • Bandai Playdia Quick Interactive System, • ZAPiT Games Game Wave Family Entertainment System, 10th Anniversary Memorial Save Data (Disc 2) (PlayStation 2 Taiou), 2003-nen Kaimaku: Ganbare Kyuukai-ou: Iwayuru Pro Yakyuu desu ne, 3 Title Special Disc: Saru! Can someone explain to a noob what this is?

Basically, some developers wanted to port some adult visual novels to the PSP. Thanks for the FAQ.

If you are a collector, and you are able to give us a hand, please, join us on our Discord, dumping PSP is really easy: Which really makes you think about why No-Intro ever started datting PSP discs. Firstly, we dat movies that came on a CD-i only format, so why not UMD-Video discs as well. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed. No-Intro decided that PSP dumps should ALWAYS contain the internal version number in the name, while Redump only includes the version number in the name if more than one version was released (at least for consoles.

As for the region, I think it should be just "Europe".

Those dats are public, and you have some recent games datted there! - The Sega dumping experts are getting close(r) to finishing off the Dreamcast USA + PAL Games.

Hello. As for why it was released now, check here. Somehow there's still a market for Wii games, though it appears to have trickled down to just Ubisoft.

Daily backups were still on the same HDD, so the last backup that was in possession of the admins was from November 3.After some weeks of radio silence, our admin iR0b0t finally informed us of the situation.

It still remains unclear why it took him so long to bring back the site, but what matters now is that the site is back up and that steps have been taken to prevent this from happening again: We are on a better server now with RAID1 and daily backups. These discs are identical, and yet we name them differently.

- The IBM PC section now has over 18.000 discs. I assume that it's not the actual files.

For instance http://redump.org/disc/3205/. How do they get the game IDs from these discs? Yup, it's just metadata. A: It can't be helped, really.

Kanzenban, 6-gatsu Hatsubai Title Promotion Disc: Aconcagua + Boku no Natsuyasumi + TVDJ, A Visual Mix: Ayumi Hamasaki Dome Tour 2001 A (Disc 1), A Visual Mix: Ayumi Hamasaki Dome Tour 2001 A (Disc 2), Action Man A.T.O.M. Regardless, the discs that Redump dats that use Steam are absolutely useless unless you actually own a key for that game. This game received a 300 limited copies release on Europe and all of them came with a download voucher outside the box. Choose whichever you think is best. After all, we are using the same methods to dump UMDs. Regardless of the fact that it makes no sense from a cartographic point of view, Sony treats Australia as part of Europe. After all, optical media is DEFINITELY Redump's domain.

Not hard to budget when your console only gets 1 game a year.

If you could help us with it, we would apreciate it a lot. Just UMD games (with the exception of the movie Stealth, which featured a playable demo for WipEout Pure). 3-nen B-gumi Kinpachi Sensei: Densetsu no Kyoudan ni Tate! I've been wanting to split the PC dats based on some form of time period, but this is such a herculean effort that it'll likely never happen. The (Japan) region continues to catch up, thanks to a small group of dedicated dumpers who continue to add new dumps each week.

50.000 discs. It's now been 10 years since we started our journey (nostalgia trip) and a lot has happened in those 10 years: Many people have come and gone and a lot of new systems and information have been added over the years.

This means a lot of people just bought it to resell or keep it sealed, making nearly impossible to find someone with a copy unsealed so we can document and dump the UMD. No-Intro has a few of these dumped, but not many. No idea if that answers your question but there ya go. It seems that the distribution on Europe was a mess as it only received a physical release on France and the game is f* hard to find. After all, optical media is DEFINITELY Redump's domain.

I think this is a mistake for two reasons. Anyway, in the last weeks ive been working really hard (and spending a lot of money coming from donations) to finish most of the non-regional releases on the Redump PAL Set. Which really makes you think about why No-Intro ever started datting PSP discs. Q: Is Redump going to make Wii visible to the public eventually?

In fact, in Redump's DB, if you set the filter to only include European dumps, Australia-only dumps will show up.

Sony basically said "We don't want any adult content on UMD-Game discs.... but if you can make your game work in the UMD-Video format, go ahead and release them".

It can be scraped for databases/front ends, to verify integrity of your own disc rips, etc.

However, No-Intro has helped us out with PSP dats in the past, and I'm sure that Redump people have helped No-Intro with their PSP dat.

Naming differences.

That aside, here are the main differences: No-Intro also dats UMD-Video discs.

There are a few other differences as well, but those are the big ones. PC is a whole different beast). Please, mind helping us, we really try to work hard for the community. Last November 17, the server HDD failed and our hoster apparently provided zero effort in recovering any data. Though there's an argument there, I'd say in volunteer projects like these people can and should do whatever they want. What's the point of dumping them if they aren't actually sharing the dumps? Many older USA dumps are currently being rechecked with modern tools to ensure that they are correct.As always, keep contributing! Then there's also IBM PC, our largest and most convoluted system, which also continues to have a steady stream of rare and not-so-rare discs added to the db each week.A huge thanks goes out to all the people who contributed to our database over the past 10 years, and we look forward all the new contributions from new and existing members in the years to come.

I would like people to pay atention to these three titles: [ULES-01360] Gensan (English - French - Spanish - German - Italian - Released) - ONLY in France - Not a single copy avaliable to buy - Barcode: 3760165160106, [ULES-01599] Elminage Original: Limited Edition (English).

These administrators have decided to be "better safe than sorry". Q: What about the IBM PC dats?

We hope some collector is able to help us with it. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, this hasn't stopped companies from sending takedown requests to similar sites, https://datomatic.no-intro.org/?page=show_record&s=62&n=1287. Thus, Redump should be more accurate, while No-Intro's dat should have more games.

- There are now more than 10.000 Sony PlayStation discs in the database! Their paranoia does seem unnecessary legally and makes things inconvenient but luckily there seem to be a few willing to let dats out despite the embargo.

Make the Grade, Aria: The Origination: Aoi Hoshi no El Cielo, Armored Core: Nexus (Disc 2) (Revolution), Artlist Collection: The Dog Island: Hitotsu no Hana no Monogatari, Asobi ni Iku yo! No-Intro also dats non-disc-based games for the PSP. It then took him another 2 months to finally bring back the site again on February 5. ).- Over 3.000 discs for other systems (including modern, as of yet undisclosed ones).A huge thanks goes out to our contributors and also the Video Game Preservation Collective (VGPC) for all their efforts. The second one, Elminage Original: Limited Edition, will probably be never provided unless a collector has mercy with us.

The info can be used in various applications.

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