section 5 section 125

[66] Rubrius invited the companions of that man here; Verres made them all sure what was the deed. section 98 To ensure the quality of comments, you need to be connected. section 32 section 157 He gave an account of this to him that there was a certain Philodamus who was easily among the most noblest of the Lampsacenes in terms of family, honor, wealth, and reputation; and that he had a daughter who was living with her father since she had not a husband, -a woman with extraordinary beauty- but that she was appreciated for her highest innocence and modesty. section 98 section 154

section 135 section 66 137, no. section 63 section 21 section 14 section 39

section 106 section 226 section 79 section 17 What shall I say about Lucius Mummius, who destroyed the most beautiful and most magnificent city, Corinth, most full of everything, and subjected many cities of Achia and Boeotia and swaying under the military power of the Roman People?Their homes, whilst flourishing with virtue and honour, were empty of statues and paintings; but indeed we see the whole city and the temples of the gods and all the parts of Italy adorned with their gifts and monuments. section 82 section 129 section 149 section 86 There is a town in the Hellespont, Lampsacus,gentlemen of the jury, among the first in the province of Asia in fame and nobility; the men of Lampsacus themselves are not only intensely attentive towards all the Roman citizens but also are very calm and orderly besides, almost exceeding the rest of the Greeks in being inclined towards their extreme leisure rather than towards any force of tumult. section 11 section 138 section 175 section 117 section 78 Instead, he took a two-pronged approach, by both inflating the vanity of the all-senator jury and making the most of Verres' early character. section 148 section 29 section 55 section 19 But I will exclude everything that can be denied, even I will abandon those things that are the most certain and the most clear; I will pick out another from his abominable deeds; by which I may finally be able to arrive to Sicily which imposed the burden of this occupation to me. {No one was found whose judgement and speech was not this that they ought to not fear that the senate and the Roman people would think that they ought to inflict punishment on this city, if the Lampsacenes were to avenge the execrable crime of this men here; and if the legates of the Roman people were to employ this law against the allied and foreign nations that they were not allowed to keep the chastity of their children safe from their desires, than it would be better to endure anything rather than to live in such violence and bitterness. section 114 Hic tum alius ex alia parte, "Enim vero ferendum hoc quidem non est; vocetur mulier!" section 71 section 40 Instead, he took a two-pronged approach, by both inflating the vanity of the all-senator jury and making the most of Verres' early character. section 28 section 183 section 30

What about L. Paulus, who surpassed king Perses with force and courage? Certainly the delight of virtue and victory that is felt is greater than that pleasure which is felt from lust and greed. section 83 section 29

section 76 section 73

section 60

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