This symbolizes the approach and condescension of the man of higher position to those beneath him. Its energy is represented as unrestricted by any fixed conditions in space and is therefore conceived of as motion. Every increase in power that comes to them benefits the whole of mankind and therefore does not bring decrease to others. He retreats and evades the issue. The present line designates the grandson's wife, who during the sacrifice passes by the ancestor and goes toward the ancestress. But since, under the circumstances, power actually lies with the weak, this sudden offensive is doomed to failure. The difficulties at the beginning are too great for some persons. Nature's richness lies in its power to nourish all living things; its greatness lies in its power to give then beauty and splendor. Perseverance brings good fortune. This principle of gradual development can be applied to other situations as well; it is always applicable where it is a matter of correct relationships of co-operation, as for instance in the appointment of an official. Modesty that comes to expression. Thus the superior man himself Brightens his bright virtue. He was given the title of king posthumously by his son Wu, who overthrew Chou Hsin, took possession of the Shang realm, and became the first ruler of the Chou dynasty, which in traditional chronology is dated 115o-249 B.C. Thus the superior man Is clear-minded and cautious In imposing penalties, And protracts no lawsuits. If there are ulterior motives, it is humiliating. Through the collective piety of the living members of the family, the ancestors become so integrated in the spiritual life of the family that it cannot be dispersed or dissolved. The ruler is modest and therefore open to the counsel of able men. One's comrades have something to talk about. If we continue mindful of the danger, we remain persevering and make no mistakes.

A concubine's position is lowly, but because she has a son she comes to be honored.

Thus in all his transactions the superior man Carefully considers the beginning.

When it is full and directly opposite the sun, its waning is inevitable.

When he finds himself in difficulties he must not try to steal out of them unthinkingly and without guidance. Furthermore, he must be quite free of selfish aims and must really relieve the need of the people. He must rouse himself inwardly, hasten to that which supports him. But the patience needed is not that of idle waiting without thought of the morrow. Only that which has been honestly acquired through merit remains a permanent possession. This hexagram is linked with the twelfth month (January-February), when after the winter solstice, the light power begins to ascend again.

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