The Howa 1500 is actually a design based on an early "L" series Sako. Performance is second to none!I’m defiantly a Howa customer for life if they keep to this high standard. Basically, it’s the best out-of-the-box trigger I’ve ever used. I shot this group: The group near the bullseye is a 5-shot group at 150 yards, slightly under 1/5th MOA (bullseye is 1/4″). Not fussy with ammunition.VERY impressed . I think you will like it. I have yet to use it hunting but at the range its awesome. They built numerous Arisaka rifles for the Japanese military in the Second World War, and the Howa-made Arisakas are widely considered to be among the most prized Japanese World War II rifles that collectors can get. I currently have the factory stock but, I am planning to buy a new stock and some better glass for it. I picked it up for about $600 with the stock which on its own retails for about $400.

On the more budget ended side of the spectrum, you have choices such as the Tikka T3 and Mossberg Patriot and the Ruger American and Savage Axis. The trigger is indeed amazing for a stock action. Shaun, at DJ Litt’s, had set the rifle up with a Leupold Tactical scope and, at 100 yards, the factory Remingtons, Federal and Norma ammunition, with bullet weights from 40 grains to 55 grains, all shot below the 1in mark or slightly over. Because of our hunting style there were some other factors I wanted to consider. PTG makes aluminum bottom metal for mag feed though I have not tried it. While the MDT chassis are designed and built for ultra-precision, Boyds’ stocks are for more common shooting. I purchased a Howa 1500 BA in .308 win fluted Varmint and fitted a GRS Berserk stock couldn't fault the rifle at all, once I got the right load for the rifle, under 1/2 moa was great to see on the target. I have a two Howa barreled actions in 6.5 CM and 223. with a 4+1 capacity it can carry plenty enough rounds to drop a few deer. I left the shop and was like liars! This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google
I shot this off a bag and rear bag set-up on top of a plywood bench, no concrete, lead sled or vice clamps. Check out our beginners guns video course. I tested 6 different ammo types and brands through that exact rifle, almost all of them were between 1/2 and 1 MOA – the only one that wasn’t was the cheap stuff I shot while breaking in the rifle. These are great BAs and for the price, very high value. Do better work, PPT. Both triggers are nice no creep crisp break and set between 2.5 and 3 pounds. I can take a set of calipers to it later tonight, either way, the MOA of the group is 100% accurate (Range Buddy app is awesome). Weatherby contracted Howa to build the 1500 for them then put their name on the rifle when shipped to the USA. However the 2 position safety is a different critter. This consistently shot MOA or better 3 shot groups including the cold bore zero. I recently purchased a Howa 20" heavy fluted .308 action from Brownells for a rediculous low price. The trigger is great for an out of the box trigger.

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