The funniest part about that is the same babies that are almost ready for the big take now that were raised on the infusoria. Thank you so much for all your help.

Peggy If you make a new post you will get more answers with a variety of ideas. Starting on the second day, offer them powdered fry food and continue with this food until they are released into the 5-gallon tank, usually at about 6 or 7 weeks old. unfortunately 3 months back a sickness went through and killed everyone but my golden snail and my one Cory.

Try it, it works great. Thanks for those details. Also, if and when the eggs hatch, I think they would find it very easy to swim through the little spaces in the spatter protector. i hope some of mine hatch. Just read this. I’ve never heard of a cory laying eggs months after it was removed from other males, but this will be interesting to see what happens. By powdered flake food do you mean normal flake food on blender?And how much should one feed?Also can we use real leaves instead of fake ones!I have an anubias barteri that i trim often,would that work?

I really like them and wouldn’t mind having a few babies but what should I do about the remaining babies ? ( I still try the powder every batch, i have all different ages in my nursery tank.) But I have also had mine lay eggs on wide leaf plants, so that’s another idea.

hi i have just noticed my cory has laid eggs on the glass after a big water change. Collect the eggs and place in a clean container.

Thank You. Nope. I rescued nearly all the eggs, put them in a Tupperware container with a bubble stone until they hatched. Apparently at least one egg made it!

Thank you very much.

I drain out most of the water and detritus carefully then pour the fry into the new one. Thank you. Thanks again. All fishkeeping is a game of strategy. I then gently roll the eggs from my fingers onto leaves I cut off of a plastic plant, placing 2-3 eggs on each leaf. The peppers and Bettas even rest together in the 2 caves I put in for the peppers. My LFS won’t take unless at least 1”. I treat the used container with a 10% chlorox solution and let sit a day before rinsing out followed by another day or so of drying. Never had a Cory lay eggs before, so I need a crash course in trying to raise these babies. Just make sure you get it crushed very, very tiny. Do not use a hang-on filter because it could suck up and damage the eggs. We can see the little dark spot inside the eggs! you read and agreed to the, Very nice! Hello after four years have hatched peppered Corey’s in tank.

I’m assuming if you’re using a plastic leaf, it will tend to float - so you want the eggs in the water, not on top of the leaf. Watching new (1) fry spotted half inch long Cory in main tank. Catfish. Turkey basters are great for that so sounds like we are set! All of my approximate 100 cories are getting big and ready to go to the LFS. Do you happen to have a Nerite snail? Add an air stone and an air pump to facilitate water flow. I have a 3 gallon tank.

I moved them to a grow up tank with my tiny guppy fry. They are a pinkish tan color is that the color they are supposted to be? It’s hard to say whether or not your eggs will hatch, but I would leave them and see what happens. I would just cut a leaf off the plant and stick the eggs onto them, and then place the leaves in the grow up tank or net breeder with the eggs facing DOWN in the water. If you click on some of our links in this post, we may earn a commission.

Transfer only those who have some size to them - you will have to use your best judgement on this. Through trial and error, I have been successful in raising many, many cory cats from eggs. #1 Hey all kinda new to this forum and just wondered how many eggs cory catfish lay and if i leave the eggs will the other corys eat the fry once they hatch, Report. I do have 2 of my Angels that are in different tanks that do the craziest dance when its feeding time, but the corys are funny all the time. I’m soooo excited! My angels like laying their eggs on 2 big anubias leaves also. Post pictures on the forum! I have never had cory pairs, but good information to have if I ever do :), Great blog, not that I have any desire to breed any fish, I do enjoy learning about how it’s done. The reason I use a breeder net at first is that it’s easier to feed them, watch them, and they don’t have far to swim to the surface for air. I read your blog and tried again... and sure enough I hatched 3 (at least) babies! GFAJ - thank you for the comment!

This was the best explanation about corys I have seen so far.

The shops should know male from female (the females are larger than the males). Exciting!

A razor blade will remove the egg case. The answer is....I’ve only raised peppered and bronze cores. Mum will eat the egg often about 30 seconds later. Below you will find a list of tips for setting up a breeding tank: Cichlid Breeding Care Guide: Mouthbrooders & Substrate-Spawners, Gourami Bubble Nest – Breeding, and Common Gourami Species.

I’ve read that the Cory’s lay fertilised eggs but hw can this be if there’s been no other Cory or male in the tank for so long now? I have albino Corie’s cats.

Before releasing them, cover your filter intake with a filter sponge.

I even scrub new ones as they sometimes have a film of somekind of chemical I mix a drop in an 8 oz tumbler and eye dropper some into the collection container with eggs. It looked like all the eggs got a fungus and I was really disappointed. Thanks again will advice on how it goes.

Your eggs should have hatched by now, so please let me know how things are going!! Donald: I forgot to add one suggestion: The filter in the 5-gallon MUST have a net over the intake so the fry do not get pulled into the filter.

Without rocks in the grow-up tank, it’s easier to keep an eye on the tiny babies. I appreciate your kind comments :), I have just witnessed my Albino Cory breeding, so transferred the parents to a different tank as they were in the community one, this tank was not ready for them so has a substrate and plants in it. What is the gestation period of Corys? She laid a load of eggs in a net nursery in our tank.

To transfer the babies from the net to the tank, use a small tightly woven fish net. Cories lay between 25 and 125 eggs. It seems they release eggs quite often. I acquired a big group of longfin Albinos recently. I m rather hoping they’ll spawn and that I can raise some of them, and this will help a lot if they start doing the happy dancing! They have an egg sack. How long does it take for them to hatch?

By then most or all of the chlorox residue is gone. (I’ll now go back and add this tid bit of info to the blog :), this was a very informative read, tyvm. Wow. Other species have been in captivity so long it seems to have broken down.

I have white & bluish grey colored cory cat’s. Put the eggs into a container filled with tank water. i have a spare 10 gallon tank and i can take one of the filters from my 30 to use on it. How to upgrade from a 10 gallon to a 20 gallon tank. The egg development time is in the article.

I learned so much.They have given me so much pleasure and laughter. I just hatched my first baby cory cats! Fill the tank to about 50% capacity with de-chlorinated water — match the water chemistry to the main tank, if possible. So, no, these eggs will not hatch. So... what do you think?

I have a row of lava rock along the back of the tank.

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