Sometimes they’ll include recommendations for other related newsletters or services we offer. Please Register or Log in to add a comment. Navy Cadets at training on H.M.S. A fourth thunderous explosion resulted, probably the magazine going up, disintegrating the Barham, taking 862 men with her in three minutes. "We climbed over the guard rail and started running down the side of the ship. The team which located the wreck 3,000 metres below … "If I hadn't dived headfirst and knocked myself out, I would be dead, too.". But the crew sensed that the boat was still continuing its descend – but the depth gauge said they were level at 250 feet. Three explosions were heard – one, two, three - and one or more of the torpedoes hit near a magazine. ", When you subscribe we will use the information you provide to send you these newsletters. Lilly died in 2007, aged 86. The HMS Royal Oak was torpedoed by U-47 in Scapa Flow and the HMS Barham was torpedoed by U-331 (Tiesenhausen) in the Mediterranean. However, as the ship plunged to the sea floor, a surge of water pushed Richard upwards. I was trying to push myself away when I got blown away by this massive explosion as the magazine went up. The enemy struck at 4.25pm as Richard was on a tea break and talking with a friend. Richard Laland had a miracle escape when his ship was sunk off the coast of Egypt in 1941, It's more important than ever to stay informed - Get free LeicestershireLive alerts direct to your inbox. … Of the 1,184 officers and men on board, 841 were killed.

HMS Cumberland undergoes "Pre-Wetting" trials - a new radioactivity protection process. He could not identify what ship it was, just that it was a British battleship. Full title reads: "HMS BARHAM 1914 - 1941". The maximum crush depth of the Type VII was 650 feet. Von Tiesenhausen anxiously waited for news of the sinking to be announced by the Admiralty. Will Leicestershire rubbish tips be open in second lockdown? Caledonia. They were astonished, not only to have survived the lethal depths below, but the hull which should have been crushed, did not as much as spring a leak. Nevertheless, the magnitude of losses likened the British to their own version of “Pearl Harbor” during these forty days, that it temporarily broke the Royal Navy’s command of the Mediterranean. The crash dive on the U-331 was going out of control. Various shots of HMS (H.M.S) Hood, the £6,000,000 warship. "We were standing by a … (Mute & Track Negs. Meanwhile, the fighting in Africa had reached to new intensities.

Richard worked as a shop floor foreman at Ratby Engineering, in Leicester, until 1982. Tags. Our. Huge palls of smoke rising from the stricken ship. Having dropped off a German commando party at Libya on November 17 (which was to blow up a British military train), the U-331 was patrolling submerged on the morning of November 25 near the British base at Alexandria, Egypt. Mediterranean. Libellous and abusive comments are forbidden. When VE Day arrived, he was escorting an Arctic convoy north of Norway. He had reported to Donitz that he had torpedoed a battleship, but in the depths below, he was critically concerned about his crush depth than to worry about the enemy above. The third battleship sunk was the HMS Prince of Wales, the most powerful and modern warship in the Royal Navy when she was torpedoed and bombed by Japanese aircraft. Reassigned to the Mediterranean Fleet, she was damaged by the French battleship Richelieu during an attempt to capture Dakar on September 1940.

Richard Laland is one of only two survivors from the doomed battleship HMS Barham still alive today, A Leicester hero in war and peace will be remembered, Famous city author lived in a ‘mystery bungalow’, Meet our Heroes of Leicestershire 2017 - and read their stories of courage, compassion and dedication, Local schoolgirl, 15, dies with cousin in Greek island parasailing tragedy, Jessica Hayes was 'beautiful, bubbly and extremely popular', Live updates: A42 closed after crash near Ashby, Updates: Main road in Wigston closed after 2-car crash near McDonalds, Government confirms what shops and businesses will close from Thursday, Downing Street has released a provisional list of what it classes as essential and non-essential, How Leicester and Leicestershire Covid rates compare with other places as new lockdown looms. It should be noted however that not all of the attacks occurred in the Mediterranean or were the direct result of U-boats. The HMS Barham, assigned to the Mediterranean Fleet under Admiral Sir Andrew Cunningham. Three explosions were heard – one, two, three - and one or more of the torpedoes hit near a magazine. HMS Barham floating on side at sea. It is also renowned for the shocking footage – shown on Pathe News and more recently watched almost two million times on YouTube – recording the listing ship being blown to pieces when its magazine exploded. As the huge ship, the HMS Valiant bore down on them, finally at the last moment, the U-331 slid beneath the waves and the battleship passed harmlessly overhead. "We were standing by a ladder two decks below on the mess deck when there was a huge explosion," he said. U-boat captains used to joke of an itchy neck that could only be cured by administering the red, white and black ribbon of the Knight's cross on the neck. Lorry driver from Leicestershire admits killing young cyclist in horror crash, Herbert Wyatt, from Thurnby, caused the death of a 25-year-old woman in a collision in Derby, 'Uncertainty' over future of Leicestershire market town's showground, 'This is a very important asset to the whole of the district', Leicester Tissue Company sold in deal worth up to £42m, Family-run firm supplies 27 countries with loo and kitchen roll, Coronavirus: How neighbouring areas compare to Leicestershire, Nottingham fares worst with Rutland doing the best, First McDonald's restaurant in Rutland opening its doors, It was the only county in England where the fast food giant did not have an outlet, Leicestershire attraction Twycross Zoo announces closure and asks for public's help so that it can survive, "We are here again and heartbroken that we find ourselves in such a difficult position once more", Every word Brendan Rodgers said on Wesley Fofana, Luke Thomas, Cengiz Under after win at Leeds, The Leicester City manager's post-match press conference in full following the 4-1 victory at Leeds United that kept up their 100 per cent away record this season, 'I was a fit and healthy 25-year-old - until I got coronavirus', Lindsay Broadwell says she has still not fully recovered months after being infected, St Paul's Catholic School in Leicester confirms another student tests positive coronavirus, Some pupils have been sent home to self-isolate, First freeze expected tonight with temperatures down to -1C, It comes just 3 days after night time temperatures only got down to 17C, Supermarket starts price war with 2p off petrol and more off diesel, All the chain's filling stations in the country are slashing the price of fuel.

The 92-year-old, from Leicester, miraculously escaped death when the ship was sunk by a German U-boat torpedo off the coast of Egypt on November 25, 1941. Afterall, he did not know which ship he had attacked. Old Sandancer. "It always takes me back to that day in November 1941," he said. "We looked at each other and said, 'right, let's get up top!'.

Clinging to a piece of wreckage, Richard was picked up by an Australian destroyer, along with other survivors.

Divers filming a BBC documentary have found the wreck of HMS Ark Royal, the famous wartime aircraft carrier. The British withheld news of the sinking, and in the absence of evidence, Donitz withheld his praise saying only that the attack was “very satisfactory”. "We had no idea there were U-boats in the area.". The new measures are set to start on Thursday. The connection of the U-boat threat with these sinkings was clearly evident as of these three battleships sunk, two were the direct result of U-boat attacks.
A member of the Wigston branch of the Royal Naval Association, he is a member of the HMS Barham Association. Rommel’s Afrika Korps dug in at El Agheila and another stalemate in the North African desert campaign ensued. explains more about how we use your data, and your rights.

The Queen Elizabeth class warship was the only British battleship to be sunk at sea by a U-boat during the conflict. Not registered? But she had just passed by and he was forced to target the second battleship in line, the HMS Barham. When Richard came round, he was underwater. The U-331, commanded by von Tiesenhausen was one of the Type VIIs who made its harrowing entry into the Mediterranean. Barham was actually the 2nd British battleship to be sunk by a U0-Boat. The HMS Barham was one of five fast battleships of the Queen Elizabeth class. The Kriegsmarine was to put an end to the Royal Navy’s dominance of the Mediterranean and to halt all British attacks on Rommel’s supply ships. According to the manufacturer’s specifications, they should have been crushed by now. Thereafter, she saw some action in Libya, where her 15 inch guns were put to good effect against Rommel’s forces entrenched in Bardia. Tiesenhausen ordered for a second reading from the forward room compartment.

"I'm one of only two survivors from the ship left," he said. We always welcome comments and more information about our films.All posts are reactively checked. (Mute & Track Negs.) Your comment states: This is the only British battleship sunk by the U-boat during this war. It was unable to provide the much needed support for the British’s 8th Army Operation Crusader, and partly as a result, the 8th Army was bogged down and ran out of steam at Libya.
Beginning on November 10 1941, and for the next 40 days, the Axis forces combined had sunk the aircraft carrier Ark Royal, an escort carrier Audacity, two battleships the Prince of Wales and Barham, the battlecruiser Repulse, three cruisers the Dunedin, Neptune and Galatea, seriously damaged two battleships the Queen Elizabeth and Valiant, plus damage to many other warships. He fired all four torpedoes, and immediately the U-331 popped to the surface, having just released four tons of weight from the boat.

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