I have her at level 90 with all skills maxed, artifacts activated, and glyphs and she STILL totally sucks. For power upgrades you have to improve their armour with insignias and runes like that of a player. High armor, excellent damage skills and vampirism but no self heals besides that and no stun etc.. What makes him a great tank is he deals a lot of damage while healing from it and thus belongs in a physical damage party. armor but she gains dodge for her and the team and has a stun. Between now and player level 80 or so, they should be your main focus. Martha, Celeste and/or Maya are a must. I’m sorry. She combines both being tanky and being a support. Basics of a team: 1 Tank.
You’re collecting some heroes based on events taking place in game and maybe farming some soul stones along the way. Depending on how many gems you have, you can go with either gems or potions until 80-82. You need to keep your team level as low as possible. And we mean it. The one trick pony will be K’arkh so we use Kai to trigger his skills. One team should be physical damage based and one should be magic damage based so that you can split resources effectively. The ability to auto-raid is worth the small expenditure. Many people cut off the gem spending at 82 and work their way up to the 100 solely with pots. which means that you wasted resources and got nothing for them [Edit: Just to be clear, I do NOT recommend making Ishmael your main hero]. Having been a gamer his entire life, Jack is interested in multiple genres of both desktop and mobile games. Her artifact will increase team armor which is good. Just find a comfy spot and ration your willpower resources to last through this entire marathon. The others are much more valuable, save your points for those. Now you have more options available. An excellent tank is defined by adding: he deals a lot of damage! We know, it sounds very counter-intuitive, but your heroes’ health will replenish after every fight. Good luck and Godspeed. That is my guide to each hero in the game! Title based PvE-only skills are unavailable to heroes. If you want to individually flag the remaining heroes aswell, you have to assign keybinds. That’s our take on a tier list of the best heroes in Hero Wars, as well as the best heroes in specific categories. Most of the information applies to Web and Social Media versions, but there are some differences. Important: This skill itself does not deal damage to enemies.This skill just drags the enemy into the storm and attach “Mark of Water” to them. Here are some of the very best attacker heroes in Hero Wars. I’m so eager to answer you, but unfortunately, the author who wrote this guide no longer works with me. You’re starting to separate heroes into teams that are physical and magical and not just making hodge-podge teams of whoever is highest in power. Her artifact gives Magic Armor which can be great. The other 10% of your resources go to your B-Team. When filling in a team for an Expedition (Airship), fill it in from the bottom of your champ list. Astaroth, Jorgen, Orion, Dorian, Helios, But I was also thinking about using: You’ll get a bunch of them in the first month alone. So, I’m working a Keira-Qing Mao team with Astaroth, Thea, and Dark Star (all at Blue), but I’m wondering if I should switch my Astaroth for my Galahad.

Given this, you might as well try to forego the tank and healer positions completely. Let it run, watch some TV or engage with other humans and when you remember the ad is probably over, just close it and yay you got stuff, on to the next one. Usually they do not deal damage but have some crowed control skills. What’s the best servant Not sure, been playing. Great guide. Open the control options (standard hotkey: F11) and select Action: Command Hero 4/5/6/7. Once your account is created, you'll be logged-in to this account. Besides that, Jhu has great attack stats, but like many attacker heroes, he lacks a bit on the defense side. Then, from 31 to 51, it will cost an additional 3,660 gems or 18,300 more potions. Krista is best paired with Lars, as he can activate the marks Krista leaves on enemies with some skills. Clearing the tower is one of the best ways to accumulate the resources you need to level your heroes. For those who attack in manual mode, however, Angus can be replaced with Sigurd. Get everyone else that’s a campaign hero to three stars at least then just stop investing in the soulstones and focus on items. Avg. Do you have any thoughts you can share about those options and the kinds of things I can think about for building one of these teams? If you don’t have support heroes; stack DPS instead or toss in a backup healer. Generally speaking, when you start, you can safely invest in Astaroth and Galahad and have no worries; they’re good for the long haul.

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