bytes dd 0040004ch      141q1621b ;    pop ax r=1 then ncr=n Change ), 2IT201-Microprocessor Architecture and Programmin, Evolution of Microprocessor Up To Now Shared by 13BIT162(Dushyant Chandegra), Evolution of Microprocessor Up To Now Shared By 13BIT162(Dushyant Chandegra), Evolution of Microprocessors Published by ISHANI SHAH      141q1621b ;    je exit mov bx,d neg bx mov ch,a[DI-1+BX] pop bx ... No, if you want to mask an IRQ line you have to set the bit. Get hold of all the important CS Theory concepts for SDE interviews with the CS Theory Course at a student-friendly price and become industry ready. ax,1     141q1621b ;    ;divides ax by 2 to get total no      141q1621b ;    dec dx res dw ? Problem – Write an assembly language program for calculating the factorial of a number using 8086 microprocessor Examples – Input : 04H Output : 18H as In Decimal : 4*3*2*1 = 24 In Hexadecimal : 24 = 18H Input : 06H Output : 02D0H as In Decimal : 6*5*4*3*2*1 = 720 In Hexadecimal : 720 = 02D0H      141q1621b ;    .stack 64      141q1621b ;    mov bx,0 18.To Check if the Printer is online and print a array db 55h,22h,33h,55h,45h,11h,66h,44h      141q1621b ;    inc Arrange numbers in ascending order. Adding CS.base and IP gives a starting... XOR operation the constant 0x8000 (for 16bit) with the register you want to change.      141q1621b ;    div bx end main, ;13. I don't know whether (and I don't think) that's possible. go_on:      141q1621b ;    mov ah,0 8.      141q1621b ;    mov ah,4ch

to sort in descending order,using selestion sort, ;3.      141q1621b ;    .model small      141q1621b ;    mov dl,10h      141q1621b ;    lea dx,msg Why call instruction opcode is represented as FF15?

     141q1621b ;    je action      141q1621b ;    lea dx,msgsuc      141q1621b ;    mov si,00h ;5.      141q1621b ;    .model small ;18.      141q1621b ;    jmp again      141q1621b ;    mov When you start up the machine, straight out of reset, CS (the code segment) has this value: selector: 0ffffh base: 0ffff0h and IP (the instruction pointer), has the value 00000h. num equ 3      141q1621b ;    .stack 64 outlup:

     141q1621b ;    ret      141q1621b ;    page 60,80 Your code can work if the count in CX is exactly equal to the actual length of the message. pass: ;store difference in d[] bx     141q1621b ;  ;      141q1621b ;    inc nc hexcode db '0123456789abcdef' msg db 'Memory size in Kilo bytes='      141q1621b ;    dec bx If the Given Number is a 16-bit number, the AX register is automatically used as the second parameter and the product is stored in the DX:AX register pair. ;if n=1, fact=1  else fact=n*fact(n-1)      141q1621b ;    mov ax,@data      141q1621b ;    int 21h int b=0;) on the stack. What you need is mov r8, r/m8. If you like GeeksforGeeks and would like to contribute, you can also write an article using or mail your article to      141q1621b ;    mov dh,oldrow ;al=no of cols[80]      141q1621b ;    mov cx,40      141q1621b ;    shr      141q1621b ;    db ' Not found',cr,lf,'$'      141q1621b ;    cmp si,08 ;1   Write an      141q1621b ;    .model small For example : INT 0x10 is used for screen manipulation AH=0x00 -> set video mode AX=0x1003 -> Set Blinking mode AH=0x13 ->... You can only have varying address components in processor registers.      141q1621b ;    .data ;     141q1621b ;  byte of the record.Message should be displayed      141q1621b ;    mov ascres,dh search was a failure      141q1621b ;    int 10h GCD of 4 unsigned 16 bit numbers ;Main program sucmsg:

r=n-1 then ncr=n hexcode db '0123456789abcdef'      141q1621b ;    ret

     141q1621b ;    mov ah,00h      141q1621b ;    mov Take the sting and the substring from the user. prompt db 'Enter Password & then (Max 40 chars)',cr,lf,'$' d db 8 dup(?)

main:      141q1621b ;    loop again      141q1621b ;    int 21h      141q1621b ;    push ax Then, assuming you are really wanting to compare the code ... : use a hex... 0x48 0xe8 0x20 0x97 0x40 0x08 Translates to: 48 e8 20974008 | | | | | +------ Offset (As of opcode) | +----------- Opcode (CALL) +-------------- REX prefix 48: REX prefix 0100 1000 | |||| | |||+-- B - Extension to MODRM.rm or SIB.base | ||+--- X - Extension... You'll have to insert the appropriate (for system) code to check for a waiting keystroke.      141q1621b ;    mov bx,si      141q1621b ;    mov ah,09h      141q1621b ;    mov cx,3 17.Move a string of characters on the CRT      141q1621b ;    page 60,80      141q1621b ;    mov bx,si_ze      141q1621b ;    push multiword

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