Palladino, B. E., Nocentini, A., & Menesini, E. (2012). A., Ruiz-Hernández, J. That hot-spot supervision and specific strategies for dealing with bullying scenarios when it occurs are effective methods for preventing school-bullying perpetration and victimization. 2012; Smith 2010). To be included in the systematic review, primary studies must: (1) describe an evaluation of a school-based …


London: Sage Publications. Gaffney et al. A., Llor-Zaragoza, L., Pérez-García, M., & Llor-Esteban, B. Prevalence rates of drug use among school bullies and victims: a systematic review and meta-analysis of cross-sectional studies. Specifically, intervention programs conducted in Europe significantly reduced bullying perpetration by around 13%, while interventions conducted in Scandinavian countries significantly reduced bullying perpetration by around 20%. 2001). Same- and other-sex victimization: are the risk factors similar? Article  Paul A. Smith covers outdoors and conservation issues. Ttofi, M. M., Farrington, D. P., Lösel, F., & Loeber, R. (2011a).

Recent research has highlighted the various forms that bullying can take, not only amongst school children and adolescents but also between adults too, particularly within the workplace environment (Kowalski et al. Searches were also conducted for unpublished reports.

(3000092008) - South Korea STM eJournal Con - Academic 2015-2017 (3991460765) - Seoul National University (2000280714) - South Korea Trial Consortium (3001948335) - 5539 SpringerLink South Korea KESLI Full eJournal Consortium - Academic (3000175460) - 8064 South Korea KESLI Korean Consortium (3000251005) - 9823 SpringerLink South Korea Shinwon (3000699960) - 5539 SpringerLink South Korea KESLI Full OJA Consortium - (3000171421) - South Korea Trial Consortium (3000522537).

Williford, A., Elledge, L. C., Boulton, A. J., DePaolis, K. J., Little, T. D., & Salmivalli, C. (2013). International Journal of Behavioral Development, 35(5), 405–411. International Journal of Public Health, 58(2), 237–245. Bullying (ijime) and related problems in Japan: history and research. Mahwah: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates. Interventions on bullying and cyberbullying in schools: a systematic review. The Lancet, 337(8746), 867–872. Following more in-depth screening of the methodologies and results of the remaining studies, 133 studies were excluded because they (1) reported irrelevant outcomes; (2) did not have an adequate control group; or (3) did not meet the specified methodological criteria. A., Llor-Esteban, B., & Pérez-García, M. (2012). Recommended items to bring with on your day with Eric: -Wisconsin Fishing License (Great Lakes stamp when applicable).

Article Tackling acute cases of school bullying in the KiVa anti-bullying program: a comparison of two approaches. 2014). Cantone, E., Piras, A.P., Vellante, M., Preti, A., Daníelsdóttir, S., D’Aloja, E., … & Bhugra, D. (2015). We also identified singular evaluations conducted in Austria (Yanagida et al.

Virtual learning intervention to reduce bullying victimization in primary school: a controlled trial. Moreover, the OBPP involved in-class group exercises and discussions, as did the KiVA and ViSC programs. Overall, the results of our meta-analysis are consistent with previous findings and show that school-based anti-bullying programs are effective in reducing bullying perpetration and victimization. Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry, 51(1), 104–112. Across 12 evaluations, the OBPP reduced bullying perpetration by approximately 26%. Intensive training is also provided for staff, and regular staff discussion groups are held. The KiVa antibullying curriculum and outcome: does fidelity matter?

Fish for Brown Trout and Steelhead, Includes heated ice shacks, bait, and all necessary equipment.

were coded as the region “Europe,” and studies conducted in the USA or Canada were coded as “North America.” Evaluations conducted in Finland, Norway, or Sweden were coded as the region “Scandinavia,” but, an additional category (named EU) was created to encompass all European studies (i.e., inclusive of Scandinavian countries).

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