During his period as acting co-leader, the party's polling dropped from 12% to 6%, leading to some Lib Dem insiders calling him "Sir 6%".[110]. "[143], In another change of view upon becoming leader of the Liberal Democrat Party, Ed Davey no longer supports the United Kingdom rejoining the European Union, describing the idea that people would want to consider re-joining the EU in two or three years time as "being for the birds", and has pledged that the Liberal Democrat Party will not campaign to rejoin the EU.[144][145]. [47][59][60][61][62][63] Domestically, Davey focused on increasing competition in the energy market by removing barriers to entry for smaller companies, and streamlining the customer switching process, declaring in 2013 that “competition works.”[64][65] He also approved the construction of Hinkley Point C nuclear power station. [28] He was one of the contributors to the Orange Book (2004).

In January 2016 Davey was appointed as a part-time consultant to. Hosted by NationBuilder. He has been highly critical of price controls such as those proposed by former Labour leader Ed Miliband; he considers them to be detrimental to competition and lowering prices for consumers.

He believes Britain should be open to foreign investment, except for investment tainted by “smells that you have from Putin.

[52] Also in 2011, Davey announced several reforms to the labour market, mainly aimed at improving labour market flexibility. Emily then stood for election as a councillor for the three seat Norbiton Ward in 2018, as part of the Royal Borough of Kingston Council and topped the poll with 20% of the vote.

[67][68][69][70], In October 2013, during a BBC Newsnight segment on energy bills, in a controversy that was termed by some media as "Jumpergate", Davey was asked by BBC presenter Jeremy Paxman on whether or not he wore a jumper (to stay warm) at home, to which Davey replied that he did but stressed that competition and energy efficiency were the solutions to lowering energy bills. He served as a Liberal Democrat Spokesperson to Charles Kennedy, Menzies Campbell and Nick Clegg from 2005 to 2010. [91][92][93][94] Political commentator Gary Gibbon speculated that due to Davey's association with the Orange Book wing of the party, the tenuousness of Danny Alexander's parliamentary seat, and David Laws' unwillingness, the role of 'heir' would naturally fall to Davey. [12], On 26 February 2008, Davey was suspended from parliament for the day for ignoring a warning from the Deputy Speaker. Davey, Edward; Hunter, Rebecca. ", "Ed Davey: The lowdown from a possible future Lib Dem leader", "Kingston & Surbiton parliamentary constituency – Election 2017", "Ed Davey rules out standing for Lib Dem leadership", "House of Commons – Register Of All-Party Parliamentary Groups as at 28 September 2017: Korea", "House of Commons – Register Of All-Party Parliamentary Groups as at 31 January 2018: Charity Retail", "House of Commons – Register Of All-Party Parliamentary Groups as at 6 June 2018: Ahmadiyya Muslim Community", "House of Commons – Register Of All-Party Parliamentary Groups as at 6 June 2018: Land Value Capture", "Sir Vince Cable triggers Lib Dem leadership contest with new leader set to be in place by July 23", "Lib Dem leadership race: Sir Ed Davey announces his candidacy to succeed Sir Vince Cable", "Lib Dems: Jo Swinson elected new leader", "BBC – Jo Swinson steps down as Lib Dem Leader", "House of Commons Hansard Debates for 05 Apr 2011 (pt 0002)", "House of Commons Public Bill Committee : Postal Services Bill", "U.K.'s Davey Rebuffs Fears on Chinese Nuclear Investment", "Edward Davey delivers the Dudley Newitt Lecture on the Energy Challenge", "Ed Davey MP: Coalition will restore liberty to the people", "Ed Davey: this is a pro-European coalition", "Ed Davey: Boris Johnson "has betrayed his country, "Treating tech giants like the enemy won't help fight extremism", "Amber Rudd is making enemies in the tech sector", "U.K.

Their son has speech difficulties, leading to Davey's interest in speech therapy.

Davey identifies as a liberal politically, telling magazine Total Politics: “I personally think liberalism is the strongest political philosophy in the modern world.

He lost his seat in the 2015 general election, but regained it in the snap election held two years later.
A member of the Liberal Democrats, Davey previously served in the Cameron–Clegg coalition as Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change from 2012 to 2015 and Deputy Leader to Jo Swinson from 2019 to 2020.

Davey was one of two candidates running for leader in the Liberal Democrats leadership election, competing with Layla Moran. Davey's appointment as Global Partner and non-Executive director of private equity investor Nord Engine Capital was announced in February 2016. For the architect and politician in St. John's, Newfoundland, see, Leader of the Liberal Democrats, MP for Kingston & Surbiton, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Business, Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change: 2012–15, 2020 Liberal Democrats leadership election, Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Employment Relations and Postal Affairs, Liberal Democrat Spokesperson for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, Liberal Democrat Spokesperson for Home Affairs, Employment Relations, Consumer and Postal Affairs, Liberal Democrat Home Affairs spokesperson, UK should have a referendum on staying in the EU, Conservative – Liberal Democrat Coalition Agreement, Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, prosecution for perverting the course of justice, "RESULT: Lib Dem Ed Davey takes Kingston & Surbiton seat from Conservatives – South West Londoner", "Election 2015: Liberal Democrat Ed Davey loses to Tories", "Jo Swinson quits as Lib Dem leader with Sir Ed Davey and Baroness Sal Brinton to take over", "Sir Ed Davey and Baroness Sal Brinton will become the joint acting leaders of the Liberal Democrats following Jo Swinson's election defeat, the party has said", "Liberal Democrats: Edward Davey MP, Kingston & Surbiton", "House of Commons Hansard Debates for 6 June 1997 (pt 14)", "Early day motion 1206 – The Greenwich Judgement", "News release from Edward Davey – Gaming in Social clubs", "Early day motion 259 – GAMING MACHINES IN CLUBS", "Hospital finance director 'sacked for whistleblowing, "Finance directors sacking highlights Stalinist NHS, says MP | Public Finance", "House of Commons Standing Committee A (pt 7)", "Malala: We must talk to the Taliban to get peace", Government ministers and responsibilities, Cameron's government: A guide to who's who, "Ministerial responsibilities announced at the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills", "Business Secretary welcomes Free Trade Agreement signature", "House of Commons – Business, Innovation and Skills Committee – Minutes of Evidence", "Coalition MPs in bid to find common agenda on European policy", "Eurosceptic Tories are damaging the national interest – and their chances of winning the next election", "Likeminded European Ministers meet to talk about growth – GOV.UK", "EU – South Korea trade pact to boost local firms – minister", "House of Commons General Committee : Draft European Union (Definition of Treaties) (Republic of Korea Free Trade Agreement) Order 2011 (17 January 2012)", "Postal workers to protest against privatisation", "Unions attack plans to reform employment laws", "Sackings to be made easier and payouts cut in war on red tape", "Tackling employment law red tape – GOV.UK", "Ed Davey denies he is after Clegg's job", "Green Growth Group Ministers' statement – next steps on the EU 2030 Climate and Energy Policy Framework – GOV.UK", https://www.ippr.org/files/images/media/files/event/2014/02/speech-Davey-as-delivered_140213.pdf, "Edward Davey speech: Ambitious and Flexible – Europe's 2030 Framework for Emissions Reduction – GOV.UK", "Opening up the energy markets; speech to Energy UK – GOV.UK", "UK Minister Visits Korea for Green Partnership with Korea", "Energy Bills: Jumpergate Is Unravelling", "No.
Davey was born in Mansfield in Nottinghamshire, in which he attended Nottingham High School.

[22][23] Davey condemned the NHS bureaucracy as “Stalinist” and called for an inquiry into Perkin's case,[24][25] while personally meeting trust executives to discuss the case on behalf of Perkin.

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