It's a serious problem when it's cold out! We are finding that the boom length on the Catalina 30's is varying from boat to boat. Did you ever get this figured out?

Boat Flooring.

Example: A 30" x 68" inside opening, would use a 36" x 72" screen.On the tapered screens, the tapering begins at the halfway point of the length, 34" and 39" respectively. I have installed the doors on my H260 and I am very pleased with the result.

I made a similar setup for our previous boat, an O'Day 23.

Tongue & Groove. Did I say, they look great too?...well they do, and I can still use the slats whenever.

Zacor offered me the opportunity t send them the stainless and they would tap for me.

The doors also seem to keep out more hot air than the original boards so my air conditioning does a better job too! they no longer make them!

They work great.

Shout Out. The track for the boards is still there, if we ever need them offshore. They are pricey, but I can't imagine doing without them after three seasons of use. Don't get it too tight. hatch1.jpg. I'm wondering about taking a swim noodle and cutting it to fit into the gaps.

The doors look perfect and work flawlessly. IN THE BEST I have a 2005 Hunter 36 and I bought these doors at the Annapolis Boat Show in 2008 or 2009, and they have looked and functioned perfectly ever since. Easy Peasy. We specialize in parts, custom up-grades, and accessories. Zarcor has changed this by replacing those pesky hatch boards with their award winning Companionway Doors.

Thirdly it will block the draft and rain water from entering that way. has the parts and accessories you need for your Catalina sailboat.

Had to buy something else and make it work. But that was really a minor issue. They look fantastic. Thanks again for your help via your cell phone on Saturday.

Not only is the Zarcor cockpit table the most economical option by far it is the highest quality product you could hope for! We watched the dvd and installed them in an hour or so one afternoon. Has cutouts on port side for instruments.

Zarcor's products are of the highest quality and the company offers excellent customer service!

We are finding that the boom length on the Catalina 30's is varying from boat to boat.

Would love to hear some ideas. Second it will brace the door in case you take a wave or something over the stern. My wife Deedee and I keep a Hunter 38 in San Diego Bay. Doesn't really seal, but does cut down on the draft a lot. I also love to sit on the Stern Perch seats and steer the boat with my toes!

... Catalina, Luger C-27, Adventure 30 Marina del Rey Jan 3, 2011 #13 Here are some detailed pictures of the hatch boards from my C-27.

A built-in combination lock or key lock replaces the traditional padlock and hasp. You must log in or register to reply here. Adding your boat name with a monogram really enhances your boats appearance at the dock. The doors keep the heat in during the winter months and the cool in during the summer months.

Download it here. If we install an AC system in the boat (central) we will have to seal that slot, soooooo, we have looked at those new companionway doors to solve the problem, BUT they are pricey.
My wife and I love the doors and they look great on our Catalina. Great product. When locked you can't raise the doors so they can't be removed while the companionway cover is closed. Easy to install and wonderful to use. The Companionway Doors look and fit great on our Hunter 42 center cockpit. I did not need to go to the store to get anything, which was amazing. It is the easiest and best upgrade we've made to our Catalina 36 MK II. Under side of cover fastens with snaps and twistlocks. I just love them. Copyright 1998-2020 SB Owners, LLC. We can hardly wait to show everyone at our club how we’ve accessorized our boat with products from Zarcor. We had to change the locking mechanism because of the sliding top hatch. It will expand and harden.

Call 1-800-959-7245 for thousands of parts for your favorite Catalina, The website is expanding but the inventory is expanding even faster. They walked me through the installation and the doors fit perfectly. Teak to Me.

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Not only that, but they are extremely functional - easy in, easy out, easy to convert door inserts from screens, to smoke plexi, to opaque white panels. Cover all sides with a lubricant - he recommended vasoline then spray the foam into the gap. We are the proud owners of a Catalina 40 and we purchased a set of the companionway doors and we love them. Manufacturer of Catalina 30 sailboat covers and 200+ other one design boat covers and accessories since 1972.

We could not be happier. Rags just don't cut it. For the 44 x 38 screen, the taper begins at 26 inches. They are removable so you can store them.

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Runs out to the end of the boom and twistlocks around the end of boom. While the Zarcor doors are an investment, they are worth every penny. Choose your comfort panel for the day, bug screens, privacy, or viewing. For your's, I recommend putting a strip of teak or other hardwood the full width on the inside at the bottom.

In 2006, we purchased the Companionway Doors for our Catalina 310.

My boat already had 2 inch stainless on it. You have great customer service and a beautiful product. Genoa Sleeve for C-25 Standard Rig, C-250 Standard Rig .

We purchased our Zarcor doors at the Miami Boat Show and had them shipped to the marina.

Catalina Direct is the largest supplier of Catalina Yacht parts in the country. CRUISING CONCEPTS EXCELS IN PROVIDING TOP QUALITY COMPANIONWAY DOORS! extra money.

I think that the gap on either side of the hatch near the trim as shown in my second photo is probably the biggest gap, but I am having a hard time imagining weather stripping there since it may make it hard to close (as if it can get any harder). The clean lines and ease of maintenance make these an absolute winner! They're very well made, and pretty easy to fit to the boat when first installed (John provides a DVD, as well as a YouTube installation video).

A few months after we purchased the boat, we were tired of removing and replacing the companionway boards.

You could cut it to size and put in or take it out when you needed it.

Available Options : Fabric | Sail Cover Monograms - fonts here. They're great but! #E8037. Great product. Hardware - Eye Straps, Shackles, Winches, etc.

Companionway Board I made some companionway boards for my old C&C out of 3/8" mahogany. They were everything they were advertised to be. Old habits are hard to break. Thus, in order to insure the best fit, we need you to measure your boat to obtain measurement "A" shown below. To top that installation is simple and fast and customer service is outstanding.

I really like the doors, just have to get my wife to go through the doors, not over them like when the hatch boards were in.

Your boat's entryway deserves the same treatment as the doors on your house. We are so excited about the Doors and Peek-a-booos. We show them to everyone.

This creates a noticeable draft when trying to heat the boat.

Additionally Cruising Concepts’ Retrofit Windows feature a leak-proof system and a simple installation kit for a fresh look and modern performance.

Several phone calls from Zacor to clarify measurements and even digital photos for clairification were all part of the process. The hardest part for me was tapping the stainless. Very good DVD installation guide. I highly recommend this product.

The product was well packaged and the instructional video was very well done.

This is how the boat should have been equipped at the factory.

Installation on my Hunter 36 ...piece of cake and looks great. 28.

Thks . Installation was easy and the DVD was very clear.

Catalina 30 Canvas & Covers Electrical Engine Hatches & Ports Hull / Deck Interior Lifelines & Stanchions Rigging Sails Catalina 310 Canvas & Covers Electrical ... Companionway Cover Custom Color C-250 .

CLEARANCE ITEM: Companionway cover for a Hunter 260 (1998 - ).

I strongly recommend that you make all the measurements even if Zarcor reps say they have the size to fit your door! These are 30 years old and look like new with no warping what so ever.

Everyone that sees them is impressed.

Two things made the decision much easier: Install these, and you simply will not go back to your companionway doors (at least on the Chesapeake Bay).

Oh and when you want to order the bag for the screens etc. The attention to detail and workmanship are superior but the servicer is the real key. Knowing the total length ensures there is ample room to close up the end of the boom. I would definitely like some windows (tinted) that could be removed for screens. We use all three panels at different times and we can still use the original boards behind the doors for extra security and storm safety!! Actually, I would love to see photos of anyones efforts on any part of this problem. Uncategorized.

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