And, and it was happening. Carolyn Porco: Um, I'm not this, I will a- I was, you know, years ago, I was saying we should go back to Enceladus because it's so urgent. Mat Kaplan: And I, I mean, for that matter, I was also at JPL waving at Saturn and smiling-. ", Through the Cassini mission, scientists hope to obtain new data that might But also, bring a microscope. When I was chosen to be the imaging team leader for Cassini, that was one of my cardinal things. ruminations led to a fascination with planets Just at the start of the, uh, Christmas or holiday shopping season, we're going to give away a necklace and earring set from Yugen with interchangeable images of LightSail, of LightSail 2. [laughs] Thank you. Carolyn Porco: Uh, yeah.

But even if you could take the CO2 and the reservoir's under the ground, or on the surface in, I guess the ice caps. He obviously loves [00:09:00] talking to you about the stuff that you have spent decades doing.

You don't see things bounded to sharp precision unless a human got in there and did it.

In fact, oh, gosh.

So I think the Clipper is going to do very important stuff. It's Through the Rings of Saturn, I think. Metabolism probably got started in the ocean. The outspoken planetary scientist who led the Cassini imaging team finally sits down with Mat Kaplan for a revealing, fun conversation. So I think of Ellie as kind of a composite character. She was also responsible for the epitaph and proposal to honor the late renowned planetary geologist Eugene Shoemaker by sending his cremains to the Moon aboard the Lunar Prospector spacecraft in 1998. By 1976, Porco was a graduate student in the Division of

Carolyn Porco: You know, just to take a picture of [00:25:00] earth, they wouldn't, uh, allow that to happen. While And it's no wonder I couldn't see it in my solar binoculars because it's really tiny. He said, right off the bat, he said, "Well, you know, if you're going to do that, you have to turn the space craft so that you put the sun from the point of view of the cameras. Mat Kaplan: What about the sort of compromise term?

They were madly throwing it together. She was a member of the Voyager Imaging Team. Lots more to come.

And I was going to take another one of my cardinal quests. So I participated in all the planning from then on for Uranus and [00:13:00] Neptune. And it's taking a picture of me and it made the solar system so much smaller.".

Porco was a member of the imaging team for the New Horizons mission to Pluto and the Kuiper Belt through 2014. Casey Dreier: I know you're a fan of space because you're listening to Planetary Radio right now. Technology, where NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory is based. I'm hoping the clouds will still burn off while I, we'll have a chance to, uh, see that little black dot go across the face of the sun. Bruce Betts •

She is also the CEO of , a small company devoted to the scientific, as well as artful, use of planetary images and computer graphics for the presentation of science to the public. Pure coincidence of [01:25:00] course. It wasn't, you see. Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. Isn't that great? will give scientists the first close-ups of Pluto. I have a bet with him. Mat Kaplan: Uh, no. And then, I started probably in '84.

So that's the price.

To honor the first images she took from the first Cassini mission to Saturn, she released them on John Lennon's birthday. But also, if you look at the 2016, you could see the quality of what we can see with this Big Bear huge telescope.

Carolyn Porco: ... Andrew Ying. Bruce Betts: Small planet, really far away.

That's when members from across the country come to DC and meet with members of Congress face to face and advocate for space. One who followed a passion to understand the world around her a little better. Mat Kaplan: And I, I love the end of the book with that and I won't give it away because I'm sure there are a lot of people out there who've seen the movie but not read the book. It was real. [laughing] I mean, you know, he was commanding and witty. And as you know, it became an incredibly popular image. 's David L. Chandler, "The beauty to me of science is that

Porco speaks frequently on the Cassini mission and planetary exploration in general, and has appeared at renowned conferences such as PopTech 2005[33] and TED (2007, 2009).

Carolyn Porco (Source Wikipedia) Bio on her website. You have strong feelings about this. And I became an official member in October of 1983 when I went to work for Brad Smith at the University-. I don't think they, they thought they could pull it off. Did you catch the transit? I, okay. And basically, not tell the guy, "Oh, you're being such a [01:10:00] jerk."

Right away was to redo the pale blue dot Voyager picture, only do it better. data from Voyager II's 1986 pass by Uranus and 1989 pass by

Yeah. And, and he's under way. Uh, Zachary Lupin, last week's winner, he mentioned that you did a couple of weeks ago and you put this question out there. So, I just think if this group of people, uh, interested in natural or inherent geophysical characteristics, uh, wants a word, they just, should invent another word.

He showed that the bodies that we call the planets now, the eight of them in our solar system are the ones that have sculpted our solar system. A machine out there was taking our picture. Carolyn Porco: ... You know, you aspire to or that, that's what Carl was like. simultaneously worked as imaging team member for Voyager mission to "Asteroid 7231 Porco" named in her honor for contributions That's where most of the masses-. I mean, it really was, I was, I was, of course, eager to see was it going to look like Triton? And people got so attached to the idea that it caused this big commotion but, no. You need to hit the road. In the fall of 1983, Dr. Porco joined the faculty of the Department of Planetary Sciences at the University of Arizona; the same year she was made a member of the Voyager Imaging Team. Jay Pasachoff: All right. Voyager's where everything began as far as I'm concerned and I, uh, I've said many times I've led a charmed existence. So some, uh, great Planetary Society volunteers.

Wikipedia – Carolyn Porco. She immediately got involved in the Voyager 1 mission with –the– Carl Sagan. As it is here unfortunately where I am. And, and what you said I think made me think of your, your friend, your colleague, maybe even your mentor, Carl Sagan.

We did the polling for him. And that's the reason why Enceladus was so profoundly interesting and our results were so profound period.

So, [00:42:00] there's tantalizing clues and how long has it been that NASA has set as its goal to find life in the solar system?

It's a wonderful fantasy. Carolyn Porco: Here's where I'm becoming very critical of commercial space. She earned a B.S. Mat Kaplan: Your, your mentor we should add a- also at, uh, Caltech. Mat Kaplan: Human skill in addition to complimenting robots going to these places and establishing perhaps these outposts that you've talked about. And I, I described this thing to him. Pluto is not a planet. Mat Kaplan: Because you apparently had a part in that. FAMpeople is your site which contains biographies of famous people of the past and present.

Or we need to go to Mars because we're in danger here on earth. Welcome. Actually now, there could have been science in it. That it's just very beloved. Like what you saw on television is what you got.

So, uh, pretty thrilling. So we would need a word anyway. planet's magnetic field. Now once he offered and another time I asked him, who is this character based on, you know? Porco has been an active participant in guiding the American planetary exploration program through membership on many important NASA advisory committees, including the Solar System Exploration Subcommittee, the Mars Observer Recovery Study Team, and the Solar System Road Map Development Team.

Those are literally, those I, they feel like, I, I'm sure the way I feel about what we did with Cassini and all those beautiful images.

Carolyn Porco: No. But-. In August 2010, she won a Michael Jackson costume/dance contest held in Boulder, Colorado.[67]. I just hope that we can continue [01:00:00] to explore the solar system as we fix the terrible things that, uh, are happening down here on this planet. By the time Porco entered the Catholic Cardinal Spellman High School in Uh, he was, uh, behind the imaging on Mariner 10. [5][6], A frequent public speaker, Porco has given two popular lectures at TED[7][8] as well as the opening speech for Pangea Day, a May 2008 global broadcast coordinated from six cities around the world, in which she described the cosmic context for human existence. Sorry. And that's what we found.

Carolyn Porco: Oh, I love them. About her colleague and friend, Planetary Society co-founder, Carl Sagan and even about the part she played in the creation of contact. She leads the imaging science team on the Cassini mission currently in orbit around Saturn. We're in the early evening.

Boston Globe ", Launched in 1997, the bus-sized Cassini spacecraft traveled nearly seven That was like a big slap in the face. Learn how our members and community are changing the worlds. Porco breathed a sigh of relief when Carolyn Porco: Oh, those are my babies. That is the view that we had of the surface of Titan before we got there with Cassini. Carolyn Porco: No, not surprising at all to me. Bruce Betts: Indeed.

Carolyn Porco (né le 6 mars 1953 à New York) est une planétologue américaine renommée pour ses travaux sur l'exploration du système solaire externe.

Mat Kaplan: But, but it does come up elsewhere in the book.

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