Cite. Surely, you can cite to an article in your article several times but the refference should be one time. Do I reference eg (ezydriver, 2009) both times, or just the first and assume that the reader will know I've already … Also, mention the fact you are citing a fragment of the earlier quote somewhere in the text near that citation - people's memory works in funny ways, a quote outside its context may seem entirely different than within it. ", Then I explicitly refer to the phrase "I saw a cloud coming over the mountain.". Asking for help, clarification, or responding to other answers. Note: The example is adapted from Nancy Armstrong and Warren Montag’s “‘The Figure in the Carpet’” (PMLA, vol.

1. I will give you a sample citation of a previous research paper. The influence of Elfreda Chatman’s theories: a citation context analysis, Citation of Specimens in Cytotaxonomic Literature. How is it possible that a