Be wary of unexplained periods of the car being off the road. Wiring harnesses include materials prone to deterioration. Metalwork is probably going to be your primary concern when inspecting any W202. i have yet to hear anyone who successfully did a manual transmission swap on a c43. All rights reserved.evo™ is a registered trade mark. hmmm what did the PO do with the originial mono's? Whereas the C36 engine is considered more problematic than that of the C43, roles are reversed when it comes to gearboxes.

Not much more weight. you can also take a c280's manual gearbox and put it into a c36... theres a guy over at club202 whos managed to do so. Here’s what you need to be aware of before inspecting your prospective purchase. With 361bhp, the C55 comfortably out-muscled BMW’s E46 M3 of the same period, but the usual fi ve-speed auto and less focused chassis made it quite a different car. 1995 C 36 AMG; 1992 W124 300E (M103 Ex Mosselman TT KIT) was 320hp @10psi now stock :(. I think the C55 is far superior, though, and prices are in the same bracket: they’ve nearly done their depreciation.

You’ll also be able to tell if the AMG you’re looking at has ever been stolen or if the car has ever had a change of colour. Thankfully, a wide range of parts are available for you to choose from, be it standard specification or uprated, the latter from companies including Bilstein, GAZ Shocks, KW and Eibach. It’s a naturally aspirated six-cylinder lump producing almost 280bhp and 284lb/ft torque, but because C36 engines were hand-assembled, there’s a degree of variation between cars, with some registering closer to 290bhp when tested!

Whether you’re after a C36 or C43 AMG, you’d better act fast; prices are on the rise for what are proving to be appreciating modern classics. Transmission upgrades were applied to the last-of-line C43s in advance of the model being discontinued in 2000. The C63 tends to start from £20,000 now, but they will drop. lol. Very clean used ones around $25K with less than 50k miles on them. The design approved for the faux-carbon dash, centre console, gearstick surround and door pillar trim is laughable, but that’s the only negative to report. As such, materials used weren’t as well respected as they once were, a condition evidenced by the rusty wing bottoms commonly associated with Mercedes cars of this age. Whereas the C36 engine is considered more problematic than that of the C43, roles are reversed when it comes to gearboxes. ‘I’ve owned a C43 in the past and currently have a C63 wagon, but I’ve also driven quite a few C55s [Terry runs Wayne Gates Mercedes-Benz Servicing – visit]. JavaScript is disabled. Leather repair work has come on leaps and bounds in recent years, meaning nicks and tears previously requiring a retrim can now be restored to a high standard without attracting massive cost.

It might be difficult to spot, but this condition could be a sign of badly affected alignment. I also own a C36 and I drove a C43, C43 is awesome, great power, great SOUND also. It used to be the case discs and pads were horrendously expensive, but a number of aftermarket manufacturers have satisfied owners with reasonably priced, high-quality parts. Kerbed wheels and worn tyres are a concern when it comes to any car of the W202’s age. These aren’t new cars, though, so bear in mind original shocks are unlikely to be in place. By Matt Robinson, 18th May 2019 I'm curious now. (still the C36 have a great power and sound).

A few years ago they were £2000-3000, but higher-mileage ones are £5000 now and good cars can be £10,000-15,000. I Own a 1995 C36 and i love it to bits, but after driving the 43 AMG that i could have bought from the same guy i got my 36 from i am a bit regretful for not doing so. The C43 isn't exactly slow, so is it the fast C-Class to have, or should you stretch to a C63 or C63 S?

Early six-shooters were fitted with a four-speed automatic renowned for its durability, while late examples of the same car saw cog count increase in the form of a five-speed automatic which was modified after being lifted from the R129 500 SL.

While your web browser is open, pop along to and invest a couple of quid in an online vehicle history check. Additionally, horror stories of unrepairable gearboxes and rotting panels encouraged many would-be buyers to give the C36 and W46 a wide berth.

Profiles for standard W202 AMG monoblocks are 225/45/17 at the front and 245/40/17 at the rear. Subscribe today to have every issue of evo delivered straight to you. In 2011 the C63 appeared, and this time AMG met its rivals head-on, introducing the extraordinary M156 V8 – the fi rst V8 it had designed from scratch. I actually preferred my old C36 to the C43; in some ways it felt faster and it was also the last of the real AMGs. forum is one of the largest Mercedes-Benz owner websites offering the most comprehensive collection of Mercedes-Benz information anywhere in the world.

Late C43 AMGs were treated to power-tilting steering wheels. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. They are completely different cars in every way. It’ll also provide proof of mileage at the point of each test. Last of the pre-merger AMG. It was also now avaible as an estate.

Some classic dealers are trying to get crazy prices, but the majority of those are on sale-or-return. W202 AMGs are a comfortable place to be thanks to hard-wearing leather upholstery and well-considered switchgear design. So I'm planning on replacing my C220 with a C43 but I just wanted to make sure that there weren't any hugely significant reasons that I would be better off with a C36. You'll SAVE 39% on the shop price, and get evo for its original cover price for a whole year! Top speed is 169mph. Find new car pricelists, new car promotions, new car reviews, latest car news, car reviews & car insurance UK. by: Will Beaumont. The kind of wear and tear associated with any older vehicle should be considered when evaluating the condition of the car’s supporting suspension equipment. Used C43 slightly more expensive but well worth it. Don’t take risks by fitting poor quality rubber. Giddy-up! Mercedes methods of production have always been well respected, but with the earliest W202 AMGs now gettling close to a quarter-century old, it’s vital you check to make sure the car you’re looking at has been properly maintained. Those that did take the plunge were sometimes owners who ran their cars ragged, failing to take proper car of their future classic. C43 two more cylinders, more HP, more TQ. And it’s unique to the C43. They do suffer from corrosion – this was Mercedes’ bad era. Available in road or race compounds, they’ll eliminate flex whilst sharpening the ability of your W202 to turn tightly into corners at speed. Here’s a selection of what we found advertised online: Silver paintwork, 150k miles, black leather in excellent condition, long MOT, all handbooks and service book present, bodywork in great shape, rear spoiler, wheels painted black £5,750, Silver paintwork, 50k miles, left-hand drive, full main dealer service history, updated gearbox software, reverse camera, new tyres, refurbished wheels £11,995, Green paintwork, 99k miles, immaculate throughout, full MOT and service history, cherished car in an unusual colour £14,990, Examine carpets, door cards, side panels and front foot wells for signs of water ingress, Dan SD Furr - Stanced and classic cars blog, By accepting you will be accessing a service provided by a third-party external to, Drive-My.COM MEDIA EN/UK based is United Kingdom’s top cars/retro/classic/modern/tuning/moto/commercial news, test drive, classic cars and classifieds. We've lived through the era of the small sports saloon with a big, naturally aspirated V8 motor, and are now comfortably into the age of turbos and downsizing. There may be a perfectly plausible explanation for differences spotted, but consider the possibility the AMG you’re looking at has suffered accident damage. The same is true of the steering damper, which may be past its best, but can be replaced cheaply and will transform the feel of the car for the better. the 36 for a lack of a better term is more "uncivilized". Call CEC in LA to get them. The C43 AMG was launched for the 1998 model year. but everything aside the power output is very similar to each other if not the same, its just what you prefer in the 2 cars really... MY answer would be to go out and test drive them BOTH, then choose. You’ll get instant confirmation of any outstanding finance, accident history, changes of registration and the number of previous keepers. With 6208cc and 451bhp (or 480bhp in Performance Pack versions), not to mention a far sharper chassis, the C63 will be remembered in future as a classic ‘small’ muscle-saloon. The only fix is new glass. MBZ makes a C43 euro spring and shock set that fixes the problem and its all factory. This can be an expensive job, so check the condition of the snakes sending information to the electronic brain of the car you’re looking at. Consider the benefits of investing in Carly’s Connected Car app, available for a wide range of Mercedes vehicles and able to tap into the car’s multiple ECUs to check for correlation with the visible speedometer. Check window seals and headlight rubbers for signs of moisture ingress. Ask what grade and content of oil has been used. Prices for the C55 seem to be stagnant, with good cars from £10,000.

If he does many will banned i guess. If the tyres on what you hope will be your new car are past their best, look to see if there’s uneven wear on the inside edges. Early six-shooters were fitted with a four-speed automatic renowned for its durability, while late examples of the same car saw cog count increase in the form of a five-speed automatic which was modified after being lifted from the R129 500 SL. ‘C43s are rising slowly in value at the moment.

I’ve toyed with the idea of an E63 biturbo, but I know it wouldn’t make me smile as much as the C63. Rubber bushes fail with age.

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